Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Music - "People Gotta Move," by Gino Vanelli

And now for a change of pace!

I know a lot of you children will never have heard the singer or the song. But it was a fun, somewhat complex jazz-rock number from the '70s.

First, just to ease you in and provide a baseline, the studio version:

Then, for fun, early this live version. Now I don't know if anyone will object to the open shirt... but my, I just think it's hysterical. Hair, outfit, moves — it's all there, the whole package. Hey, that was then.

Now move the calendar on, and here's a very different version, with orchestra:

Not sure how well that works for me, but dude's still got some good pipes.


Anonymous said...

You scare me sometimes, Dan.

Carl C. said...

The first 2 were just too much for me to bite off, and a lotta synth filler to boot. The third was superb though, very much a jazzed-up piece. And without the mop-hair, he looks like Antonio Banderas! :o)

DJP said...

Me too me, too, Jules.

Tom Chantry said...

This must have been before he teamed up with Milli.