Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Music — "Feeling Stronger Every Day," California Transit Authority

You read that right. My longtime favorite drummer Danny Seraphine (whose bio I reviewed), founding member of Chicago, has started another band called California Transit Authority. So far, they've two albums out; the first was terrific, but I haven't heard the second yet.

This band is showing the energy Chicago — which, shedding or losing some of its best musicians, has turned itself into a Greatest Hits confab — used to have. Here's a performance of one of my favorite Chi songs. You see another former Chicago member, Bill Champlin, on guitar. The lead singer is his son Will, and the amazing Danny is on drums.

My only comment on the singing is... well, two comments. Will's clearly talented, a good singer. But I would hate to have to sing anything in public that had been made famous by Peter Cetera. That voice is unforgettable and, so far, unequalled. Really sorry he left Chicago.


MSC said...

I can say that your consistent praise of Chicago has led me to become a Chicago fan. My wife is a fan of the later Chicago material (80's) while I enjoy the earlier stuff (70's). Although I grew up hearing their music on the radio and enjoying a few of their songs I could never truly appreciate the quality of their music. Now in my old age (48), I have come to see their genius thanks in part to you, their number 1 fanboy.

DJP said...

That makes me smile. Pun accidental.