Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday music — highlighting mastery of Terry Kath in "What's This World Comin' To?"

On of my favorite never-was-a-hit Chicago tunes comes from the sixth album and is titled "What's This World Comin' To?" I just found a real treat of a version of that song.

Warming up to the treat, first you can listen to the very tight, rockin' studio version. Lead vocals from the three main singers (Kath, Lamm, Cetera), all sorts of funk.

Then watch this, from their (I think) 1973 TV special "Chicago in the Rockies":

Ah, the best band at their best. But wait, there's more! Listen to this track that isolates Terry Kath's frenetic guitar work on the song, just the horns and him:

Awesome, underappreciated talent.

UPDATE 1: ack. It was up yesterday, it's down today. I'll keep this post up, and see if I can either find out what happened or find another source. Sorry!

UPDATE 2: All day, no explanation. If it becomes available again, I'll probably create a new post. It's that fun.

UPDATE 3: Yay, it's live again (as of 1/24/2014, anyway)!


Joe Meyer said...

Truly amazing....what could have been if the greatest guitar player ever was still with us....sigh

donsands said...

For you bro: