Saturday, January 13, 2007

Clinton and Carter: two very considerate men

Many Christian brothers and sisters agonize in spiritually baffling denominations. I think of a very conservative brother holding fast to the fundamentals as a United Methodist pastor; I think of another serving in a United Presbyterian church. In the case of either of those bodies, if someone in another state asked "What would ______ church be like?", I'd have to answer, "There's no telling. The denomination is apostatizing or worse, but there are a very few within it still holding to the Word."

Ever thinking of others, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter have made a move. I actually see it as a positive and helpful move. Now, pick your jaw up off the floor, and read on.

Rather than continuing to be a shameful, degrading, corrosive presence within the Southern Baptist Convention, both of these walking, talking (talking, talking, talking, talking, talking) spiritual trainwrecks are planning a big meeting, with a mind to distancing themselves from conservative (i.e. Bible-actually-believing) "elements" within the SBC.

As I see it, this is the first useful thing either man has ever done, apart from leaving office.

If the C's form some sort of organization, then prospective SBC attendants won't have to wonder where the church they're considering stands. If it isn't aligned with CarterClintIanity, it may be serious even about the edgy parts of the Bible.


LeeC said...

The more goats that get their own pen the better. Beats them hiding in the sheepfold.

DJP said...

Very well-put.

SolaG said...


Your post bothered me. Botheration expressed here.


DJP said...


For my part, the wreck and ruin that are Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton is a matter of such unavoidable public knowledge that ignorance can only be deliberate. And I've never yet found a way to breach such a status.

So here we are.

For my part, my only regret is having voted for Carter, once. But one tries to learn from one's mistakes.

LeeC said...

The cliff notes for myself on Carter is that he has far too often voiced the opinion that Muslims and Mormons are our Brothers in worship for me to have much hope that he sees Christ as his only hope. He is actively teaching people not to evangelize the lost because we should not judge them since they are sincre in worshipping false gods. Because I do have love for him, I fear for his salvation.

By his definition of fundamentalist I am one (against female pastors, homosexuality, considers Moromons as non-believers ect.) He certainly spares no vitriol in castigation myself in his tirades against "fundamentalists".

Robert said...

There's an old southern saying that applies here: "Don't let the door hit your rear on your way out!"
Good ridddance to both their politics and their theology.

Mark said...

But they are leaving Algore, the guy who invented the internet and, you know, I betcha the SBC. Oh, just give them some time....