Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Me Church

Yep, that's about it.


g said...

Wow... This is the seek to be served and not to serve, tickle-my ears mentality that really is prevalent in our churches. ouch.

4given said...

oops... that's me posting up there and not my husband.

Connie said...

The scary thing is, even though the situation/examples in the video were rather extreme (at least in my mind/experience) it did cause me to wonder where my own thinking can be similar!!! Ouch, indeed.

LeeC said...

The scary thing is that we look to the extremes, but man do I come across this mentality in conservative evangelical Christians attending sound churches.

Someone moves to a new area, or has to leave an existing church then goes looking for somewhere to worship with the body of Christ...three months later "Hey Joe! Found a church yet?"

"Nah, still looking. Man finding a church with good doctrine can be so hard!"

"Well Joe have you looked at (insert church here)? I know several of the elders there and thier doctrinal statement is dead on."

"Yeah we looked there Jim, went two weeks. The messages were good but the people didn't seem very hospitable. We want a church where it feels like a family."

"Well, how about (insert church here)? I wouldn't hesitate to suggest them."

"We checked them out also. Very good doctrine, but they are totally lacking in evangelism. We want to reach the lost!"

"*sigh* Ok, how about (insert church here)? They are very evangelistic, and while they may not be as expositional as you like, and they are amill, the teaching and worship is generally very good!"

"Jim you know we have kids, and they are mainly older saints and just don't really have a lot there for kids to do!"

"Joe, you ever think you were put here to encourage one of these congregations in one of these areas?"

"Blank stare"

It's often not what we get from the body, but what we can give that the Lord uses to grow us.

Kim said...

That was actually so sad, it was funny. I liked the guy who tried to kiss his wife.

donsands said...

I loved that.

Appropriate sarcasm mehtinks.

Anonymous said...


You know, as a teacher I've witnessed the same trend in parenting that is present in church marketing. "Give them what they want so they like us!" Concealing the truth for the pleasing of men is a wicked form of pride and the broad path to destruction... preaching to the choir...

Kim said...


You can see the same trend in youth ministry as well. Address the "felt needs" of the teens rather than present them with the truth.

Connie said...

Regarding parenting and youth groups: Being a relatively new mother (of older kids) I've honestly been shocked (and sickened) to hear families going on about the climbing wall, cyber cafe, coffee shop, ice cream shop, video games, etc. set-up in their churches. Whoa!

Sigh...all that our church has to offer is solid faithful teaching and preaching, warm fellowship, commited people, outreach, and Biblical counseling. Guess we're really "missing out".

Daniel said...

The crying babe thing was small and petty, but the rest was funny.

DJP said...

Connie, I know what you mean.

When I tried (twice) to start churches, I ran into the supermarket mentality. Too many folks want everything existing, fully-staffed, waiting for them to use. They don't want to build, give, commit, sacrifice.

I always wondered, "So, you want 'folks of color' -- how do you think a church gets that way? One day, twenty five FOC's arrive and decide to stay? And how about singles twenty-somethings, and married thirty-somethings, and divorced, and divorced-with-kids, and Albanian hunchback dwarfs? You think we just order them by the bushel? No. ONE comes, and he stays, and he builds. Then days, months, or even years later, ONE MORE comes. Or maybe five, or two. Or none."

Just dial 1-800-CHURCHME and order a fully-staffed, ready-bilt church{tm}.

Xtian said...

A funny and sad video...

What I dislike is the drive thru happy meal feel good programs and life principle sermons where little or no scriptures are mentioned or even referenced; all in the name of making church acceptable for those "lost" people who come there.

What I dislike is the dumbing down of the bible/gospel for the sake of not offending the "lost". With that in mind, a lot of churches use worldly things to attract the lost.

The church we attend has all kinds of "christian" programs. They teach "seekers" (the lost) to exercise the christian way, balance their budget the christian way, eat good christian foods, knit christian quilts, but when it comes to actually obeying the meat of the word, they fall short. That is unless you think a message on tithing is meat (and lets not even talk about sin, judgment, hell or books like Romans, or other seeker offensive material).

Anyway before I rant too much, let me also add some humor with a video I compiled. It can be found here ...

Take care & God bless,


Chip said...

Finally! — a church that understands its purpose is to provide me with something so that when I leave I know "I got something out of it."

Unknown said...

I agree...funny but sad.