Monday, February 12, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith: a word

I haven't had anything to say about the sad life and death of Anna Nicole Smith. Now I'm glad I didn't even try—because Timmy Brister has said what needs to be said, and said it so well.


donsands said...

Yes, he said it very well. An excellent message for us all. Speaking the truth in love.

Thanks for sharing that.

LeeC said...


The Lord has graced Mr. Brister with the ability to put it to words in a most loving fashion. I covet that ability. Far too often while aching inside for people the words of my mouth sound harsh and unloving. To a fellow Christian it would not sound so, but to the lost thinking about how the wages of sin is death ect. just isn't going to ring with the compassion I hear from it.

I pray this as with all such sad situations might be used to draw some other lost person to Him in desperation.

Anonymous said...

He really does sum it up Dan. Beautifully spoken.

Timmy Brister said...

To Dan and his readers:

I just want to say thanks for the encouraging words. I wrote this piece because I wanted the gospel of Jesus Christ to be seen afresh in this tragic situation and that God would be glorified through using such a vivid illustration to bring many people to Himself. May God be pleased to use my feeble words to communicate His great grace to our needy world.