Friday, February 09, 2007

A Friday borgaschmord

You geezers will remember the Underwood Deviled Ham commercials where the cute little kid  Mason Reese called it something like "a veritable borgaschmord!" That's what this is. More or less!

A word to my visitors from Pyro—
During Pyromaniacs' hiatus, as a civic duty (and for reasons of personal sanity maintenance) I have ramped up the posting here a bit. It's been gratifying to see blog traffic double and triple its normal decent-enough pace.

But here's my exhortation. I see that a lot of traffic is still referred from This suggests to me that folks are clicking on the link at the top of the current post there—and not linking to my blog from their blog, or saving this site to their Favorites.

Folks, as the Vegas comedian says, "I'm here all week." If you like my writing at Pyro, you can get more here. The converse is also true. How do I determine what to post here, and what there? Some of the posts here during the last two weeks could have gone up at Pyro; others would not have. Parts of the line are clear (I don't post on the D-word, at any length, at Pyro), some are blurry.

Both get my best approximation of "A-material." I'll admit I do do some things different at Pyro; I'm less likely to put up passing thoughts that I can't defend with my very life (rough crowd). But on the other hand, I'm not like some people who just regularly throw out random, unedited thoughts at Pyro. (To which it could and should be responded, truthfully, that my random, unedited thoughts—unlike some people, aren't worth throwing out to the public.)

All this to say: if the last two weeks have been worth reading, link to me at your blog and/or put me in your Favorites. I'll still be here, doing what I do, after 2/12. Lord willing.

Our Enemies' Best Friends, Part 7493
At least scan this transcript (and see the selection of related transcripts here). Hugh Hewitt is a doctrinal "squish," and I can't imagine ever paying money to have him try to form my Christian thinking or doing, but he still is about the best interviewer there is, period.

The transcript is of Hugh's interview with a professor who is a spokesman for The Society for Ethnomusicology (I am not making this up). The spokesman is the utterly humorless, so-full-of-himself-(among-other-things)-that-he squeaks Philip Bohlman. Every word of his reads like a parody of people like himself, yet it's the Real Thing. And boy oh boy, is that professor The Real Thing.

You see, the Society has pulled itself up to its full height to denounce as torture the use of music, unpleasant or loud, on enemy combatants or suspects.

It made no statement on terrorist beheading, dismembering, bombing, or, well, torture. But loud music? That's bad.

Well, some music is torture. Barbra Streisand, for instance. Neil Diamond. U2. Most CCM, and most praise choruses. Five minutes of that, and I'll tell you anything you want to know.

And I'll say that I admire any lefty who comes on Hugh for an interview. He's fair, but he pulls no punches, and virtually always wants to talk about what really matters. No softballs like Russert, Steponallovus, Diane Sawyer, or any of the other sympathetic lamestreamers.

So here's the problem: you know the expression "enemies foreign and domestic"? They are equal threats. This professor is the product of decades of deliberate, methodical defection from America's Judeo-Christian roots. Hundreds of thousands are no longer able to think in moral categories. So now, to them, terrorists are morally equivalent to our troops.

So folks like this professor, and much of our media, and many of our political "leaders," are the terrorists' best friends and brightest hopes. They have no chance of facing our military. That's okay with them. They know they don't have to.

All they have to do is kill one or two a day. Our media, politicians, and "thinkers" like this professor will do the rest for them.

Pat Robertson making death threats?
That's what this guy says in a lawsuit (h-t Greg Linscott's Search "Pat Robertson" in this blog, and you'll soon see that I don't have much use for him as a Christian spokesman, to say the least. Having said that, he's a public figure and a huge target, so I don't assume that this accusation is true.

Or maybe what Pat actually said was, "God told me that He was going to kill" this man and his family.

Ligon Duncan was right: with an example
This isn't new news, but....

Here's (the operative portion of) what Ligon Duncan said (emphasis added):
...the denial of complementarianism undermines the church's practical embrace of the authority of Scripture (thus eventually and inevitably harming the church's witness to the Gospel). The gymnastics required to get from "I do not allow a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man," in the Bible, to "I do allow a woman to teach and to exercise authority over a man" in the actual practice of the local church, are devastating to the functional authority of the Scripture in the life of the people of God.
That's exceedingly well-put.

And, thoughtfully, the PC(USA), long having performed that act of hermeneutical violence, now shows us one destination to which it leads.

Hey, lookie there
A blog whose perspective, near as I can tell, is Reformed, Dispensational, evangelistic, cessationist, and Canadian!

Well, four out of five... not bad!


Rand said...

Well, four out of five... not bad!

Just don't call me a Four Pointer!!!

Get it?


I crack myself up...

Neil said...

Four out of five?? Dan, what have you got against cessationists?

Kim said...

Play nice. I'm already having a bad day.

FX Turk said...

Oh Dan: You're just jealous that I get twice as many hits as you do on a regular basis.

That's OK though. I forgive you.

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Straight from my blog, I link. :)

David said...

Hey, that's a great blog! Anyone who can dump on C.S. Lewis without apology or equivocation is OK with me! On my Bloglines they go! (My apologies for the gratuitous exclamation points. I hope there are no children reading.)

donsands said...

Pat Robertson is an embarrasment. Ligon Duncan is a blessing.

I leave you with a quote i read today.

"The Bible's message, however, is that the gospel is just as necessary for the Christian as for the unbeliever. ... So learn to "preach the gospel to yourself" every day, and in the joy and strength of knowing your sins are forgiven and sin's dominion is broken, press on to become holy as He is holy." -Jerry Bridges