Thursday, April 19, 2007

"It was twenty years ago today"... yesterday

Our sister Kim the Kanadienne writes a characteristically transparent reflection on the 20th anniversary of her wedding to the infamous Bugblaster. Here's just one chuckalicious excerpt:
When I was a young bride of 22, I had no idea of what it meant to be married. I thought marriage was all about having my needs fulfilled and finally finding that perfect, romantic person to do all the fulfilling for me. I had little understanding about humility, submission, and forgiveness. In the first few months of my marriage, I threw a box of After Eight mints at my husband as he retreated down the hall, anxious to get away from my temper. I am happy to say that I am still very rough around the edges, but I am getting better. And I don't throw things at him anymore ..... much.
Read the whole thing for the smiles and wisdom.


Kim said...

I'm glad you found that little story amusing. I don't think poor hubby did. He was probably wondering who on earth he had just hitched himself to.

I love your label, "mawwiage."

He posted about our anniversary, too, but it wasn't nearly as flattering.

C.T. Lillies said...

That was nice. I posted yesterday about anniversaries and it was lot more cynical. Thanks, Kim--and Dan for the link--for posting about it. It's encouraging for the road ahead.

"...the word of God is not bound."
--2 Timothy 2:9