Friday, August 31, 2007

And you decoder-ring guys, too! Yeah, you!

I'm not actually saying anything at the moment... but I'm not-saying it to you!

(This is for m'man Tom Chantry, tagging off of this Pyro post, comment #9.)


Tom Chantry said...

Decoder ring? I just drove past a building with multiple signs announcing a "prophecy conference." One of them invited us to "unlock the prophecy code."

Oh, and the building was a Seventh Day Adventist building!

So, is Dan having a terrible, horrible, very-bad no-good day? Was there no secret decoder ring in your breakfast cereal box? Was there only breakfast cereal? Maybe you should move to Australia!

(Funny post, by the way, and I am terribly amused by the doings at Pyro today.)

candy said...

I just noticed late last night your get me a chubbery! comment. Verrry funny!