Friday, August 24, 2007

Life is funny

I posted over at Pyro today. Here's my first graphic:

An observant (= smartaleck) reader noted that there is an article over at Pulpit Magazine.

Topic? Contemporary Christian music.

Author? John MacArthur, Phil's pastor. Perhaps you've heard of him.

Lead graphic?

The rest of the day will tell how much trouble I'm in.


philness said...


I'm on your side here. Your being obedient to a gift that God gave you. Besides Mac was talking about lryics being doctrinally sound not sound being doctrinally sound.

That was a cool post at Pyro about creativity by the way. When I was in Jazz band in college I often was frustrated that I could not get my horn to play what I felt. And to think that the Lord spoke things into existence is the ultimate creativity. I pray to have a chair in His orchestra.

DJP said...

I agree, I don't think there's a clash (pun noted, not intended). It's just funny that both independently started with drum-graphics. Since I blog with Phil, it's commonly (and incorrectly) assumed that I have any kind of a connection with MacArthur, so the coincidence is funny.

Kay said...

I've just been chortling all day with all the silly musician jokes I know. You can tell I spend all day with small children, eh?

Kristine said...

Heehee...I laughed at this. I read both posts earlier today, and you know, I didn't even make a remote connection. Can you tell I spend all day with 5 over-grown boys? Ah, but there's hope yet; today was my last day as "Executive Assistant--Glorified Babysitter", and the first as a long-awaited, full-time mommy and teacher.

Keep on drummin'...