Saturday, September 22, 2007

An aside for fellow-obsessives (Taskbar)

Do you also prefer to have your Taskbar buttons in a certain order?

Years ago, I used something Button Boogie. It was cool enough, but didn't work on XP, and free support was ended. That is, they made one for XP, but it was not free.

So then I found Taskarrange, a bit of freeware that worked in XP. It was small, worked fine, but wasn't very elegant. 'Way better than nothing, and free.

But it doesn't work in Vista, and my previous email thanking the creator of Taskarrange was returned.

Then I found Taskbar Shuffle. It works with XP and Vista, and is a very nice interface. You can just drag the buttons into the order you want.

Plus you can even rearrange the system tray icons!

Cool. No problems so far. I recommend it.


threegirldad said...

Well, I *would* says thanks for passing this along, but since you maligned all drivers of white vehicles in your previous post, I ain't gonna!


Ok, "Thanks!" (from a Windows/Linux Sysadmin, and fellow IT "obsessive").

David said...

I love this stuff. You know, Dan, I only come here because I suspect you might be almost as messed up as I am.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one!! It has always frustrated me that you couldn't move things in the Taskbar. So I meticulously open my programs in my specific order each time I reboot. Thanks to you Dan this no longer needs to be the case.

I am also the same with Tabs in FireFox. But thankfully, they have catered for people like us and they can easily be dragged to a new location.

Thanks Dan!

Unknown said...

Taskbar? Oh yeah that's right, there are still people working in Windows ... sorry.