Saturday, September 08, 2007

Free books!

To the lucky blessed winner! Free book drawing thingie from Challies... there is no bad!

sept Giveaway

(Well, the one on Zechariah probably makes mish-mash out of the prophecies... and the ones on Galatians and Hebrews probably try to transmogrify the church into some kind of "Israel".... Or maybe not! If you win the books, you can tell us!)


Unknown said...

hmmm...wonder if they will ship to Costa Rica? Erin

Rick Beckman said...

Erin, only one way to find out! :)

Though the fine print does say the giveaway is open to anyone anywhere.

Kim from Hiraeth said...


I'm working through Hebrews commentary now. . .

Let's just say it's a distinctly reformed commentary.

; )

Kim from Hiraeth

Highland Host said...

And my browser won't let me participate.

By the way, I just started Dr. MacArthur's 'Because the Time is Near'. I love his wonderfully unbiassed descriptions of those evangelicals who disagree with him.

DJP said...

I have no idea what that is; don't really follow MacArthur, much. Does he say he's giving an impartial survey of something? Or is he preaching his convictions?

Highland Host said...

MacArthur's 'Because the Time is Near' is a book on Revelation. And whether or not he's preaching his convictions, he ought to properly represent those he disagrees with. In my opinion there is really no excuse for using the 'preterism says the book refers to past history, not future prophecy' argument, since the Preterist holds to a very early date for Revelation. You may say (and rightly, in my opinion) that the Preterist's date for Revelation is without adequate support (as MacArthur does say elsewhere). To say that the Idealist makes Revelation into a collection of 'myths' is also a wee bit emotive.
I was preaching on Limited Atonement on the Lord's Day, and of course that involves touching on Arminian objections. So I quoted John Wesley verbatim. In controversy a preacher ought always to correctly represent the other side, whether in the pulpit or in print.