Sunday, September 16, 2007

Still more tangentially: Hagrid, a study in How to Chill

Our great fluffy Maine Coon kitty, Hagrid. Not yet full-grown (they take about four years).

We learned to our chagrin (at first) that Maine Coons are not "lap cats" as, for instance, our ferals were. But they do love people, and love to be with us, and where we are.

They love to "help," if anyone's sewing, doing homework, putting on shoes. But pat on your lap and say, "Here kitty," and at least two of the three Maine Coons are likely to watch you with polite interest, and no comprehension.

Click each of the pictures for an enlargement.

There's clearly a reason why Solomon didn't write, "Go to the cat, thou sluggard."


Kim said...

Those pictures make it look like Hagrid downed a few cups of tea, and then decided to take a snooze.

DJP said...

Or, one might have said, "a few cups of 'tea.' "

Unknown said...

Sure there was only tea in those cups? Erin

David A. Carlson said...

and just where is your commentary on #7?

DJP said...

One of the things Hagrid does that we've never seen another cat do is sit, like a person. With his big fluffy belly, he looks just like an iconic guy watching TV. It's the funniest sight. All he needs is a can of beer and a remote control.

I'll try to get a picture of that sometime.

Annette said...

a cat that isn't a lap cat...hmmm... all the more reason for me to want one. :)

DJP said...

Of course I can't say what all Maine Coons are like, but we read a good description somewhere: Maine Coons will be your friend, not your baby. That fits these guys well. At least two of the three want to be everywhere we are, whatever we do. They join us for prayers, "watch" movies with us, "help" us play board games, hang with us if we're studying or doing anything. They love us in their catty way, and clearly like being with us.

But they're not all about sitting in our laps and purring.

But they're all quite individual. Rosie Cotton is the friendliest. She literally will purr if you look at her, she plays "fetch" (seriously), she'll jump into your lap and come when called, greets all our visitors.

Hagrid's next up for friendliness. He gets into moods where he very much wants to be petted and snuggled. Just not all the time.

Li'l Bit is last for sociability. He's apparently partial to the boys in the family; but he also likes to nap in the darkest distant corner of our clothes closet.

Having said all that — which is already saying a lot more than our non-felophiles want to hear — they are the sweetest cats I've ever seen or heard of. They don't have a mean bone in their body. Jonathan was 6 or 7 when we got them, and it's expect that a rough-housing kid might get a whack from a cat when he scares the cat, or is too over-the-top. Not these cats.

Which is really good, because their paws are like dinner plates.

Barbara said...

"I'll try to get a picture of that sometime".

Here you go: