Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mitt Romney calls the "Wahhhhmbulance" — again

Quoth the would-be leader of the free world:
"The attempts to attack me on the basis of my faith are un-American"
Where to begin? The statement is nonsense on every level. Many over at FreeRepublic, however, are in baffling agreement.

So, to all such, here is my challenge. Substitute the following for "faith," and make sense of Romney's whine. To wit:
  • "The attempts to attack me on the basis of my worldview are un-American"
  • "The attempts to attack me on the basis of my most fundamental beliefs are un-American"
  • "The attempts to attack me on the basis of the way I process evidence and draw conclusions are un-American"
  • "The attempts to attack me on the basis of my membership in a cult are un-American"
You see, it all comes down to what we talked about in an earlier post. If Romney wants to say his faith is irrelevant, he should just come out and tell everyone he's a hypocrite, and religion is no more than a meaningless hobby to him.

Otherwise, focusing on his faith is totally fair game. First Amendment certainly guarantees freedom of religion. It also guarantees freedom of speech.

Isn't the First Amendment pretty "American"?


CR said...

I agree that faith is fair game.

I guess one of the things I find frightening is that of all the GOP candidates (with the possible exception of Mike Huckabee), Romney's views on the abortion and terrorism agree most with the Christian worldview of the legitimate function of government. And here's what's really frightening - Romney's views on those issues are more in line with the Christian worldview than those who are professed evangelicals.

The most fundamental function of government is to protect innocent people from harm and most of the other GOP candidates fall short by not being for a constitutional amendment against abortion. Can you imagine the federal government saying we're going to leave it to states to protect the innocent from harm? (Well, I guess we can because it says it's a constitutional right to harm innocent life).

Similarly, and I know people disagree that Iraq was not a terrorist threat - another subject for another time - but clearly Saddam has been a threat to his own people and to neighboring nations and not only a threat, but illegitimately using the power of the sword the against innocent people. One of the most legitimate functions of government is that it can kill to protect innocent life and not just at home but abroad.

If governments stop protecting innocent people from harm then they essentially stop being the government at least legitimately.

It's amazing to me that people like Romney who has a cult and unbiblical worldview can draw a conclusion like on abortion and terrorism that is a Christian worldview.

Dawg Doc said...

I think that Romney has a valid point to some degree, though as a conservative evangelical myself I could never support a Mormon no matter how many evangelicals like Wayne Grudem sign on. Any criticism of Romney should be centered on his specific policy views, not those of his church. Just like not all God fearing Christians are of one mind (though they ought to be!) neither are all Mormons. Romney's personal views, whether they stem from his faith or otherwise, are fair game. Attacking anything else is merely the construction and demolition of a straw man.

Amjad said...

hi there...

i have some questions about Christianity if you do not mind...based on the Bible...would you like to help?

be back soon God willing

Matthew Celestine said...

How do you think his beliefs might affect his policies?

DJP said...

I reason that one's worldview affects one's worldview.

DJP said...

Having said that, let me draw us back to the point of the post: Romney is whining that "attacks" on his "faith" are "un-American." My point in this post is simply that they aren't un-American, and that it makes sense to enquire into how someone has formed his fundament... wait, I already said all that.

DJP said...

Amjadi have some questions about Christianity if you do not mind...based on the Bible...would you like to help?

I appreciate your showing the courtesy of asking. That's very much in your favor.

Are your questions related to this post?

Otherwise, my stated policy is that we try to stay on-topic.

So here's my counter-proposal. E-mail me your questions, and I'll see if I can be of help.

CR said...


I read this time the link describing the nature and context of the attacks (I guess I should have done that first!).

These weren't just questions about the Mormon faith. They weren't even questions. These weren't questions about his faith but push polls attacking his faith and praising McCain's military service and it appears it may have been illegally done because if this was political advertising then they should have identified which campaign they were from.

The Free Republic also points out the context that these calls were suppose to be opinion polls but then turned into statement and questions about his faith. And that's what the context of Romney's statement was made about attacks of his faith. I mean it's pretty sneaky, if it's true, to disguise your attack about anything in the guise of any opinion poll.

I would like to think that Romney would be okay with a person directly asking him questions about this faith and whether we should be concerned...but I could be wrong.

Dawg Doc said...

Dirty politics and attacks disguised as polls are here to stay. The Bush campaign engaged in nasty tactics against Senator McCain in South Carolina in 2000 and now, it appears, either the McCain campaign or a group supporting McCain is using the tactic against Romney.

Should it be illegal? I guess that depends upon just how strongly you believe political speech to be protected by the 1st Amendment.

As to your original blog post, I don't believe Romney has ever said his faith is irrelevant to how he would govern. He freely admits to being a Mormon but has said that doesn't mean he will consult with Brigham Young before making a decision.

Amjad said...


glad u answered that soon

why do not u "if u wish" post a seperated subject "named (questons) or something"..cus this will make it easier for me and others to write ane see the answers in a clear way?

would u like to? I would like others to comment if they like,therefore, i donot prefer sending u an e-mail...


Solameanie said...

Even aside from Romney's Mormonism, I have been put off by his death-bed conversions on gay rights and abortion. He also has a very plastic, polished manner. I almost expect him to unzip his torso and a totally different man to step out of his skin.

I don't trust the man. Period.