Thursday, November 08, 2007

Proverbs (just in case)

I doubt many come here that don't go to Pyro, but just in case:

I put up a post about the Proverbs at Pyro. It includes pictures and links to the talks.


Anonymous said...

I listened to the first session last night. I will probably listen to it again before I move on to the next session. I have really enjoyed what you've shared so far and pray that the Lord will use it to give me better understanding.

I'm sure you have been asked before, but have you considered publishing the works?

[easier said than done I know]

DJP said...

Thanks very much, Paul. I would dearly love to get some of my stuff in print. This thread was all about that desire. Know a publisher who'd be interested in it?


Anonymous said...

You're welcome and while I don't have any connections within the publishing field, might I suggest some catching & marketable titles:

Your Best Proverb Now
Generous Proverbs
Battlefield of the Proverb
The Purpose Driven Proverb

DJP said...

Your Best Proverb-Driven Life Now


threegirldad said...

In addition to the wonderful insights, I simply must mention this hysterical (and I mean that in the best sense possible) exchange from the Session 1 Q&A...


Dan: So now we've got a couple of minutes if you've got questions. Now I want you only to ask good questions [audience laughter]. I -- I'm somebody who believes that, that there -- it isn't true to say that there are no bad questions. Now, let me explain what a good question is: a good question is a question that I can answer [audience laughter]. A bad question is one where I end up looking like a trout on a hot, dry rock, where my mouth is opening and closing, and I have no clue. So, please only ask good -- do you have a good question? Ok, yes, go right ahead...

Attendee: [lengthy, inaudible question]

Dan: That's not a good question [audience laughter]. Does anybody have a -- no, no that, that's a very good -- that's a very good question.


I just about ran off the road when I listened to that the first time.

DJP said...

Thanks. They were fun. I was wondering whether they were OK with laughing — some audiences aren't. Learned early on that they were, and relaxed.

Stefan Ewing said...

That exchange sounds a bit Newhartesque—like one of his old one-sided conversations.

Marcian said...

Dan, I've enjoyed listening to these talks so much. I've always enjoyed Proverbs especially. Having the handouts and the talks are a joy. May the Lord bless you for these.

DJP said...

Thanks! That's so great to here. Love being able to share what I love.