Monday, December 10, 2007

My Christmas wish

As long as I'm doing a Craig, let me jot this brief thought.

I wish people who wanted to sin would just be honest about it. (Then again, that's probably a large part of the problem, isn't it? I'll get back to that.)

In yesterday's sermon, we looked at Ahaz, who refused God's offer of a sign with the syrupy, super-pious "I will not ask, and I will not tempt the LORD!" Of course we know he didn't care a gnat's behind about the Lord. But it did make him look and sound so much better than if he'd told the truth.

The truth would have been something like,
"I know that once I began responding to God's word in faith, there might be no stopping. I know it would eventually mean repenting, humbling myself, admitting what an appalling mess I've made of my life and of the lives of everyone who trusts me. And frankly, I'm just not willing to do that. My stubborn pride means more to me than anything, and if I have to go to Hell with my pride, so be it. Tomorrow doesn't matter. God doesn't matter. Only I matter, and only today matters."
So I wish that people today who just want to sin would just say so. Just say, "I don't care about God, I don't care about the word of God; I don't want to think through the consequences of my choices. I know if I even began honestly applying the word of God, I'd be humbled and everything would have to change, and I just don't want any part of any of that. So I'm just going to sin."

If they would just do that, and not drag Christ's name into the sewer with them....

But then, that's the thing, isn't it? The nature of sin is that it deceives. It gets what it gets by deception. It never says, "How about a moment of fleeting pleasure in exchange for an eternity of permanent regret and misery?"

Sin gets what it gets by saying it is what it isn't, and isn't what it is. And it says it just wants a little bit, and then it will stop. But like fire, it never does; it's its nature to consume and consume until there's nothing left to consume.

Poor saps. Honesty is like truth, and truth has nothing to do with sin.

So my wish can never happen.

Okay, so my second wish is....


Jay said...

I like your thoughts, as usual. I know I've had a bit of Ahaz's pride in me before. Because it is pride, as well as an inability to trust God when I need Him most.

When faced with temptations, addictions, and the like, my first response was to go within myself and try to conquer them on my own. Trusting God has been difficult for me, but I know good and well that it's much, much better than trusting myself.

Dawg Doc said...

Sin is even more deceitful than your description. And it isn't just others who want to is you and I as long as we are in this body of flesh we will struggle with the desires of the flesh, thus we must mortify sin every day, every hour, every minute, and every second. Otherwise, it will kill us. That is one promise that Scripture makes very clear to each and every human being.

So there you have it...I want to sin...wait, no I don't, my flesh does. LOL.


CR said...


I've had the privilege with Dan Philips (who leads are men's fellowship at church) to go through John Owen's works of Overcoming Sin and Temptation for the past year. I really recommend that work to you. There are a couple of abridged versions out there.

Now, the thing is, Owen is a very difficult read. The best abridged version of this whole work is edited by Kapic and Taylor. It's best to go through it with a group.

But an even easier abridged version (not of the whole work though) is called, "What Every Christian Needs to Know" by Grace Publications. Grace Publications puts out what is called, "Great Christian Classics." It's basically a set of works by the great theologians and they abridge in language that is easier to understand. I probably would get everything from John Owen and John Edwards. But these books are about 150 pages long and they cost anywhere from 6 to 8 bucks. You have to get them directly from Grace Publications. If you try to get them from Amazon or what have you, they'll charge you like some ridiculous amount like $35. Grace Publications is based in England.

Anyway, Grace publications have works you could go through by yourself. Interestingly enough, I believe it is written that John Owen taught his work of Overcoming Sin and Temptation to a bunch of young high schooled teenagers. Amazing...

Jay said...

Thank you for the tip, Carlo. I'll look into it. I'm an English major and a college student--and I'm fairly well-read--so I'm not really afraid of reading stuff that might be in an older style of language. Actually, I would almost prefer the original language. It presents a challenge to me. Hope you are well, and thanks again.

CR said...

No problem Jay. That's great you're up for the challenge.

CR said...

John MacArthur is going through an excellent series on his podcast call the ugliness of Christmas. The gist of his message is that you cannot understand the beauty of Christmas if you do not understand the ugliness of sin. I don't see any rules prohibiting links on Dan's blog so you can hear his message (and read the transcript) at

I was going through my Christmas card stack that I plan on sending family and friends and noticed I don't have anything to send to my unbelieving friends and family. How can I send them a card saying they can "enjoy the blessing of God's presence" if they don't know Christ?

One year I sent Christmas cards with DGM's "For Your Joy" an evangelism booklet to all my unbelieving friends and family (or ones that I wasn't sure that were saved)- . When I sent my dad that he rebuked me and was wondering if I was trying to be a preacher and said that he was just fine with his Catholic Church. So, I'm thinking, how can I give folks like that Christmas Cards? I'm thinking about including DGM tracts of "Quest For Joy" for family and friends who aren't saved who haven't told me to take a hike on the Christmas message. (I'll have to find a special size card and envelope to fit the tract in). For those that have told me to take a hike, I don't see a point sending Christmas cards. I send folks like my dad a birthday card and a Father's Day card, but how can I send a Christmas card. I'm wondering what you all think?

Truth Unites... and Divides said...

Piercing DJP. Piercing to the bone and to the heart.

Great job of a great post.