Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Sacramento area? Love doctrines of grace?

This Saturday, the church I attend is hosting a Reformation Society worship service, in which Pastor Greg Stoever will be preaching "True Love: The Beauty of Christ Displayed."
Greg pastors River City Grace Community Church. For directions to the host church, click here.

(BTW, Greg wants everyone to know that the likeness in the flyer/ad isn't his. Greg looks more like this.)


mikepettengill said...

oh man...just rub salt in the wound...you're killin' me

Wascally 5Point5 said...

Happy belated Birthday!!
Hope you had a good one

Rodney said...

What an opportunity to listen to Greg Stoever. He discipled me 20 years ago when he was an intern in the high school ministry at Grace Community Church. Greg is a godly man, committed to discipleship, evangelism and personal holiness. I praise God for the example that he was to me. Enjoy spending time with him.

On a side note, he also does a hilarious skit as Johnny Pocketchange. Treat yourself to a laugh if you can get him to "get into character."