Saturday, October 18, 2008

Classic SNL: Phil Hartman as Ronald Reagan

Sarah Palin is reportedly going to appear on Saturday Night Live tonight. Good idea? Bad idea? I don't know.

But when they've been good on political parody, SNL has been great. I have often thought of a classic from decades ago — and I've finally found it.

The "line" on Ronald Reagan was that he was old, dim, lethargic, sleepy, and only half-engaged. His staffers ran everything. That was just the negative liberal take on him

But evidently the writers at SNL started thinking outside of the box, and asked themselves, "Hmm... what if that's just a clever ruse?"

Here's the result. (Sorry about the brief ad.)

UPDATE: At least for the moment, Palin's sketches are up here.


Stefan Ewing said...

That is a classic. I remember it from when it first aired. The "Church Lady" era. ;)

NothingNew said...

While not directly related, this does prove the bias in the news (as if anyone was in doubt).


"When it comes to the race for positive press, Barack Obama is the winner.

The Center for Media and Public Affairs just released these findings:

* Comments about Obama on the three network evening newscasts have been 65% positive since the party conventions.

* Comments about John McCain have been 36% positive.

* Comments about Sarah Palin have been 42% positive.

* There have been too few evaluations of Joe Biden for “meaningful analysis.”

* The study found that Obama’s press on the FOX network has been 28% positive while McCain’s has been 38% and Palin’s 49% positive."

Susan said...

Just finished watching SNL's weekend update segment. I'm surprised that Sarah Palin stuck around for that long on the show--thought she was only doing the opening number. I dunno about that whole rap that Amy Poehler did on behalf of Palin--they even got a moose mascot in there dancing only to fall down at the sound of gunshots. It's just weird to me--maybe I'll find it funnier later. (But if you're talking about SNL political satire classics, how about Dana Carvey as Ross Perot? That was hilarious.)

Mike Westfall said...

Was Alec Baldwin really acting?
It's hard to tell.

CR said...

Like I've said, I would watch the first 5 minutes of political spoofs and would turn it off after that. I watched more of SNL from last night, and forgot what a trashy show it is. I finally after about 15 minutes went on the Internet to find which skits she would be on so I wouldn't have to punish myself watching more of the show. She only made three appearances. The opening skit, the Weekend Update, and at the end of the show when they said goodbye.

I'm glad she didn't go through with the rap thing. She would not have looked Presidential. But she was good hearted and kinda played on with the beat.

At the end, one lady person of the SNL cast went over to give a big hug to Palin - I don't know if if person realizes her career will be over for doing that.

On Alec Baldwin - he is the nutcase in politics and also with his family because he called his daughter a pig, but a great actor, I think. I thought the opening skit was okay, and I thought it was cute that she said she really liked Alec's brother Stephen who is a professing Christian.

CR said...

It's just been reported that Gov. Palin's appearance on SNL gave SNL its highest rating in 14 years.

Susan said...

Well, CR, I think they made it LOOK like Palin didn't want to go through with the rap at the very last minute--most likely they planned it so that Amy Poehler would do the whole thing anyway. And I agree with you in that Palin was wise not doing the rap. Now, if they had OBAMA do a rap about HIS campaign...I don't think his political career would be sabotaged. Au contraire.