Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In a lighter mood: Linus sings "Every Little Thing"

You can thank (or blame) Gilbert for pointing me hither:



donsands said...

Good grief! That was superb. How does someone do that?!

Thanks for the uplift.

theinscrutableone said...

Indeed, that was a very good job! The lip-synching was especially good. (The only problem was that the audio was quite distorted on my PC.)

This lifelong Peanuts fan enjoyed seeing Linus and friends rock out. :-) Thanks for the link!


Staci Eastin said...

That was very well done. Peanuts AND The Police; what a combination. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I needed this today. Thanks!

Mike Westfall said...

Good Grief, indeed!

Did you all know that DJP is running for president?

Gilbert said...
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Gilbert said...

Mesa Mike,

Funny as...oh, never mind. ;-)

Between the two of us, we completely train-wrecked Dan's day. That'll teach him. :-)