Thursday, October 09, 2008

McCain, Obama, Bush, Congress: doing the math

Okay, help me work this out.

Obama likes to make a big deal that John McCain voted with George Bush 95% of the time.

Presumably, that's bad.

Presumably, that's bad because Bush's approval rating is something like 29%.

But... Barack Obama voted with Democrats 96% of the time.

And the Democrat-controlled Congress' approval rating is something like 13%.

So... why isn't that a big deal?

Just sayin'.


Mike Westfall said...

The Democrats voted "present" 96% of the time?

If only...

DJP said...


CR said...

Too bad you're not helping Sen. McCain run his campaign, Dan.

Anonymous said...

More great analysis.

If only the McCain camp would implement your suggestions.

Mike Westfall said...

I believe there will be an October surprise -- actually it seems to be already in progress.

Lets just say that acorns do not fall far from the tree...

Rachael Starke said...

Hmm. Logic. Reason. Simple math.

I'm outraged at this blatant, desperate attempt to once again engage in the politics of mathematical destruction. Have you no shame?

Rachael Starke said...

Mike - I pray fervently most days for exactly that, for the sake of God's family, and especially the preborn.

And then there are days like today, when my dear unsaved across-the-street neighbor told me her husband is very close to losing his job and they are already overwhelmed with debt. She claims to "love" Obama and talks about him like he is her messiah. What might God do in her life were she to discover that all of her idols, including him, were false? Would I be willing to joyfully accept four years of economic slavery and terrorist oppression, if the end result was salvation for her and many others? I'm ashamed at my hesitation to say yes...

JackW said...

There are three types of people in the world, those that can do the math and those that can't.

CR said...


Another deception is that a President Obama will do some good for people like your neighbor.

Many people are in the position they are in because democrats allowed bad loans to be made to people that couldn't afford loans. Obama will make things worse for your neighbor, not better. He will raise taxes especially on small businesses and this will cause a loss in jobs, it will not help your neighbor.

LeeC said...

I don't think you read Rachels post.

I understand what she's saying, and relate.

CR said...

I'm not following what you're saying Leec?

Mike Westfall said...

CR writes:
> Obama will make things worse for
> your neighbor, not better.

Yes, we all know this, but Rachel's neighbor apparently thinks the opposite.

Rachel, I think, is entertaining the idea that maybe her neighbor could be set straight by letting her false idol fall -- that is, let her see what actually happens after the Obamessiah becomes the Emperor Palpatine of the entire free world.

Perhaps, but I think that the True Believers would just find a way to blame the republicans anyway.

Rachael Starke said...

Mike - Yes, that was indeed my point. My neighbor's house is FULL of stuff, stuff that she readily admits they can't afford and that she buys without her husband's permission. She is DESPERATE for approval and happiness, and yes, sees this government as the problem and the next government as the answer. I've talked a lot with her about what the end result of that thinking is, but it's fallen on deaf ears. Until yesterday.

And so, perhaps we should be praying for an all Dem govt, just so that she's got no wriggle room left???? Oh Lord, increase my faith!!

DJP said...

Ohh, Dude... lady... sister... amiga ....

Don't have that kind of faith, don't need that kind of faith, don't want that kind of faith!

candy said...

I wish people could see the parallel of what is happening now with post WWI Germany. A country in a serious economic crisis. A charismatic young man, who happens to be a Nationalist Socialist and promises to fix the mess. A media willing to portray the Jewish population as an out-of-control people with a conspiracy to take over. Schools inundated with propaganda about the "Messiah-like" presence of their potential leader. A philosophy of Darwinism that threatens the very sanctity of life. We are in serious peril!

Rachel. I understand your point, but all I can do is pray for mercy concerning our country. If God in his sovereignty withdraws his hand of grace, and allows the hardened hearts of people to naturally go their way, all I can do is pray for a continued trust for God to move upon the hearts of the unrepentent, including those I love dearly, and, no matter the circumstances, his goodness to his elect.

Gilbert said...


Good insight. You know what frustrates me---we had this with Hitler just a generation or two ago.

Sometimes I wonder why God doesn't yell at us and say "See? See? You're going to do THAT again. Don't you "get it"? Of course, we deserve eternal punishment for our sins, but God knows, in the midst of mass genocide of babies that he is still patient with us enough to let those in our generation be chosen.

In this dark hour, I remember these things:

No matter who gets elected---God is in control.

If this country is Communist in 8 years (providing Christ doesn't come back), and we as Christians are living/hiding in forests, God is still in control. (No, I'm not saying it will happen. I'm not saying it won't, either!)

No matter how dark, how bleak, how terrifying, how ugly, how grave the sin, how dark the heart...Jesus will save you when you repent of your sins and follow Him for all eternity. No politician, no horrid ideology, nothing on this planet will separate us from His love, and those He will choose and has chosen, this world and its sins be hanged.

I just hate the part that my family and friends don't see that.
ALong with everyone else.

On-topic: If McCain were a "maverick", he'd be a God-honoring politician (thought of as conservative, but not following that paradigm ridgidly).

And when the two top presidential candidates give 15 second wrestling-themed soundbites on WWE's wrestling shows, how far south have we sunk?