Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama presidency: one bright spot

Behind every cloud....


DJP said...

One has to hope that it happens fast enough that millions swell the already-swelling ranks sufficiently to resist Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, when they move to outlaw homeschooling. Or regulate it to death.

Though perhaps they'd first move to strangle out all alternative free media first and preemptively.

Mike Westfall said...

Homeschooling is already exploding. At least it is in the county where I live. This despite that we supposedly have one of the best public school systems in the country.

Even many of the Bush-deranged liberals are doing it.

I think if the socialist baby-killer gets elected, homeschooling will go supernova all across the fruited plain.

Anonymous said...

If homeschooling were outlawed, it might be time for a revolution.

Jay said...

Hey now, as a future public school teacher, that's just going to leave me with all the liberals' kids. Not cool!

Seriously, though, it's often disheartening to see how few conservative Christians show desires to be teachers in public schools. Sometimes it's better to salvage something from within than run away from it.

This isn't to say that homeschooling one's children is bad. I actually support it, especially in very liberal areas of the nation (it would have been pointless in my small Southern hometown). But if conservatives hadn't abandoned education to start with we might not have been in this fix.

So come on, guy! If you want to teach I encourage you to teach in public schools!

CR said...

I think Jay mentions some good points. I've been reading DA Carson's Christ and Culture. He points out that secularists would have our faith private and do not permit it have a voice in the public arena or in culture or literary theory or science or anything else. They are pushing hard for the Christian faith to be private and invisible. The implications as Carson puts are horrific and that is we become nervous and become unpracticed in witness.

My hope and prayer is that more Christians will opt to teach, but not also that, more Christian parents would opt to put their children in public schools, but not just to throw them in there so the moms can have their second jobs to have that nice house, but to participate heavily in the school and school districts and parent teacher meetings.

Each parent is going to have to make their choice where they want to send their children. But it would be nice seeing Christian moms take their children to public schools and see these moms volunteering in the school and actively participating and watching over the kids. Parents obviously need to guard against the evolution junk being taught in school and what better way then a parent to be right there and point out the absurdity. Just an opinion...

I mean let's face, if Obama wins (which I hope he doesn't )in part it will be due to all the young people that vote for him (er, in addition to Big Media, voter fraud, but you get the point). Generations of young people are growing up clueless and I think it would be great to see more Christian teachers, parents, and administrators, in the schools.

Jay said...

Parents obviously need to guard against the evolution junk being taught in school and what better way then a parent to be right there and point out the absurdity.

That's the thing though, doesn't a kid at least need to know what the theory of evolution is? Granted, I grew up in a more conservative area, but evolution was still taught. But the teacher taught it fairly. He said, "This is a theory, but it's the theory that the majority of scientists believe." That was true. He even mentioned the cultural debates surrounding evolution vs. creationism (though he was also truthful in that creationism is not respected by the majority of scientists). He didn't make his own views known about the matter.

It isn't a requirement of the curriculum that students believe in the theory of evolution. It's that they know it. And what's wrong with that? If you want to dismantle an hypothesis, you have to know what that hypothesis is. Conservatism should expect free inquiry, and that means that theories should be known backwards and forwards, and the individual is allowed to believe what he or she believes.