Friday, November 07, 2008

Closing a very unhappy week with... Wilhelm!

Back in 2006, I introduced you to the legacy of The Wilhelm Scream.

But the first scream in that compilation was not its premiere. That's to be found in 1951's Distant Drums.

"Prove it," you say?

You betcha.

So much clearer than later uses.

But wait — there's more! Much more!

Maybe too much more. You could call that one, Wilhelmania.

And then there's... this.

If that's not enough, there's a funny song and video on YouTube titled "That Calls for a Wilhelm Scream." Be warned, though it's chucklesome (and catchy!), it has about three unsavory verbal images (no cussing, though).


Mike Westfall said...

Wow. Movies were in color back then?

That's one long-lived scream!

Michelle said...

I had never heard of the Wilhelm Scream, and now I will never be able to forget it. Everyone I know and everyone my children know are hearing about it too, both in Canada and South Africa. You are more influential than you think!

DJP said...

Excellent! My plans are succeeding!

It's actually a fun thing for my kids and I to do - spot the Wilhelms. There's a great one in the last Indiana Jones movie.

~Mark said...

I can't believe it. There I was this morning happily watching a good ol' "kill the aliens" movie when one guy bought it and went over the edge.

He screamed.

I thought "That's a Wilhelm!"