Monday, November 03, 2008

Don't miss these: 11/3/08

Election-eve fun and frolic:
  • Former Senior aide to Ron Paul and Bob Barr supporter urges everyone to vote for McCain instead of Barr. The issues are too critical, the losses to liberty too immense, to risk enabling an Obama presidency by supporting a candidate who cannot win. (Hunh. Where have you heard that before?)
  • Barack Obama is a novice, hasn't the political courage to do the right thing, and the existence of phone banks for Obama in Gaza is a huge political issue. The kicker? All that comes from a congressional Obama-supporter! (See further here, here, here, and here.)
  • I continue in my one-way admiration for Justin Taylor. He had put up a video with John Piper's thoughts on the election. As I explained at length on that post's meta, I found Piper's remarks muddled and unhelpful. Piper was hand-wringy, and all over the place. It was very disappointing. That meta grew to 70 comments, and Justin closed it — which I don't remember his ever doing before. Today Justin has put up a post of his own interacting with the Piper video. Justin's post, I think, is absolutely brilliant, with no ifs, ands, buts, nor peradventures. Read it.
  • Remember ol' O and his "righteous wind"? Interesting: turns out that phrase is found in Chairman Mao. There it's "the righteous wind of socialism." Thing that makes you say, "Hmmmm."
  • I'm not saying it's right, I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm just saying here's a guy who builds a case for a McCain/Palin landslide. I will say this: it is conceivable, and (to me) desirable.



Mike J said...

"One way admiration?"

Hehe... I couldn't help but notice that. And ponder what it means.

Mike Westfall said...

I wonder if the McCain campaign has time to turn that "righteous Wind" comment into an ad?

And, I'm not prophesying, but I have the Audacity of Hope for a McC/P landslide. Bring it on!

Rachael Starke said...

The Ron Paul/Bob Barr guy just figured all this out two days before the election???

Color me less impressed with Libertarians than ever.

Fred Butler said...

I call them "Loosertarians"

That landslide article is interesting and I says we need to revisit on Weds. and deconstruct it with your "I'm a Republican voting for Obama" Trolls.

Mike Westfall said...

The ever magnanimous Obama flips off McCain in a similar manner to his
flip off of Hillary.

Chris H said...

Oh my... an inadvertent use of the middle finger to scratch his cheek/chin. What a jerk...

By this logic, I've flipped off many of the people who were watching my point during my presentations, a few Sunday School classes, my parents... Sometimes the middle finger finds itself pointing and scratching. Let's not get carried away.

DJP said...

I can't see it at work, but Obama has a history of this.

Chris H said...

He has a history of scratching his face with his middle finger?

I'm not even remotely a fan of Obama (ever), I'm just saying that if someone uses their middle finger to scratch their face, I'm quite happy to give them the benefit of the doubt.

DJP said...

Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis. Do NOT make me come over there.

He has a history of disguising flip-offs as "scratching."

Barbara said...

I liked Piper's video. I thought he was very honest and diplomatic, as one would be when talking with reasonable adults and not with rebellious children. I thought the reply was a bit over-the-top. Well thought out and well-written, but my goodness, what a lot of energy to put into a criticism of a brother's work!

Chris H said...

You could come over here; I'd show you around Winnipeg.

I'm not saying it's impossible he was disguising it; I'm just saying, as someone who does use his middle finger for purposes other than displaying disapproval, that it happens. I would hate for an innocent error to be played up by his critics (whom I respect), and in so doing, discredit the very valuable things being said by those critics.

DJP said...

Well then, Barbara, on that we differ. As commenters brought out, Piper was muddled and angsty where clarity and leadership were called for. What Taylor said was far more helpful and far more useful.

Piper poor; Taylor terrific. This time.

Mike Riccardi said...

Dan, what do you think of the "landslide" article?

DJP said...

Honestly, Mike, I could argue in either direction. I'd be terribly sad if O got a landslide — but, honestly, I thought very little of the intelligence or good judgment of voters after Clinton I; and far less, after Clinton II. So they can't entirely surprise me.

McCain should win by a landslide. But will he, or will he win at all? I think there's solid reason to hope, and to fear.

But every reason to work for Obama's defeat.

Mike Riccardi said...

Yeah... I'm with you on everything right there.

It is too bad you're in CA and I'm in NJ... two states that have been trying to out-liberal each other for a while (with California winning, I think.) I feel the same way you and your wife do in the voting line.

I'm thanking God that He's sovereign.

DJP said...

Actually, that's what scares me. Do we get mercy... or justice?

I'm praying for mercy.

Justice would mean smoking crater.

Mike Riccardi said...

I guess I've felt that way too. Here's a proverb that's always been comforting...

The exercise of justice is joy for the righteous, But is terror to the workers of iniquity. -- 21:15

It doesn't seem that way. In fact, it seems the exact opposite. If God judges our nation by raising up Obama, many workers of iniquity will be joyful, an many righteous will be terrified. But if we can see Yahweh, Yahweh God, compassionate and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness, our Father who delights to benefit His children, then we can rest, knowing that He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, but who will not withhold any good thing for those whom He has declared righteous by the blood of His own Son.

Of course, I know you know these things, but "to write the same things again is no trouble to me, and it is a safeguard for you."

Fred Butler said...

Hey Danny,
That landslide author has a new post up that has MP 310 votes/OB with 228

Mike Westfall said...

Well, the most amazing thing happened tonight. My wife and kids distributed pro-life literature on cars in a Wal-Mart parking lot (while I sat in the car with the sleeping baby)in a heavily democratic voting area of northern New Mexico. The Wal-Mart security guard told my wife that she was supposed to not let them do that, but she was a Christian, and thought it too important to enforce silly rules over such stuff. My wife talked to several people in the parking lot as she was handing out the flyers, and nobody said they were voting for Obama.

We found this quite encouraging and gives us a sense that there is a major last-minute shift, at least locally.