Thursday, November 27, 2008

Incredible deals limited time: ChristianAudio

Most of ChristianAudio's books are on sale for download for $9.49 until 11:59pm PT, December 1, 2008. I'm also finding a number that are apparently free, at least today (The Jesus of Myth and History, by N.T. Wright; Is Jesus Christ Truth for the 21st Century?, by John Stott).

Get 'em while you can!

(h-t Challies)

(Note: correction from my previous "today only")


James Kubecki said...

Actually, I think the "free" deals might be standard. Check out this link, which I found on their Free Downloads page.

DJP said...

OK, good, thanks. I wasn't sure, myself. I didn't know they did any regular freebies in addition to the monthly freebie.

Joe W. said...

Stop it with the free audio books already.

I pay a monthly subscription fee to Audible and I'm starting to feel really stupid.