Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random thought on making the next election funner

I should hold a competition on who can do the best job of predicting the sequence of events. Like, this:
  1. Pundits and MSM lecture GOP on the need to "go to the center"
  2. 47 candidates step up for office, of which three are conservative
  3. Pundits and MSM praise one of them to the heavens, extolling his brilliance and shuddering at how unbeatable he'd be
  4. Idiot GOP voters channel Charlie Brown and listen to the MSM/Lucy — again!
  5. Now that he is actually the GOP candidate, pundits and MSM tear him to shreds
  6. MSM changes names and dates and re-runs old stories about mounting GOP fears, Dem surges, GOP division, GOP campaign in shambles, voters switching from GOP candidate to Donk candidate, etc.
  7. Donk candidate wins
  8. Pundits and MSM lecture GOP on being too conservative, urge it to "go to the center"
  9. Rinse, repeat


Anonymous said...

10. Many readers of Biblical Christianity try to persuade Dan Phillips to become a political consultant.

Rachael Starke said...

1.Barack Obama promises to cut taxes on 90% of Americans.
2. Wall Street takes a dive, because Wall Streeters knows a little more math.
3. Sheeple elect Bar-ick Obama.
4. See #2
5. Barack Obama announces "The economy is, uh, muchworse. uh. thanWethought. Uh. Thisis. uh. another. uh. inheritanceof. the Bush. legacy.
6. See #2.
7. Barack Obama raises taxes.
8. See #2.

NoLongerBlind said...

Careful, Rachael;
people talking like that are going to be labelled racists!
This incoming President is going to be critique-free for the most least in the eyes of the Main Stream...
A whole new level of PC is about to be foisted upon us.

VcdeChagn said...

Rachel: Re #5

Best wordle...ever

My prediction. No 2012 elections.

Oh and I wonder if John McCain would yank the mike away this time...


I will be deeply embedded

VcdeChagn said...

"I will be deeply embedded" was an unfortunate" cut and paste incident and should be disregarded :D