Monday, December 08, 2008

"Lay worship"

Thought this might complement my recent posts at Pyro about church involvement:

As Bill dozed off under his Sunday morning newspaper, he realized his “church at home” idea was probably going to send him straight to Hell.


threegirldad said...

Exactly. Because, as we all know, the clergy do the work ("That's what we pay them for!"), while the rest of us laity around.

[rim shot]

Michelle said...

He's entering into Sabbath rest and he's contemplating how current global events tie in with end-time prophecy.

Anyway, church is not a building, we are the church ;).

~Mark said...


CR said...

I had an interesting email with a lady recently. She said that she reads John MacArthur commentaries - which is a good thing but that she hasn't gone to church in a while because a lot of them are not genuine. I asked for clarification, we'll see what she says.

I thought, hmm..not genuine. Well, I know many good people are starving for good solid teaching and it is a travesty that a lot of churches are not genuine. But the church is still the bride of Christ and since He has not given up on her (oh, yeah, He actually died for her) then, I'm not going to give up on her. I've had some pretty bad experiences in the past with church mainly because, well, people, because people are sinners.

But I refuse to give up on the bride of Christ.

Separately, I followed the link to Sacred Sandwhich you had and there was a story on that page, "Tired of Postmodern Conversation, Pastor tells Congregation to Shut Up."

Ooooh, that was soooo funny!!

J♥Yce Burrows said...

The TV remote must not be clickable to John MacArthur's Sunday sermon, that gent hungry for news being shut in and all?

Carol Jean said...

A couple weeks ago we were visiting family in the DFW area and visited the wonderful Sovereign Joy church (Fish with Trish's husband Emilio is the pastor). We felt a bit guilty getting a little extra "Sabbath Rest" since they don't have their service until 3 PM : )

We were there to spend time with my husband's grandfather, who is in a nursing home. It made me realize how many of our senior brothers and sisters are not physically able to be a part of the body. Grandpa is 91 and has been a faithful church member his entire life. Now he's relegated to his recliner on Sundays, watching the Sunday lineup of heretics and wing-nuts on TBN. There are some pastoral students who come to speak on Sundays on a rotating basis, but he doesn't care for them for some reason. Either way, it's not church in any sense of the word.

It made me realize what a void there is in the lives of many of our hoary-headed saints and it broke my heart.

It also made me wish there could be more widespread broadcasts of good preachers like Johnny Mac. I wish Grandpa wouldn't have to suffer through Robert Schuller, Rod Parsley and the guy with the nehru jacket every Sunday.