Friday, April 17, 2009

Hither and thither 4/17/09

And now once again, the single most eclectic feature on a very eclectic blog, this week's Hither and Thither. And my, is it bursting! (There may be updates, particularly of images, so check back later.)
  • So, you know that there are no scientists who are Christians, right? What, you don't? It goes like this: (A) if a science student, no matter how excellent, doesn't affirm materialistic evolution, (B) he is denied his doctorate. If he doesn't have a doctorate, (C) he's not a scientist. Therefore, (D) there are no scientists who are Christians! Is the same thing underway in counseling, so that one day it will be said there are no counselors who are Christians?
  • Now we also know that Secretary Janet Napolitano, of the Department of Homeland Security, issued dire warnings against right-wingers and veterans despite internal objections from her the department's Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. But she plowed ahead. Wrong and stubborn is a bad way to go through life, Secretary N (and President O).
  • You know how pictures of fast food in menus and ads never look like what you end up getting? Well, here's photographic evidence. I will say this, though: my pizzas are exactly like the pictures!
  • This, with thanks to Shinar Squirrel (via email), will only appeal to you if you're a hardcore Lego fan — which my son Josiah is. This is for you, 'Siah!

  • There are some absolutely brilliant photographs here. A few favorites:
  • I don't "do" Halloween. But even I must admit this is a pretty cool costume:
  • This edition's Headline of the Week is more bizarre than most: Student hit by corpse thrown from speeding car. The details... well, does anyone really need more details? Nah.
  • Goodness, there's a thematically-related runner-up. Now remember, in Headlines of the Week, the whole point is the title, not the story. Ready? Here it is: Obama Meets Privately With the Dead. Wow. Dude really will talk with anyone.
  • There actually is a a second headline runner-up, as well: Tori Spelling: I'm Not Anorexic. Yeah, well, me neither. In case, you know, anyone's asking. "Which, I note, they're not." (Name that movie.)
  • The Saudi judge who refused to annul an eight-year-old's forced marriage to pay a debt has stuck by his ruling. Ahh, the culture of the Religion of Peace makes yet another mark.
  • Poor kids. The Obama administration extends false legitimacy to public embracers of perversion who've acquired children. (Thanks for the tip, Laura K)
  • Well, I'll be. Apparently John McCain regrets that he didn't lose by triple digits. Hm. You know all those harsh things I said about him before the election? Wellsir... he's not making me sorry. (In case you're wondering, yes, I still think he'd be a better president than Obama, and I'm still sorry he lost. But then, I think anything you could buy in a pet show would be a better president than Obama... with a surer birth certificate!)
  • The satirical (and, be warned, not reliably family-friendly) site The Onion has a deadly satire of how the MSM might respond if Obama murdered a couple of citizens in cold blood. It's just about one degree off of completely believable, and that's pretty sad. Note: it's a parody. I don't want any poor soul papering his mother's basement wall with rants about my accusing the president of a felony.
  • I have mixed feelings about this. President Obama spoke at Georgetown University, his administration asked that they cover up the name of Jesus (represented by IHS) — and they did it. Why mixed? It's a Roman Catholic University, and it was absolutely craven of them to comply. But then again, Roman Catholicism isn't really about Jesus, anyway; so that's sort of a wash. And I'm really OK with Obama not associating himself with any form of Christianity in any way — except that he had the (trademark) gall and audacity to force a Sermon on the Mount allusion into his speech, rationalizing his march towards economic totalitarianism as building the economy on a rock. The ironies are innumerable. So I end up disgusted with the both of them. (Charles Krauthammer pulverizes The One's "new foundation.")
  • Where We're Headed Alert: our dear Libbie pointed me to the report that 242 patients under the tender care of the government in Britain were starved to death.
  • Next time a Roman Catholic tells you that, if you're not chained to Rome, everyone becomes his own Pope, ask him whether Tony Blair is still allowed to partake of the Mass.
  • As a rule, I'm a bit leery of "Everything That Everyone Has Said about ___ Is Wrong" reporting, but newly-available information about the Columbine killings reportedly challenges most of what we know. The article includes this comforting fact about a government study of school murderers: "School shooters, they said, followed no set profile, but most were depressed and felt persecuted." Gee, how many teenagers does that describe? Psychologists want to help their self-esteem or deal with feelings of alienation. All human problems do stem from alienation, but it is alienation from God that is at the root, and psychology doesn't hold the solution to that.
  • I did quite a bit of writing about the Terry Schiavo atrocity. Since then a number of "hopeless brain dead" patients have awoken. Now a new report says that 40% of patients said to be in a vegetative state may be misdiagnosed.
  • Here are some pretty hysterical warning labels. Hysterical... until you realize that somebody must have needed these labels. And that somebody probably votes. And drives a white car.
  • The good news: you don't have cancer. The bad news: you have a fir tree growing in your lung. Evidently he'd breathed in the seed. (More gruesome picture here.)

  • And then, there are these:

...and, finally:


DJP said...

I know. I know it's silly. But that baby just CRACKS ME UP.

The Squirrel said...

Glad to know that you're not anorexic, Dan! I've been worried...



LeeC said...

I'm sorry Mr. President but you told us the Rock offended you and so we covered it up and removed it....

Can't get over that baby gif.

Aaron said...

Squirrel, we'll have to use Blair and Pelosi as examples the next time a Catholic tells us that sola scriptura causes 50,000 denominations or whatever number they concoct on a particular day.

Maybe Blair's website should use ACDC's "Highway to Hell" as its themesong.

The Squirrel said...


The next installment is planed for Monday. Bwahahahahahaha!

Oops, make that "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh wow. Dan, you give new breadth to the term eclectic.

And three boys thank you - and Squirrel - for that clip of the Lego Yamato.

Glued to the screen.

And Wyatt wanted me to add, "Hey! I know that ship at the end! That's from... " (running to check) "Star Blazers - it's the Arco. Um, the Argo."

And, gee, thank you, after seeing that photo of the Russian's lung, I'm going to be afraid to breathe in my front yard!

Happy Friday...


Herding Grasshoppers said...

And I love the baby. He reminds me of Yoda.

Dan B. said...

Dan--loved the LEGO video. I'm a big LEGO fan (and I too have a son named Josiah--but he's a little young yet to understand what's going on).

DJP said...

Well, I'm in my fifties, and I'm not so sure I understand what's going on.

But Josiah is a great name!

Rachael Starke said...

Well, because I know you care, and because this will gain me so much more respect and admiration, I would just like you all to know that I have actually met and worked with Tori Spelling on one of her infamous father's shows, and I have personally seen her eat segments of orange with a fork, but without her lips touching said fork, so as not to consume excess calories.

She is so an anorexic.

So there.

DJP said...

And I'm still so not.

But Rachael, it's hard to imagine being more impressed with you than we already are.


candy said...

Tori is the Jay Leno of females with that chin of hers. That is probably why she is anorexic. Trying to starve off a couple of layers of chin.

I'm glad the Onion is willing to satirize some of the Obama worship provided by the MSM. I may just go to them for my news. Nothing I read is more bizarre than each day's headlines in the mainstream news.

Hey. We were in your neighborhood again, riding bikes down the American River trail. We saw wild turkeys. Who knew?

DJP said...

Nom nom nom.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


You get calories from a fork?

Who knew.

candy said...

What does nom mean? Is it another one of your acronyms?

DJP said...

Candy - Like this.

Gilbert said...

As a video guy, and to someone who agrees completely with Dan's premises about President Obama, I found the animated graphic of jumping into the hole a very accurate description of where this country is heading.

That said...if you look closely in the second part of the video as the camera zooms in, the shadows of the people jumping into the hole come from a different direction on one side of the hole than the other side.

Last I checked, there weren't two suns out there, but maybe that's another plot by the global warming + mass catastrophe believers?

Marie Devine Divine-Way said...

People have been jumping into the pit long before Obama. God warned against debt, interest, insurance (surety) and seeking after riches and honor and disobeying the Ten Commandments. This pit is the pit of our economic system where we are enslaved to our employment system for the purpose of buying things, so we continue over and over not even realizing we are away from the things we wanted while we are working for more.

The true goal is a garden paradise lifestyle that solves the world problems we created with the economic-employment lifestyle. Barack Obama has been opposing the solution and he has lots of those on the right or the left that support this economic system. We only end this system when we want to.

To pressure Barack Obama to release identity information for his own good, I have written details of charges and evidences of forgery in several documents submitted by the Obama group are at my websites in court style. It is our responsibility to keep this information alive until Barack Obama is forced to release His identity information to quell these questions. There is no harm to him if he has nothing to hide. The harm is to the justice system and media being overwhelmed until this is no longer in question. We all only seek the protection of our Constitution from being available to foreign nationals, now or in the future. and

It is reported that even the state of Hawaii would not accept the Certification of Live Birth presented by Barack Obama without further documentation.