Monday, April 27, 2009

It's official: this is a 9/10 administration

Honestly. How can you be so brain-dead clueless?

Could you possibly ask for more eloquent proof that President Obama is a consummate 9/10 Democrat — or at least that he has a bunch of them working for him — than Air Force One's buzzing New Yorkers without even informing the mayor, let alone the panicked populace itself?

Those poor people.

The White House has since said "Sorry, we were trying for something iconic."

Yeah. Iconic. Dudes. About that. I really, really, really think you succeeded.

How did that planning session go?
"I want a picture."
"Sure, we can do a picture. What kind of picture?"
"Oh, I don't know... something... something
"Iconic is good. How about Air Force One?
That's iconic."
"Oh yeah, yeah, that's a great idea. We'll fly Air Force one... and an escort...."
Really low — over New York City!"
"Um, New York City?"
"Yeah! Why not? They
love me there!"
"Uh, well, well
yeah! That's genius!"
Everybody's scrambling to distance Obama from the photo-op, and he may not have been directly connected to it. The ever-popular "unidentified source" has said that President Obama was actually furious about the flight. Maybe he had nothing to do with it, beyond hiring people of that mindset and not being serious about that whole War on Terror thingie. We'll never know.

Whatever President Obama was, though, Mayor Bloomberg was furious.

There may have been plans to spread the word — but it clearly did not happen.

Ever looking for a bright side, one of the National Review Corner's readers asked a good question:
Several writers on NRO have mentioned that the Obama administration is returning to a Sept 10 mindset. I guess the flyover is proof of that. But if they’re going to go back in time, how about letting us wear our shoes through airport screening?
One of the Instapundit readers made this observation:

Scare the [stuffing] out of a known terrorist . . . . . it’s torture

Scare the [stuffing] out of thousands of New Yorkers . . . . . . . it’s a photo op.

The WSJ reports: "Updates with sources saying White House plans for a second photo shoot in Washington, D.C. being reconsidered."

Mm. Smaaart.


Here's a good term for it. "Felony stupidity."


The Squirrel said...

Wow. Talk about brainless...

I'm sad that the Air Force didn't stop it, or notify NYC and Air Traffic Control about the low level pass!


Fred Butler said...

We need to move forward. You guys aren't even giving him a chance. I mean, its been almost 8 years.

Joe W. said...

I was too young to fully appreciate the Carter administration.

Unfortunately, I am old enough to fully appreciate this one... and it's scary.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


"Sorry, Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

Anonymous said...

So, does this put to death forever any complaints about the "Mission Accomplished" photo?

NoLongerBlind said...

Talk about knee-jerk reaction:

When I first opened the page, I thought that Dan had totally lost it.

Initially, I thought he was grading the Obamanation!


Appropriate word verification:


Rachael Starke said...

And on the same day, there's this news about his support for his girls' (private, expensive, inaccessible to the regular citizens of his school district) school:

You can only paint over the cracks in the walls of a poorly built house for so long...

Robert said...

My name is Wile E. Coyote, is my card.

Jon said...

Are you sure this wasn't some big right-wing conspiracy to taint Obama's spotless reputation?

And you think I'm joking... just wait!

Anonymous said...

The order must have come from a Bush sympathizer.

DJP said...

NLBInitially, I thought [Dan, who had completely lost it] was grading the Obamanation!ROFL, now I see it. Maybe I should have said "9-10"... except that could sound like a game score.

DJP said...

Oh look, Jon, Stan — if they can blame swine flu on Karl Rove, they can blame this on Bush. No question.

But very seriously: just think what the press would be, today, if the Bush administration had pulled a stunt like this.

NoLongerBlind said...

If anyone BUT their demi-god were in office, they'd never tolerate the way he's attempting to distance himself from this.

Look at this headline from today's NY Daily News.

The NY Times has a picture on the front page, but the article is somewhere else.

If a mere mortal were in office, the MSM would be calling for his resignation, or maybe even his head!

DJP said...

I think only a complete O-Zombot would try to disagree, NLB. A mere mortal would never live it down.

Solameanie said...

Don't you have to wonder if at least some of this is intentional? When you consider how classic Marxists have operated in history i.e. stoking up as much agitation in society as possible, you really wonder.

I began wondering this because there have been just too many of these "gaffes" or "missteps" in just three months. I suppose it could just be stupidity or incompetence, but I really do wonder sometimes. A "Manchurian" presidency, LOL.

Aaron said...

Ok, this was just plain stupid. But hasn't anybody asked why, if we are supposed to be saving fuel, are we flying around a jumbo jet and two fighters just for a photo op? What the heck do they need a photo for anyways?

Associate-to-the-Pastor said...

I see nothing wrong with this. I mean come on, America's a free country! If a person wants to re-enact a terrorist attack which caused the grisly, horrible death of thousands which the world watched live on television, causing panic and disorder on the ground, and causing survivors to relive the awful events, so be it!

Jeez, you'd think they had openly opposed gay marriage,abortion, immigration, torture reform, irresponsible spending, or stem cell research. Those are the REAL tragedies.

DJP said...


Besides, Bush... uh... Bush, er....

Bush was in pictures!

And criticism is racist!

NEB said...

Dan, you do know there's no more war on terror, right?


I'll wait for your retraction.


Aaron said...

I have a confession to make. I briefly chuckled when I saw all those people, who probably voted for Obama, running in a panic.

I know, I know it's so wrong.

DJP said...

You know, that really is wrong.

Like my chuckling with you, now that you put the thought in my head. that's wrong, too.

But they'll all shrug it off. He's still The One. None of the idiotic things he's doing or saying is affecting him yet.

Maybe if visible, already-born voters die in a way not remotely blamable on Bush or the GOP.


Rachael Starke said...

My Facebook status today:

Rachael Horner Starke sure hopes the President paid for enough carbon credits for his little joyride on the jetplane today...

Not ten minutes later, this from a dear friend on the East Coast who is, as far as I a can tell, a believer:

"Oh please don't make me start comparing the ills of obama to the diseases of bush"

((Sighing heavily...))

This actually all ties in with your post today at Pyro about Keller's sermon on idolatry perfectly. He's an idol.

Until people actually experience more pain than they believe they did under Bush, they won't dare smash him. Until he betrays all the hope people have in him, they'll keep hoping.

And I'd be real careful about how we all talk about the possibilities. We already know that the White House reads this blog, and that all Christians who homeschool are terrorists by definition...

Can't decide if that last statement is a joke or not...

Aaron said...


You reminded me of something. Over the weekend, I caught a few minutes of Huckabee on Fox News. He had an attorney from one of the national homeschool organizations as a guest. They were talking about the liklihood that Congress could approve the treaty that includes the "rights of the child." This wouldn't be justs devastating to parental authority but to homeschooling in particular.

Good thing that persons is your friend. If that person were my friend, they wouldn't be for long. I'd have real trouble with keeping myself from challenging their faith while supporting Obama. The two aren't reconcileable at all.

Dan: I apologize for putting temptation before you. (I confess that I still can't stop chuckling.) ;)

You give them more credit than I. I don't think they would stop supporting Obama no matter what happens. Just like with Pharoah, God could send ten plagues and all that would happen is that they would harden their hearts (in fact, doesn't Revelation say the same thing?)

DJP said...

Sire Aaron - Because she's too ladylike to say (and because I'm the father of one), I will just note:

It's Rach-A-el.

Thank you.

Gilbert said...
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Gilbert said...

And, as always, busy and late to the party, but I leave this for your edification(?).

If this doesn't comeout well above, try pasting these two lines together, since the above isn't working for me:

OK, sort of eat it and then puke, but it's barely edible.

Rachael Starke said...
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Rachael Starke said...

:) As your DAOD can probably relate, I've had so many variations on my name offered up that I rarely protest.

I do, on occasion and only when very desperate, sometimes offer up "Rachael, as in Ray"....

but I fell kind of icky afterward.

And my word verification is now "sista"

as in - "word to the RachAel sistas"

Aaron said...

My most sincerest apologies Rachael. Please forgive me.

I will make sure I spell your name correctly in the future.

Aaron said...

Obama is apparently calling for an investigation to determine how it happened and to prevent it from occuring again.

What a waste of resources.

DJP said...

So now he's going to devote himself to a hunt for the real buzzers?

Rachael Starke said...

Sir Aaron - No offense taken, brother, truly. OTOH, if you leave the E out of my last name, then my giant German husband comes out here and starts yellin'. :)

Dan - it's the OJ defense!!

DJP said...

You caught it, R.

Say, maybe O-bama could put O-J in charge of the commission to find the Real Buzzers.

DJP said...

Call it "The O Commission"!

Trinian said...

I heard a rumor that The Real Buzzers are out golfing this weekend. Better go check that out.

Trinian said...

I humbly propose "The O-Team".