Friday, June 19, 2009

Hither and Thither — 6/19/09 (special Admiral Ackbar edition)

Sorry, kids, it's just a little slim today (because of how this week was, in part). In fact, after this week, and some "stretching" I need to do to start the weekend — I'm ready for some serious silliness!

Going heavy on the eclectic, we start with our special...

Admiral Ackbar Feature!

Who's Admiral Ackbar, you ask? Let me refresh your memory:

Got it? Well, now maybe you're ready for — but first, a disclaimer. A reader says something about RSS (which I don't understand) not linking correctly to these videos, and so taking you to Adult Swim, which indeed has much inappropriate material So what is RSS, anyway? A way to read my posts without bringing my "hit" count up?

Anyway, now that I have that out of the way, maybe you're ready for this:

And this:

And this:

And this:


And this:

And finally this, which needs no title:

And now a bit more standard fare:
  • He was an uneven president, but he's an amazing octogenarian. What do you think you'll be doing at 85? Probably not this.
  • Geek alert: you know you want them. Star Trek cakes!
  • After I'd seen that, alert reader Berry Davis pointed out this and this.

  • Now for Lego fans: a truckload of scenes from movies, Legotized. Warning: I have not watched them all. Some are obviously from movies you don't want your kids watching. I'd say preview before you show them, or oversee.
  • Probably too late, but here are some Father's Day gifts.
  • Another reason to like Pixar: this. It teared me up; poor kid. So you know at least one highly-placed person at Pixar had to have told some pencil-pusher, bean-counter, and/or lawyer: "Yeah, forget that. Show the kid the movie, and do it now." HSAT, I hope you'll forgive me for saying, I do hope she also had something better to hang on to in those hours.
  • Help me out here: is it Christian to call someone a barking idiot? If not, it's going to be a lot harder to designate one of my state's great disgraces, a blight on our nation, the reason I can't mock Arkansas too heartily for inflicting Bill Clinton on the world. I would be speaking of the execrable Senatrix Barbara Boxer, whom I can mostly kindly describe as dumber than a box-full of hair. That woman, adding to the shame with which she's covered herself on the subject of abortion, publicly dressed down a brigadier general (who, in contrast to her, has served his country with distinction) for the great crime of calling her "Ma'am." At this point, a witty and arch comment would be appropriate, but I find myself more moved to bury my head in my hands and shake it.
  • Someone might argue that it would be more fitting to show the Senatrix sympathy. After all, we're all fools in some way or another, and we all do and say foolish things. And when we do, only a handful know it, usually. But the poor Senatrix, every time she has the poor judgment to open her mouth in public, unveils herself as "a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance" to the entire world. And that is sad.
  • And I do pray for her. But here's what keeps me from sympathy: that fatal combination of folly and power. Nobody thrust upon her this office for which she is so clearly and eminently unqualified. She "worked hard for" it, as she lectured the hapless general. Now, when I'm a fool, only a few are immediately affected, if even that many. But Boxer's follies potentially affect the entire world. And that's just bad.
  • Now to (almost) end on a lighter note, as usual:

  • And finally, for all of you about to get your brand-new iPhone 3GS today (please, don't gloat), I offer this reminder:


Daniel said...

Best quote from linked article:

[the senator is] "embarrassing herself by showing hypersensitivity and insecurity that is unbecoming to a United States senator from the great state of California."

runner up:

"I've always been suspicious of women who are insulted by pronouns,"

CR said...

I have to admit, Senator Boxer is an embarrassment to CA and the US Senate. But to answer your question, we need to understand what the apostle Paul is saying Romans 13:7.

We know that the state (not just the church) is under God. And we know that everyone who is in political office, ultimately the Lord put him or her there. Does it then follow, that everyone who is office deserves respect and honor just by sheer office at all times?

The apostle Paul when he gave a stinging rebuke to the high priest calling him a whitewashed wall he was smacked in the face and Paul apologized because he did not know he was talking about the high priest saying that "You shall not speak evil of a ruler of your people" even though the high priest was a whitewashed wall.

Are we to be angry against sin and evil in our culture, you bet your sweet bippy.

Can we give stinging rebukes and mockeries of our leaders? Well, we know Jesus gave stinging rebukes of the religious leaders in their hypocrisy. We also know Paul employed harsh humor and rebukes to the religious folks who perversed the gospel. It's a tough one.

JMJ said...


FYI, if you read this blog in an RSS reader like google reader, the adult swim videos don't play. When you click on the link to adult swim, it takes you to all the videos, most of which may not be palatable to your readers.

You might want to put a disclaimer on it.

candy said...

I'm surprised that the MSM did not jump all over the senior Bush parachute trip, with the carbon footprint of a private plane and specific location adding to global warming...oops, I mean climate change. I guess they can't say much because their leader flies to New York or Chicago just to go on a dinner date.

You have Barbara Boxer and we have Harry Reid. You have Nancy Pelosi, and we have the newly notorious, former Promise Keeper, John Ensign.

I just finished listening to Steve Lawson, "Famine in the Land". He presented the teaching in 2007. It has surely proved to be prophetic, as we see God's hand working through the leaders and politicians towards judgment in the land, and they think it is all just them manipulating for their own causes. The pride and arrogance of most of our politicians just irks me.

And...many of our trendy, "prosperous churches" filled with false teachers will be surprised to see themselves marching toward Assyria too, their ornate stagesets and NBA colliseums in ruins behind them.

CR said...


It's not longer MSM. It's state run media (SRM).

Fred Butler said...

I was cleaning my mother's shed whilst visiting her on vacation and unboxed a lot of my original Star Wars action figures, including my admiral Ackbar.

I bet it's worth like a lot of money.

DJP said...

I know what you're thinking.

Dude, do not try to use my blog as your personal Craig's List!

CR said...


Let's talk about prices on Dan's blog this evening when Dan goes to sleep. :=)

DJP said...


BibChr After Hours{tm}

Fred Butler said...

Better yet, I have all of the bounty hunters from Empire. With their original weapons.

I could upgrade to the Logos Platinum Scholars edition if I sold it.

By the way, with out "googling" can anyone name the bounty hunters off the top of their head. It is one of the useless pieces of trivia my mind retained. Can't remember all the Hebrew verb forms, but golly, I can name all the Star Wars bounty hunters.

The Squirrel said...

Senator Boxer is an embarrassment. Trying to get a military officer not to use "ma'am"?!?! That would require genetic modification! "Sir" and "ma'am" is drilled in during basic training, and never goes away. The 16-year-old counter girl at the Burger King just off a military base is routinely addressed as "ma'am."

Candy, I didn't know about Ensign and Promise Keepers. Some official ties, or did he just use them for campaign effect?

Fred, I'll talk to you after Dan goes to sleep... You don't happen to have the Millennium Falcon for the action figures, do you? I got rid of mine during high school, and have kicked myself ever since...


Trinian said...

Now now, don't get too down on Boxer. It's all about your frame of reference. Of course compared to reasonable thinking persons, she's a deranged glue-eating simian. But with reference to California senators, she's about par for the course.

Fred Butler said...

As a matter of fact, I do.

Trinian said...

Ah yes, Independence Day is coming again soon. Time for churches everywhere to forget which source material they're pulling from...

CR said...

Fred: Can't remember all the Hebrew verb forms, but golly, I can name all the Star Wars bounty hunters.l

Um...Fred, there is this new show on A&E called Obsessed about people with get some help... :=)

Colloquist said...

Fred: By the way, with out "googling" can anyone name the bounty hunters off the top of their head. It is one of the useless pieces of trivia my mind retained.

I could name Boba Fett and Jango Fett. The kids added Zam Wesell and Ig-88. I couldn't remember the name of the green dude that Han shoots in the bar on Tattooine, but looked it up (Greedo).

We've got the Star Wars Fandex but since that's akin to googling, I won't give the rest of the answers. :)

Rachael Starke said...

My first thought when I heard M. Boxer's remark was "So, did the Brigadier General just wake up one day with all those sparkly stars and bars on his PJs???

Growing up in a Commonwealth nation, I really loved listening to the Parliamentary question and answer sessions, when all the members of Parliament would ask "questions" of one another. They'd always use the most deferential titles (my Esteemed Colleague, the Rt. Honorable Whatsisname, etc.), followed by the most fabulous and blistering insults, all crafted as questions.

They would have had a heyday with the Boxer.

candy said...

My son had all the Star War figures, starships AND a stuffed ewok.

Sqirrel. Don't know what capacity Ensign was involved with Promise Keepers. Just an article I read and did not research further.

Al said...

Dan, have you selected your phone yet?

I went with the EnV Touch from Verizon.

Es muy cool.

Aaron said...


In order to use bad language on our new IPhones we'd have to agree on what constitutes bad language. If the Pyros posts are an any indication, that might be difficult... ;)

Aaron said...

Al, must not stop by very often.

DJP said...

Al - I plan to get an iPhone 3GS as soon as (A) they have them in and (B) I have time. May need my dear wife, too, since she's the one who currently has an ATT account.

Al said...

I wanted the I-Phone as well, but the other three phone users in the family wanted to stay with Verizon. So many of our family/friends are on Verizon it would make it too expensive to switch.

I died to self and stuck with the wife and kids.

Aaron said...


You can order them from AT&T or Apple online and have it delivered to your home. I'm surprised you didn't do this a couple weeks ago when they were announced.

The Squirrel said...

"Squirrel, As a matter of fact, I do."



Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love the "Legotized" movies (well, many of them, anyway!)

And sky-diving at 85! Woo-hoo!


trogdor said...

Ah, Robot Chicken. Further evidence that Seth Green is an underappreciated genius. Brilliant on Buffy, great as Scott Evil, all seven of us who actually watched Greg the Bunny thought it was tremendous, and now his work on Robot Chicken is second to none. 'Tis a shame it gets so filthy so often, I'd really like to be able to watch it more.

Admiral Ackbar is the patron saint of the blindingly obvious.

So one time I was at this parachurch thing where they used one of those awful/distracting motion picture backgrounds for the song lyrics. The one they chose was space-themed, with a bunch of cool animated Hubble-type images. One of them that cycled through every couple minutes was a scene where they started way back from a planet and zoomed in on it real fast, then came to a dead stop. Every single time that came up, my friend next to me would mutter "It's a trap!" just loud enough for me to hear. It may have been the most distracting thing ever. In that situation, is it acceptable to punch someone in church? Either the guy who did it, or the fool who thought that type of background would be a good idea.

P.D. Nelson said...

And regarding RSS, you really don't understand Rich site summary? Anyway Feedreader a RSS reader which I normally read various blog posts in does allow the robot chicken videos to play normally instead of sending them to a website. I would suggest your readers move to a superior piece of free software if the are having the difficulties they describe.

P.S. Thanks for the link to the pixar story and for making me blubber in front of my wife as I read it to her.

threegirldad said...

They'd always use the most deferential titles (my Esteemed Colleague, the Rt. Honorable Whatsisname, etc.)

Ahhh, yes. Memories of watching the House of Commons on BBC America. ;-)

Whether it's "The right honorable Lady/Gentleman" or "My distinguished colleague on the right/left," the meaning is the same: "This idiot from the other party."

Dan B. said...

Not sure if any has seen the show "Big Bang Theory" on CBS, but the character Sheldon on that show
tries to practice his Admiral Ackbar impression.

Thanks for the LEGO link!

DJP said...

Thanks, Trogdor (etc). I was wondering if anyone was going to party much with the Ackbar homage — well, you know, apart from Fred's shilling.

Your story is hysterical. And no, that would have been a "holy punch."

P.D. — that story is a heart-jerker, throw-downer, and -stamp-on-the-grounder, I think. Especially if you have kids.

Solameanie said...

I can't help it, Dan. Whenever I see "Senatrix," several things go through my head depending on mood. Dominatrix, co-redemptrix and mediatrix, and especially Trix are for kids.

By electing The Boxer, Californeeyah played a trix on the nation. And yes, the song "The Boxer" fits her to a tee, especially the chorus . . . "Lie lie lie . . .lie lie lie lie lie lie lie . . . lie lie lie."