Sunday, August 16, 2009

Desperate Obama is shocked! Shocked!

President Obama, whose attempt to extend government control over the healthcare industry is (thank God) not going well, is expressing shock that anyone would imagine he'd favor "death panels."

After all, his own grandmother died recently. He gets an automatic Compassion Guy badge. So there!

As if anyone would have reason to imagine that Obama would favor the death of those were unproductive, or who had become unwanted, inconvenient, or imperfect! As if Obama would think of such ones as "punishment" on those who must care for them! As if Obama would appoint such extremists to positions of oversight!

Such slander! That poor man.

Except for the not.


candy said...

I find it interesting that Obama brings up his grandmother at such an opportune moment. He hardly bothered to see her during his vacation in Hawaii. His wife and children didn't visit her at all according to reports. If I remember correctly he didn't attend her funeral...or perhaps they did something later, can't remember. The point is, he seems to just use his grandmother as a prop.

Aaron said...

The entire health care debate is an exercise in double speak. What is the purpose of end of life counseling? And what happens in every single payer system? Exactly, the elderly consume a massive portion of the health care services. So in order to spread health care around you have to take from those who have, in this case, seniors. Just like in Oregon where if you have just months to live and desire a certain drug to prolong life, instead you get an invitation for assisted suicide.

The critics aren't saying you are directly endorsing death panels, Mr. President. What they are saying is that the plan you are endorsing will effectively create the same thing through one means or another. If you endorse kids playing in a busy street, you may not be specifically endorsing kids getting hit by cars. But the end result is the same.

Mike Westfall said...

I’ve noticed that the dairy cows down at the farm get pretty good health care. Healthy cows are productive cows, after all!

The poor things don't seem to have much liberty, though. But I'm sure they get excellent "end-of-life counseling" when they've reached that stage of life when no amount of health care can continue to keep them productive.

LeeC said...

Bumpersticker I saw recently

Paula said...

#1 - Pretty impressive! Could be something to do with being on the government watch list. Did you check your google analytics to see how many hits you get from IP Address:

Mike Westfall said...

Wow. I didn't know the Whitehouse was in Switzerland!

DJP said...

Paula, yikes. Within the last 100, one was from; one was from 92.20.243.#, not quite what you gave.

I don't know Google Analytics, though.

DJP said...

To should you how this could work, I decided to delete all comments that were not even remote attempts to engage the contents of the post, or to interact with such attempts.

Went from 26 comments to 7 (plus this one) in a couple of minutes.

Paula said...

Hey! I feel left out! Mine shoulda been deleted too! But it does take forever to copy and paste all that html nonsense. I hate that blogger doesn't have an auto link button!

Oh, rats, now I need to post again to say that this one should be deleted. Where will it end??

DJP said...

In distinction to the rest, Paula, it was even tangentially related.

But I will thank you for this:

I think this is the first time I've had someone complain because I didn't delete his/her comment.

Jon said...

Slightly related/unrelated to this post topic on town hall meetings about the Obamacare.

The article is from ABC News. Now I give you a quote I never expected to hear from the secular media:

Experts say a sharp growth in so-called militia groups that helped spawn a wave of domestic terrorism in the 1990s – and are now using YouTube, rock music and the Internet to recruit members and spread hate and fear - shouldn't be ignored.

RAWR! Rock music is now after Obama! Noooooo!!!

Paula said...

It's probably that little kid playing Michael Jackson riffs on the acoustic guitar. Does that qualify as rock? Someone play it backward on their record player and see if there are anti-Obamacare messages.

Anonymous said...

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JustJan said...

Mr Obama is a narcissist. This issue isn't so much about health care as it is about the power of establishing a program that no one else has been able to get passed. It is about the power of giving the government full access to both your financial and health records.

He simply doesn't understand the issues as well as most of us do. He truly believes that he possesses the is the genius that has been attributed to him. There have been several reports of his micro managing in the White House. He asks for reports with a level of detail that no President could manage and that no prior President has demanded. This isn't leadership.

We understand that his enthusiastic support of abortion REALLY is all about eliminating a population that he believes drags down society. His fantasy world says that we just don't get it.

Eliminating the elderly, weak, infirm and unborn isn't an issue for him because he has no moral compass. How can he bring up his grandmother as an emotional shield and leave his brother living in squalor with less than $1 a day and sell that?

It is tragic that his view of humanity wasn't more of an issue for the Christians in this country in November of 2008.

Mike Westfall said...

> It is tragic that his view of
> humanity wasn't more of an issue
> for the Christians in this country
> in November of 2008.

Or even for the guilt-ridden bleeding heart liberals.

Hamster said...

I'm not a Christian but I always thought Christians would support the right of every American to have access to a doctor...even they couldn't afford to pay for it.
You know, help the poor , heal the sick, feed the hungry...all that kind of stuff.
Apparently my image of Jesus needs some serious revisions

Anonymous said...

Every American currently has access to a doctor regardless of their ability to pay. There are public hospitals and non-profit hospitals that will treat anyone. There are free health clinics, screenings, vaccinations, etc...

The current debate in the U.S. is not about access but about control. The federal government is attempting to usurp control of the health care system, something they have no constitutional authority to do.

DJP said...

Hamster, I think you're right. Your image of Jesus needs to change radically, if you imagine Him to be such that you can brush aside. Check this out.

As to your less consequential remark, I don't know anyone who opposes the right of Americans to have access to doctors. Okay, one group: Americans who favor "abortion rights." They favor a doctor's access to kill and dismember. But the innocent, helpless victim has no rights.

But those aren't Christians — not Biblically faithful ones, anyway.

JustJan said...


Jesus does ask us to take care of the least in society. He does NOT give us the option of turning that responsibility over to the government.

I have 20 years of experience preparing tax returns. I have seen one thing rule that has not had an exception. I have never seen someone who was politically liberal give more than 5% of their income to charity.

Giving this responsibility over to the government is poor stewardship. We have more than 50 Trillion in debt. Nearly 40 Trillion is for unfunded Medicare obligation - think $100,000+ for each person in this country. We are borrowing that money from foreign nations and from future generations.

Craig and Heather said...

@ hamster.

I hope this doesn't come off as simply being snotty but the "Selfish conservative Christians Need To Be More Like Jesus" card is getting a little worn out.

The main problem is not with sharing wealth or caring for the poor or elderly.

The lack of Christian fervor over the prospect of the current offer of socialized medicine has everything to do with willingly handing over our consciences and God-given resources to leaders who have openly thumbed their collective nose at the God of the Bible and His standard of truth.

To be fair, I do think I see what non-Christians often think of concerning Jesus' teaching. I even pondered and blogged about "Jesus as a Socialist" at one point. But His form of "socialism" doesn't remotely resemble that which is being promoted in our country today.