Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two Obamacare toons

The first has a point, the second — well, it's just silly.

Jan has just given birth, and....

The crocs think they have a new angle in their pursuit of their yummy next-door neighbor:


Rachael Starke said...

Re: the first - I'll bet every Mom reader here will attest that there are no nightmares worse than the ones you have either while pregnant or shortly after giving birth. I still remember each of the nightmares I had after each of my girls.

And that second one? Yep, so silly I can't. stop. snickering.

For some reason, that strip reminds me of Bloom County, which I love and miss to this day... There's something about twisted furry creatures my very twisted brain just resonates with...

Halcyon said...

1st one = terrifying!

2nd one = absolutely hilarious! (WE HAVE AN ANESTEEZOLOGIST!)

Btw, my word verification is "loadsom". I leave you to interpret.