Sunday, November 01, 2009

Whoa — Logos software for iPhone is in the App Store

I just got it, but it looks very, very cool. And it's free!

Seriously, check it out.

UPDATE 11/2/09: see how this app takes advantage of Logos 4 over at today's Pyro post.


VcdeChagn said... don't usually check the blog on Sunday.

I thought that's what Logos was tweeting about...with their 7, 6, 5... (Which is today).

I guess not.

JackW said...

Upgrade to Logos 4 required to sync and access your resourses. Upgrade is not free. About $70 for minimal. It recommends that I upgrade to a higher package for over $300. Going to have to think about this, thanks for the review. Is the Platnum package new?

JackW said...

Went home for lunch and installed Logos 4 upgrade ... it's now downloading and indexing. If I don't like it we all know who to blame. ;)

I'll get the app loaded tonight ... high expectations.

DJP said...

Do tell me what you think.

Logan Paschke said...

App is excellent for being a free Bible App. Much better than most of the other Bible apps which cost money.

Probably only free ESV translation on an Iphone app.

Parallel translations and even cross-referencing to commentaries.

As much as it'd be nice to upgrade to Logos 4 and take advantage of the linking (and the fast indexing) of Logos 4, I can't bring myself to spend money I don't have.

I really do wish they would've made the Bible App work for Logos 3 too, but I suppose then it wouldn't be an incentive for people to upgrade.

JackW said...

Well, I did upgrade to Logos 4 and even though it was still indexing after I went to bed, I really, really like what I saw so far. I also downloaded the app for my iTouch. It’s very cool to have access to my Logos content and my Kindle content on my iTouch. Just amazing. I will say that I found the interface a little clunky, especially as compared to the Olive Tree app which was also free. It would be nicer to scroll through the reading than turning pages. And what’s with the delay in going to landscape? But overall first impression is good, but with room for improvement. Surprising after they did such a wonderful job with the interfacing on Logos 4.