Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Josiah's Lego Nativity — 2009

Among the Phillips Family Christmas Traditions: every year, Josiah digs through his Legos and creates a nativity scene. Without exception, they're just brilliant. I meant to get pictures last year and post them, but failed. (Daddy-Fail.)

Not this year!

Each year, Josiah goes into seclusion to produce his masterpiece. The door to his room is shut, and decorated with dire warnings against entry. Then the family is assembled, and the year's Nativity is (literally) unveiled.

Here is an overview of the whole scene. (Most or all of the pictures are click-to-enlarge.)

The grey pieces are used to suggest a rugged, rustic stable, perhaps more of a cave.

Perhaps your eyes are first drawn to the angel. Of course, there's no way to do a hovering angel, so Josiah used a light saber. He has been struggling to get this aspect of the Nativity right each year, and feels best about this year's version.

Beneath the angel, you see the little drummer boy, with his light-saber hilt drumsticks.

To the right, you see one of the Magi's camels, bearing treasure and saddle bags. In the foreground is the magi bearing myrrh.

The Magi, from right to left, are: myrrh, incense, and gold.

This represents the chest of gold (though jewels are included as well).

Of course, the shepherds came to worship the King (with their multicolored sheep).

(That's Obi-wan leading the sheep.)

Here are various views inside the stable/cave:


Here is BG enjoying the Nativity scene in his own way. We suspect him of various rearrangements not approved by the artist.


Kim said...

That's great! I love it!

Colloquist said...

As the mother of a young Lego-artist who is daily showing me his latest reiteration of an off-road vehicle ("this one has higher clearance and see, I moved the lights and added a bigger brush grill..."), I enjoyed and appreciated this greatly. Josiah, thank you for sharing your work with us! I never knew a Jedi and a Viking were there. ;)

Aaron said...

very creative.

Becky Moffitt said...

Thanks, Josiah. Very well thought out!

Uncle Dick said...

It looks like Baby Jesus was born in the Imperial Bunker on Endor.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Very nice job! That is very, very clever.

If your folks ever bring you on vacation up north, come play with my boys. I think you're definitely a kindred spirit!


Wendy said...

Your son will be pleased to know that in 2010 Lego Prince of Persia sets will come with real Lego Camels. (Lego ostriches too, but they might be harder to place a nativity scene.)

Susan said...

Great job, Josiah! :) One thing about Lego that I absolutely loved as a kid was how adaptable the figurines were to different hairstyles and hats and helmets, and now they have crowns?? Wow....

Kirby said...

A Pastor in Michigan says:

That was so fun to look at.
you have a creative and engineering mind. I can't wait until next year.

Would you do anything differently if you had more Legos?

hobo soup said...

excellent creation. I especially loved the use of obi wan kenobi, it got the thumbs up from my 8 yr old son. Hope fully this will spark some sort of nativity/lego revolution.