Friday, January 15, 2010

Hither and thither 1/15/10

It's been another particularly rugged week. Thank you for all your suggestions via email. I have not been able to review them all, but I plan to. Don't stop sending, just be patient. Here's what I have, do enjoy.
  • Is "valorous Frenchman" an oxymoron? Mais non!
  • I think it's worth noting that, while Pat Robertson did say stupid things about Haiti, he isn't the only one.
  • Knowing how my readers like to save money — and need to do so, given the ideological makeup of Congress and the White House — here's a recipe for home-made cough drops.
  • Obama did not do anything to earn the Nobel Peace Prize, but he has achieved one "first-ever" distinction. In an essay optimistically titled The Fall of Obama, Charles Krauthammer notes that The One's "disapproval rating is the highest ever recorded by Gallup at the beginning of an (elected) president's second year." The final sentence: "The system may not always work, but it does take its revenge."
  • Fred Butler pointed me to the Millennium Falcon Bed.

  • Since dreaming can be fun, here's a wish-list for iPhone 4.0
  • You too can make hamburger cupcakes
  • I know I feel safer. Our ever-vigilant watch-dogs put a dangerous 8-year-old Cub Scout on the no-fly list. Hey! I'm the proud father of a Cub Scout (whose sister pointed out this news item to me). I know Cub Scouts. Those little dudes are dangerous! It's a pathetic story, though. He'd already been frisked (!) as a two-year-old dangerous baby. Six years later, the error was still not corrected, and he was aggressively frisked again. Twice. Poor kid. Perhaps if his name were Mohammed instead of Mikey?

  • may have discovered the weak link in airport security.

  • Our Title of the Week is only funny because no one got hurt: Weight Watchers Floor Collapses.
  • Well.  Do you find people sometimes miss your deft, razor-sharp sarcasm? No more. Simply purchase and install the newly-created sarcasm mark. (I say, if people don't know, you may not be doing it right.)
  • Could you relax? Sure wouldn't want to drink much before turning in.

  • Two questions. First: did you even know that there was such a thing as "Mormon of the Year"? No lie, there is. Second: did you know it was — swallow your coffee before proceeding — Harry Reid? Yep. And no, he wasn't selected by some counter-cult ministry to make Mormons look more ridiculous than they already do. It was a MormoBlog called "Times and Seasons." Man oh man. P-R Death-wish much?
  • Whoever picked Reid probably also didn't speak with a Negro dialect. Unless he wanted to have one, of course.

  • Leaving nothing to be said, except:



      SolaMommy said...

      That house at the bottom of the mountain looks like a mudslide casualty waiting to happen.

      DJP said...

      Mary Contrary.


      Aaron said...

      The airport security stories don't surprise me. I could give more stories, but since this one happened to me, I'll give it.

      I had a business trip to Los Angeles. I decided that we could take a couple extra days to go to Disneyland so I brought my wife and one year old daughter along. My wife and I are both Feds so we followed the special protocols for law enforcement when checking in at John Wayne airport. TSA insisted on hand wanding and screening my daughter. Keep in mind, my wife and I are both armed. Our bags and ourselves are not checked. Neither was the stroller in which my daughter was riding. But they HAD to screen my daughter. My wife and I didn't say anything except to pleasantly agree to let them frisk my 1 yr old. But we've chuckled about it for a long time since. I don't think they are allowed to think for themselves at TSA.

      Joe W. said...

      I agree with "Mary", the location of that house, a little scary.

      Joe W. said...

      Aaron, does your daughter have any ties with Middle Eastern terrorist groups?

      I did not see an explicit denial.

      CR said...

      I'm debating whether to say this on Dan's blog given his worldwide leadership, but I'm willing to endure a "remove by blog administrator" to prevent giving terrorists more ways to bypass our "great security."

      So, a friend of mine is visiting me and it was after the underwear bomber incident. He goes into the terminal and buys a bottle of water inside the security check-in. But for whatever reason, I can't remember, he left security to and comes back through security with the water bottle he bought inside security. They tell him that he can't bring the water with him through security. To test them, he tells them the truth, and says that he bought it inside the terminal. They say, "oh, okay, then, that's okay then."

      VcdeChagn said...

      The first thing I wondered about the guy on the mattress was how the mattress got up there.

      And movie lines..I know it's an old post but there are two that are frequent around here.

      "There's no crying in ... (whatever situation you're in)" With five kids six and under, this comes in handy.

      And "no one puts ... in a corner"

      This one happens whenever someone has to sit in a corner at a restaurant or the like.

      The whole movie line thing needs to be ongoing. every time I say one I think of the blog post.

      trogdor said...

      I think this adequately expresses my feelings towards the sarcasm mark.

      I find Reid's reference to the Negro dialect interesting for one overriding reason: who in the world uses the term "Negro" anymore? Is he trying to let us all know he's 178 years old?

      Paula said...

      Not to pile on Pat Robertson, but....Bill O'Reilly had him in his "Stupidist thing of the week" (or whatever it's called) and said, of Robertson's timing in making the comment: it's "never a good time unless you have photographs of Beelzebub making the deal.

      Our poor, shy DS had a minor airport security frisking when he was 12. We had been to NASA in FL and he had purchased a tiny penlight, which was his only carry on luggage that day. We had teased him that airport security was going to stop him because of the flashlight and sure enough, he got the dreaded "red stars" on his ticket. He and I and my older son were all moved to the "special" line and all three of us were frisked. It was then they discovered that my older son was carrying on, like, 80 lbs. of electronics equipment....essentials for a 3 hour trip...power supplies, ipod, Gameboy, extra hard drives, extra laptop batteries...the usual. It took about 1/2 hour for them to go through his bag with a fine tooth comb (even though he hadn't been flagged and he had carried the same stuff through just days earlier). Meanwhile, they let me walk right through with a full size pair of scissors!

      I felt very safe because I knew that though there may have been scissors aboard, there were surely no boxcutters or errant Gameboys or penlights from NASA.

      Solameanie said...

      The Death Star one is priceless.

      Paula said...

      Trogdor said,
      I find Reid's reference to the Negro dialect interesting for one overriding reason: who in the world uses the term "Negro" anymore? Is he trying to let us all know he's 178 years old?

      The 2010 Census?

      So, to recap...the Mormons and the U.S. government.

      Here's a fascinating speech by Harry Reid at BYU in 2007 (?). In it he shares his Mormon testimony and unpacks his theology of public service. (note to Harry: I think that word means what you think it means....if the government is paying you for it, you're not serving.

      He also tells us he's pro life (cuz he's not as pro-death as the other guys). Fascinating.

      David Alves said...

      Well, as for it being good that not only P-Rob said inane things about Haiti, at least Mr. Glover (to my knowledge, anyway) does not profess to be a Christian.

      Or for that matter, heal phlegm and rebuke a hurricane from coming to the CBN building.

      I attend Regen U, which Pat Robertson founded in 1978. It's been interesting to see that many of the students don't share his ideology (at least the crazy parts). Though even I was surprised that we have a campus Democrat group. I think I might have to have a little chat with Dr. Robertson about that.

      But all of the people I've met are wonderful, very few are genuinely dislike-able, and I would count many of them a dead and precious brethren, even if they do believe that Jesus talks to them apart from His Word and speaking in tongues is for today.

      It's nice to see, and certainly encouraging, that my friends here aren't marching lockstep to Robertson's craziness just because he professes to be a man of God.

      They could teach a thing or two to some of the older people I know--Christian or not.