Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bart Stupak and the myth of the "pro-life Democrat"

I understand the mindset expressed in "I vote for the individual, not the party." But individuals caucus; individuals form majorities, individuals elect the leaders the House and Senate. And their party-identification (nearly always) predicts who they will vote for.

Take Rep. Bart Stupak, who got his 15 minutes of fame by posing as that contradiction in terms, a "pro-life Democrat." What that means is he's theoretically opposed to abortion, but fundamentally supports the Democratic party, which is rabidly pro-abortion.

Listen to him telling, straight-up, what he was going to do, long before Sunday's shameful sellout (h-t reader CR):

See? He said, right up-front, what he'd do. And he did it. Why the surprise?

This is why the much-maligned Phyllis Schlafly is right to write about the myth of the pro-life Democrat.

Now, I say that, in addition to the fact that apart from the abortion issue, the Democratic party is doggedly opposed to most distinctively Christian values.

Ironically, Stupak was poised to receive a "Defender of Life" award from the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List. They had the integrity to deny it to him, after his sellout. But why did they imagine he'd hang tough? He's a Democrat, supporter of a rabidly anti-life party, and of the most doctrinnaire pro-abortion extremist every to run for (let alone hold) the Presidency.

The Washington Times calls Stupak a coward.

I don't know that Stupak was being a coward.

He was just being a Democrat.

If you're tempted, next November, to vote for any Democrat, because (s)he is pro-life or pro-guns or right on any other single issue, remember this moment of shame, when the Dems hung together in unraveling the Constitution, and the American ideal.


CR said...

I admitted this to Dan earlier (and he absolved me of my sin and told me to Go, and sin more more...kidding) and I'll publicly admit it now, I was duped and fooled by Stupak. I thought he was legit and serious about the abortion issue.

But I don't feel as bad since the Susan B. Anthonly List also were duped by him. Had I seen this video earlier I would never had made that mistake.

And let's not be mistaken about this, the House could not have passed this bill without the Stupak "pro-life" gang. There were moderate democrats in the House that voted against this bill because they were very much concerned about costs and the constitutionality (which they are correct) than abortion issues. And that is a travesty.

Anyway, I'll never be fooled again by the "pro-life" democrat myth again. Now, I must go and do my penance.

DJP said...

Yes, and building off what you said, it should be pointed out often and loudly that:

1. This WAS NOT a "bipartisan" bill in any way; in fact
2. What was "bipartisan" was OPPOSITION to the bill

Al said...

This past Lord's Day, I prayed an imprecatory prayer from the pulpit. This was a first for me, but it may very well not be the last.

As the judgment of God falls on us as a people, the Church in America needs to repent and start to make restitution to those it has offended (CR, leave the papists to their tom foolery, but if you have robbed or defrauded then restore what you have taken - 10 fold!).

al sends

Fred Butler said...

It wasn't one of those prayers about Obama being killed dead with a heart attack as prayed by that Steve Anderson fellow from the Faithful Word Baptist Church was it?

Kirby said...

I wrote this over at Justin Taylor's blog, but it's worth repreating:

As a Michigander, I can’t really tell you how sick [pun intended] Stupak’s flip-flop made me. I was actually happy that there was a real Pro-life Democrat, because, up to this point, I had heard of such mythical creatures, but never really saw one. And to think one was living in my state! But alas, it was an illusion, and one worse than I ever imagined.

I don’t put my faith in politics, but I am willing to believe people will act according to their convictions. Wow, let me rethink THAT now.

Neil said...

Well said. I can't tell you how many "pro-life Democrats" I know who voted for Obama, the most pro-abortion President ever.

Al said...

Not quite...

"We pray for our Nation and her leaders. Father, for those who seek to enslave and use the poor, for those hate justice and despise covenant and law, for those who have set themselves up against their own people we pray that they fall into their own pits and that the nets they cast might ensnare their own feet and that they might never rise. Father, show righteousness to our President, Congress and Judiciary and cause them to love it and the Lord who defines it."

al sends

Anonymous said...

As Mike Adams said yesterday:

Stupak is as Stupak does.

Aaron said...


I'm shocked that you of all people were taken in. He did make a big show of it only to tuck his tail between his legs in the end, didn't he?

There's no way you can be an ardent pro-life supporter and a democrat. Pro-abortion might as well be a central party platform for the Democrat party. In the end, the executive order means little. You can send money to organizations which provide abortion, I mean family planning (shouldn't they really be called lack of family planning?) organizations with the caveat that the funds can't be used for abortion....but they'll just shift funds around so in all practicality they use those funds for abortion. Stupak has to know that.

Paula Bolyard said...

From the Facebook page We Got "Stupaked":

Stupak: v., meaning: To get the short end of a deal; to get hosed. (ex. 'I can't believe you paid $75 for a garden weazel! Man, you really got Stupaked.')

Last night Mark Levin had Stupak's Republican opponent on his show. Dan Benishek has become an overnight sensation, his Facebook page swelling to nearly 19,000 fans. This is a guy with barely even a website before last night. Levin said he'd support him if he were a "can of orange juice."

The Daily Caller reports that Benishek's campaign received $20,000 in donations Sunday night alone.

CR said...

Sir Aaron,

I suffered from a real bad injury (severe ankle sprain and foot contusion) a few weeks ago, and may have been under the influence of vicadin.

Seriously, I don't know why I got taken in. I believed him based on his vote and sponsor of the Stupak amendment with the hard language against funding abortions.

I also took him at his word earlier when he said how could not vote for the bill without the hard language.

But again, I didn't see one video that Dan has linked until yesterday. And I will not make that mistake again.

DJP said...

You took a Democrat at his word. Ahhh, dude, dude dude.

In other news: great stuff for severe pain, that Vicodin. Just don't take it and then vote.

David Alves said...

Or as I like to call them, "walking contradictions."

But see here: www.democratsforlife.org

Why they would waste all that money and time to have a caucus of three people makes little sense to me, however.

Anonymous said...

Stupak and other self-proclaimed "pro-life Democrats" have un-masked themselves permanently: If they weren’t on record strongly fighting for the Stupak Amendment, you know they are really faux-lifers.

Aaron said...

That I'm so astounded that you believed a democrat is actually a compliment to you. If it were any other person, I wouldn't have given it a second thought.

Truth Unites... and Divides said...

Stupak getting duped... that doesn't surprise me.

But CR getting duped by Stupak... now that surprises me!