Friday, March 26, 2010

Hither and thither 3/26/10

Nearing the completion of my proverbs manuscript, about to send it out for proof-reading and mercifully merciless critique. (I've got one great brother lined up; know any knuckle-draggingly conservative Hebrew profs?)  Very excited about this book.

Meanwhile, here's your buffet:

  • Breaking news: men and woman are different! Actually, this is a very interesting read on the brain-differences between the sexes. There is some wisdom in the doctor's words.
  • Speaking of guys... hey guys! Want to see some stuff get blowed up real good? In ultra-slow-mo? With visible shock waves and ever'thang? You got it.
  • Many of us have noted with alarm how obsequious our president is with our sworn enemies (to no gain), and how rude and dismissive he is to our allies. Take Israel, for instance. Well, Rush Limbaugh had a suggestion as to how Israel could get better treatment: change its name to Iran. "It's the key to be treated well by the U.S.: No pressure, no impolite diplomatic language, no pushing it to give up land." Or, another suggested, Venezeula
  • Roads in our area aren't always maintained just as we'd like. But sometimes it's good to remember that other places do much poorer maintenance.

  • Want to lose weight? The future of dieting may lie in seaweed. (Of course, what lingers with me is... what is an "artificial gut"? Brr-r-r-r.)
  • Still with food, this public health announcement: now we know that dark roast coffee is better for your tummy? Hey! It's Science!
  • Now with health: one doctor is unwilling to become a government lackey, and so she plans to opt out. Good luck, doc.
  • Democrats vote to provide Viagra to sex offenders. Nope; not a joke. Well, the Democrats are a joke. Christians who voted for them are, too. Just not a funny joke.
  • Maybe I shouldn't be so negative about the healthcare takeover. I mean, there was one guy who loved it.
  • On a happier note, Rep. Paul Ryan gets a good, positive profile which suggests that he is "Jack Kemp on steroids." (That would be Kemp before he became the decaffeinated, gelded tea-sipper who chatted with Al Gore in the 1996 election.) Money-quote: "this debate was never about policy but rather a paternalistic ideology at odds with our historic commitment to individual liberty, limited government, and entrepreneurial dynamism. The proponents of this legislation reject an opportunity society and instead assume you are stuck in your station in life and the role of government is to help you cope with it.” 
  • Looka some pretty amazing stairs. In at least one case, I'd say more "scary" than amazing. No thanks.

  • Canadian Mark Steyn writes wittily but clearly wincingly about how the champions of liberal wonderfulness in Canada forced the canceling of a talk by conservative firebrand Ann Coulter, in Bienvenu au Canada.
  • My DAOD and BSIL have a friendly ongoing squabble about whether it's soda or pop. Turns out that, like them, it's pretty much regional.

  • And these lovely parting gifts:


Truth Unites... and Divides said...

DJP: "Well, the Democrats are a joke. Christians who voted for them are, too. Just not a funny joke.

I heartily agree on both points.

lee n. field said...

"The best advice I have for women is make peace with the male brain. Let men be men."

Hallelujah! Let's hear an Amen! I think this lady's nailed it. Too bad most of what I hear about men and "men's issues" in church is clueless.

Cool explosions, BTW.

Mike Riccardi said...

know any knuckle-draggingly conservative Hebrew profs?

Haven't inspected their knuckles lately, but at TMS you've got: (1) William Barrick, (2) Michael Grisanti, and (3) Irv Busenitz.

As far as I've interacted with them and have seen the fruits of their labors, I'd say you can't go wrong there.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

I saw an very lively FOX "debate" here

with the author of Obama Zombies and some other zombie girl. Rather funny.

Barbara said...

It's neither soda nor pop, it's a Coke. But it seems to me that the way the "o" is pronounced ("pOp", "sOda", cOke")is a dead giveaway as to its region of origin. 'Round here, most times when you hear a "pop" requested, necks are gonna twist 'bout as fast as they do whenever I open my mouth outside the deep South.

I have a childhood memory of sitting in a restaurant and hearing the woman in the booth next to me try desperately to explain to the waitress what she meant by "fizzy drink" in her quite strong British accent. The language barrier between England and south Georgia is really quite astounding at times, and while I have had a friend from England with whom I could communicate only in writing because I couldn't understand a word he said out loud, even that was nowhere near as comical as what I've experienced when this regional dialect and accent combined hit Yankee ears, even the California-bred types.

Missy said...

So interesting that you posted the pop/soda map! I just yesterday finished Randy Alcorn's novel Deception in which regional naming preferences for carbonated beverages plays a pivotal role in the story. By the way, in western Kentucky, where I live, most people say "Coke" for everything. That's always bugged me since I don't want a Pepsi brought to me when I say Coke. I usually say "soda pop," which gets me a lot of funny looks from those who know I'm a native to the area.

Unknown said...

Re: Map showing generic words used for coloured, sugared, fizzy water:

Great concept behind the map. Unfortunately, the statistics are pretty miserable. There are about 124,500 respondants and 3,141 counties. That's an average of about 38 people per county responding.

Way out west the only way you're going to get 38 people in a county is if you count the "varmits"!

Aaron said...

I've seen the map before and since I travel frequently, I am very aware of the differences in term for soda. I personally use Coke, and it's hard to go wrong there. They'll either give you a Coke or ask if Pepsi is ok.

Sad state of health care. I've said it many times to my friends and family. Concierge doctors are the future and you'll need to pay your fine and buy catastrophic insurance through Lloyds so you can be treated in India or Costa Rica. Everybody thinks everyone should be given a car. They just don't realize that if we do that, you wont be getting a Ferrari but rather a little honda scooter.

CR said...

Anyone besides me getting a kick off the McCain campaign asking Palin to campaign for John McCain. John McCain and Sarah Palin have always had nothing but good things to say about each other, but it's been the McCain campaign that has vilified Palin...except when it comes to asking for her help with McCain's Senate campaign.

(Most of you might not now this but Hayworth went from a 22 point deficit to only a 7 point deficit in the last couple of months).

I don't know, I just got a chuckle out of the McCain campaign's hypocrisy against Palin.

CR said...

kick out, not kick off

Logan Paschke said...

I grew up saying "Pop" in North Dakota and when I came to Arizona I hear a majority say "Soda" though those who've moved here from the South say "Coke". True facts.

DJP said...

"True facts."

M R the best kind.

CR said...

Thought I would share a good link for an informed view of this bad healthcare bill.

Aaron said...


I got good news. The experts don't think my Federal Employee Health Plan will be hit by the premium tax until 2020. I guess its good news if you are an Ostrich, because that's the impression I got from the article I read on Federal News Radio.


I don't know a lick of Hebrew (unless you are talking about Hebrew National hot dogs, about which I know plenty) but would love to read your manuscript. I'll even pick it up in person since I'll be in the Sacramento area in a couple weeks. ;)

DJP said...

Riccardi — I don't kjnow whether those men know me from Adam Sandberg.

Aaron — "I don't know a lick of Hebrew...."

See now, that's the problem.


Aaron said...

I know it is a problem. As soon as you move to Texas you can tutor me.

Sir Brass said...


We arizonans aren't buying McCain's tactics either. Just look on facebook and look at the group, "Fans of Sarah Palin for JD Hayworth."

JD isn't going to remain in only a 7 point deficit for long. As we get out and talk to folks, that's when people start to see who the real conservative is. I've seen JD in action when the cameras aren't rolling as he's as genuine there as he is in the interviews. Basically, he doesn't come across as a self-serving politician. Compare that with McCain and his smear tactics that began long before JD announced his candidacy. We conservatives in AZ saw the distinction clearly, and that's why McCain's numbers are plummeting. We in AZ finally found a better candidate willing to run.

Solameanie said...

Two comments. As to the Hebrew prof, I don't know for sure if he's a professor, but Dr. Michael Brown is a Messianic Jew who has written a five-volume apologetics series on witnessing to Jews and answering their arguments. I am assuming he is conversant with Hebrew.

As to the pop names, I think it's pronounced "sodee" in Arkansas. Frank would back me up on that.

DJP said...

Sola, I actually quote him in the book! But does he know me from Adam Sandler?

DJP said...

As to McCain: never loved him, often have wished Arizonans would get rid of him, wouldn't at all mind to see him go.

Surprising to me how many over at FR are incensed at Palin for campaigning for him. Well, duh. He tapped her to be his VP, and he's why she's enjoying the platform she's using so well right now.

threegirldad said...

Meanie: As to the pop names, I think it's pronounced "sodee" in Arkansas. Frank would back me up on that.

I can do that, too. ;-)

And on the OK side of the state line, "sodee pop" is common.

Gov98 said...

There's a gentleman at our church Dr. James Battenfield who is conservative

(I don't know that knuckle dragging and conservative as Christian theology go together since knuckle dragging is a reference to evolution, and I don't know about you Dan, but I believe that Adam walked fully upright, but I tease ;-))

and actually helped to translate some of the NIV (gulp) in the Psalms from the Hebrew, also tought for a number of years.

Gregg Metcalf said...

Now the hard part! How do you chose seven fellow bloggers out of all those who have been a blessing to me! So, I have decided to nominate and award the following seven bloggers with The Beautiful Blog Award.

6. Dan at Biblical Christianity - his posts are wild, make me laugh, think, and say hmmmm.

CR said...


I haven't had my 3rd cup of coffee yet, so, what does FR mean?

DJP said...

Tsk. See in the right panel under "SUI GENERIS."


CR said...

Ah hah, got it. Yes, Palin is in a hard position. She was pulled from obscurity by McCain picking her for her VP candidate.

They can't really blame her for supporting him. If McCain loses to Hayworth she'll be released and go fully rogue.

lee n. field said...

"what does FR mean?"

Mike Riccardi said...


They all know Phil, and I bet he could put in a good word.

William Dicks said...

Hi Dan,

Do you know the guys at Perhaps they may be interested in helping with your MS.


DJP said...

Thanks, William! I don't know them, and will check them out, DV.