Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breaking news: Jim Wallis shaky on the truth!

Okay, not so "breaking."
So who's George Soros' favorite pet religious tool? Might be LIBERAL Christian  Jim Wallis' LIBERAL Christian organization "Sojourners."

WORLD Magazine's Marvin Olasky noticed that Soros' organization OSI gave $200,000 to Sojourners in 2004, another $25,000 in 2006, and another $100,000 in 2007. Because of that, he challenged Wallis' claim to be non-partisan and above it all.

Confronted with this fact, Wallis of course did the Christian thing and admitted it. Oh, no, wait, that's wrong... Wallis did the LIBERAL Christian thing and called Olasky someone who lies for a living, just like Glenn Beck.

So Olasky dug deeper and, amid some oddly vanishing evidence, found the solid proof. (Read it before WORLD archives it.) Wallis backed down. I don't read, however, that he apologized.

Since WORLD pulls its articles from free circulation, let me provide the links that should stay:

National Review article on the Walllis cover-up
Foundation Center web site, which has Soros' organization's tax returns
OSI's 2004 tax return
OSI's 2006 tax return
OSI's 2007 tax return


Anonymous said...

Shocking! Just shocking!

A liberal "Christian" is actively engaged in the world of politics and then lies about it.


It would be so much easier for everyone if folks like Wallis would simply admit they have left the faith.

Pierre Saikaley said...

Hey c,mon Jesus loves liberals too...even though they use His Name to justify their means to their sordid ends.

Anonymous said...

But wait -- Wallis said Olaskey lies for a living just like Beck does. And Wallis wouldn't lie about others lying, would he? Oops, apparently he would.

Regarding the claim in the link by Wallis that the donation was the "tiniest fraction of their budget," take it from a CPA / finance executive: If you have negative net worth of $57,000 then a $200,000 donation is extremely significant. For them to pretend that a $200,000 donation was so small that they couldn't remember it is just piling lies upon lies.

Jim "the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution" Wallis is bad enough for being a typical politics-disguised-as-religion Leftist, but what is most irritating is his perpetual lie about being a centrist. His "God is not a Republican . . . or a Democrat" sound bite is very clever -- and very deceptive.

DJP said...

Zaphon, I like Stan commenting because he makes me look all balanced and moderate.

Robert said...

If somebody is willing to twist/change/distort the Word of God to suit their desires, then what is to stop them from doing the same with other areas of their life? I would say that this is almost to be expected of people who are indeed liberal with the Word of God.

I mean, for a true postmodernist, what is true for one person may not necessarily be true for another, right? I am sure that people like this could actually drum up some liberal translation of the Bible to justify being involved in politics in such a manner.

I lump liberals in with postmodernists because I can't readily tell the difference between the all comes down to what the person feels is the truth and not having the truth of God be the standard.

JackW said...

If we could just export liberalism to the Muslim world ...

Robert said...


That would be the Muslims who actually believe that Islam is a religion of peace. There are peaceful verses in the Qu'ran, but they are superceded by the later verses that are violent. I watched a very interesting video on Islam last night on Wretched. They also showed a quite revealing video about Mormonism. I couldn't help but to laugh, but at the same time I had a sick, uneasy feeling.

Mickey McLean said...

Thanks for linking to Dr. Olasky's article. For the record, Web Extra articles such as this one remain free on the site. Only our print magazine archives are for subscribers only or available for a modest fee.

Mickey McLean
Web Executive Editor

Steve Drake said...

Hi Dan,
Not sure how to contact you viz-a-viz an email to explain my last comment on the TeamPyro blog before comments were closed. Is there some way to contact you outside of a blog comment?

DJP said...

I'd be happy for you to, Steve, but it always puzzles me that folks don't know how.

Look at my profile in the sidebar. Click on My complete profile. There's my email!


candy said...

I also was amused by his comment: “grants from the Open Society Institute that made up the tiniest fraction of Sojourners’ funding during that decade—so small that I hadn’t remembered them.” What lies!

He sure does fit in with the present political climate doesn't he.

Aaron said...

@Stan: left the faith? That implies he was part of it as some point.

@Robert: The problem with many American Muslims, American Mormons, etc. is the same as with many American Christians. It's easy to identify yourself as such, go through some of the motions, but in reality not be really committed to the actual belief system. America's religion is personal peace and prosperity. Its just that most don't want to list that as their religion so they identify with something else.

Anonymous said...

Dan: I'm here for you brother.

Sir Aaron: It would be so much easier for everyone if folks like Wallis would simply admit they have rejected the faith.

Robert said...


I'd probably agree with you about Muslims, but Mormonism is a straight up cult. The things they believe and do really creep me out. I wish I had a copy of the video they showed last night...what made it worse was that it was a cartoon!

candy said...

Just curious if George Soros has contributed to Rick Warren's Peace Plan.

Uh oh. My conspiracy theory mode has kicked in for the day.

Aaron said...

@Stan: that's why I love you.

@Robert: don't get me wrong. Mormonism is a cult. But there are a lot of nominal or non-practicing mormons. They identify Mormon because they were raised that way or because they go to a Mormon temple on Easter. Unfortunately, all religions, at least to America, get defined by these nominal religious persons as the average of that particular religion. Just like you and I would be labels fundamentalists because the American culture has defined Mainstream Christianity by the nominal not really Christians that claim to be Christians. So it goes with Islam and Mormons. Those persons whom actually live by the teachings of those religions are considered radical because most of it's adherents aren't really true believers. They just practice enough to make themselves feel spiritual and ignore the rest. That's my opinion anyways.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

Speaking of Wallis, I may have linked to this before, but it’s a good read called, “Barack Obama’s ‘Red’ Spiritual Advisor” by David Noebel at:

Speaking of lying, I think the Mormon video Robert is referring to is still the “Today on Wretched” video called “Are someone's pants on fire?” at:

The Islam one Robert referred to is on the archives page at Wretched, "Daily Update Archives" for August 18, 2010 called, “Surprise!” at:

I agree with Robert that these are interesting videos showing how the “faithful” (of their particular religion/cult) are encouraged to lie.

Now of course that shouldn’t be too much of a “surprise” considering who is ultimately behind them.

John 8:44

DJP said...

I love my readers.

Thanks for the links, RC. I'm working one into the post.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

ah shuck's t'was nothin’

(head bent, right foot kicking left foot)

Aaron said...

Robert said something about it being a cartoon.

Robert said...

I'll have to look for the Mormon link tonight...the video about Mormon lying was on the first episode the other night. The second episode had the cartoon. although the lying clip was good, too.

Al said...

Its almost never the crime, but the cover-up that kills ya!

I think that has something to do with repentance.

al sends

David Alves said...

Exactly the type of people Jude warned about...Jim Wallis has crept in unawares and is a spot on the lovefeast of God.

And only the faithful few will sound the clarion call, and be slandered in the process.

The way things are now, Jesus is probably coming back tomorrow, I'm convinced.

Robert said...

OK...for whoever is still reading this and wanted to see the cartoon, you can go to YouTube and type in "Mormon cartoon" and see the cartoon that shows the true fundamental Mormon is quite unsetlling, although I couldn't help but laugh at various points through it because it was so absurd.

Aaron said...

Here is the link to Robert's reference video.