Friday, August 27, 2010

Hither and thither 8/27/10

Here's what I've got for your weekend enjoyment, friends.

Note: I've a very full day, so you may need to be patient about comment moderation. But do comment! It tells me you're out there having fun (or gnashing your teeth with me).
  • Giving "magnetic personality" a whole different meaning. (Think she's ever heard that one? Unh.)
  • Another reason every Christian should re-think, if he's registered as a Democrat. In the course of an article reader Aaron pointed me to (about abortion laws in Virginia), this sentence: a legal opinion restricting abortion "had no hope of passing because the Legislature is split -- Republicans control the House while Democrats control the Senate." No further explanation is offered because none is needed: the writer knows, his editor knows, what everyone knows: the Democratic party would oppose any restriction on the practice of slaughtering children for being inconvenient, imperfect, or ill-parented.  Period.
  • Hm. Think they have a special for BibChr/HT readers?

  • Staying with the noms, reader Barbara found this terrific cake for the young, restless, reformed, and hungry:
  • Always health-conscious, Fred Butler points us to a yummy breakfast treat.
  • I'll say it again: I like this guy. Don't know his position on everything, but boy does he know how to lead, and how to communicate.
  • Jim Wallis apologized... but don't get too excited. He didn't apologize for his wretched teaching or activities in giving cover to the worst elements in our nation. Just for saying Olasky lies for a living.
  • Next time They say they just can't find a way to cut spending, point to the US Ambassador's Fund. My dear and longtime friend Tom Lusby brought this to my attention. You'll see hundreds and hundreds of thousands of our dollars going to such projects as restoring foreign sultan's palaces, documenting pygmy music, restoring a minaret and a castle, and on and on. A maz ing.
  • In related news... oh, my gosh.
  • Encouraging news, though: a dim light appears to be flickering to life in the voters' skulls.
  • Just don't look at any of the ads: these are some amazing wool sculptures of celebrities.

  • Dude. Seriously. Do not mess with these penguins.

  • Laura Kelleher points us to an Episcopalian (!) private school in Texas who excluded the child of two sexually-perverted women pretending to be married. Wonder how long that will remain legal.
  • So where do we look for depth of moral, philosophical reasoning? Why, Hollywood, of course. For instance, resident sage Brad Pitt is reconsidering his opposition to justice for murder victims (i.e. the death penalty). Why? Bible reading? No; a doco by Spike Lee, somehow. Who would Pitt execute? Murderers? Well, no, they're still okay. Pitt might pull the lever on the execs who spilled a bunch of oil into the ocean -- which oil, by the way, quickly disappeared.
  • Someone should show Pitt a doco about abortion.
  • Then there are couples -- and, worse, singles; or non-married/marriageable couples -- who indulge in artificial insemination from sperm donors. An article Aaron sent me focuses on the cryo-kids' perspectives. My own thoughts might be pretty controversial, I think, even here. Let's just say I think it's a bad idea, all around.
  • In other news: I need me one of these.
  • Funnest bit of golf I've ever watched. Very relative statement....but still, it's fun.
  • Kerry Garrett found some parents eager to get their child into Legos young.

  • Well, The King's College in New York has jumped the shark. You can read a few remarks from Carl Trueman, who doesn't seem as mournful as I would be that Francis Beckwith found his words about Rome motivational to his own apostasy.
  • Or have they? Is D'Souza a Romanist, as reported? That may be uncertain, but what is certain is that he is (A) doctrinally seriously messed-up, and (B) crystal-unclear on the Gospel, if only judging by the quotations in the third, fourth and fifth paragraphs on this page. [Link fixed.] Saying you're kind of Roman Catholic, kind of Reformed, kind of evangelical is not the same as saying you're an American of Indian heritage.
  • Last comment: want a measure of what a mess D'Souza is? Even Francis Beckwith says he's a mess. QED.
  • Is the Obama IRS leaning on a pro-Israel organization whose policies don't line up with those of The One? Not hard to believe. (Thanks to Chris for link.)
  • "Duh" title of the week: Marines don't want to share rooms with other men obsessed with having sex with other men: general. Okay, I may have tweaked that title a tad.
  • Provide your own caption.

  • Fred Butler tells us that if we just give him a couple of minutes, he'll fold this right up for us.
  • Hunh. You'd think a guy would notice this.
  • Okay, I guess not all guys.
  • Glad I've got my own car; not so big on public transportation.


Robert said...

That clip of Christie was wonderful to watch. I wish we had more public servants with that type of inegrity and leadership. I wish that I even worked for people that went to bat for me like that when they're put in a pinch. I'll have to check out his background in case he ever makes it to a larger stage (if the leadership of the GOP has any sense, they'd really be paying attention to him).

Solameanie said...

The Dinesh thing is sad. He's been pretty good on conservative issues in general. But as we've seen so often, being conservative doesn't necessarily mean orthodox theology. Borders on tautology perhaps, but it still needs to be said.

Barbara said...

Christie for President!

The Ebonics translator piece - my mind immediately went to movie Airplane with the two men speaking in "Jive".

Robert said...

Capion: You forgot to take out the trash again!?!?!

Al said...

The caption is an easy one...

"It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife."

Now, we might put some effort into it and come up with something out of James.

al sends

Hayden said...

My caption for the photo:

Proverbs 21:9 It is better to live in a corner of a roof Than in a house shared with a contentious woman.

SolaMommy said...

The lions make me think of Tiger Woods and his (now ex) wife...

Unknown said...

I was all excited about the lion photo. My first thought was Proverbs 21:9, and then I scroll down and everybody else is already thinking it.

What kind of readers do have reading here at "Biblical Christianity"... Biblical Christians or something.

Al said...

The Lord speaks in a still small voice. The girl I ALMOST married?

Not so much...

al sends

SolaMommy said...

LOL! I love how you men are all interpreting the picture to be a cantankerous wife and not a wife who is justifiably upset ;-D

Robert said...


I listed a justifiable reason...mainly from experience. Although my wife doesn't really act upset in such a fashion when I either forget or am lazy about servng my family. I am truly blessed.

Al said...

Alright SolaMommy -

How NOT to live out 1 Peter 3:1-6


al sends

Mike Westfall said...

Ah.. The Heart Attack Cafe at the Orange County Fair. Been there, done that, got the picture. Well, except for the "done that" part. My wife wouldn't let me...

candy said...

Caption: You're not IN Oz anymore, so get OVER IT!

candy said...

Christie is so refreshing in this depressing time of dismal politics.

Aaron said...

I believe that Dinesh is on the guest speaker list at the Biologos conference in Austin.

@DJP: I, for one, would love to hear your opinion on the cryo-babies. I have a pretty radical opinion myself.

Scot said...

Where do I get one of those admin cats? It would make my job so much easier.

IT: 10% technology, 90% running from one desk to another fixing the technology\.

Mike Riccardi said...

The Lion Caption:

"These things you have done and I kept silence; You thought that I was just like you; I will reprove you and state the case in order before your eyes. Now consider this, you who forget God, Or I will tear you in pieces, and there will be none to deliver." - Psalm 50:21-22

Audrey said...

Just for clarity, the Bedford, TX private school excluding the lesbian couple's daughter used to be Episcopalian, but belongs to the Ft Worth diocese which pulled out of the Episcopal "church" and is now part of the Anglican Church in North America.

David Davies said...

"Is D'Souza a Romanist, as reported? That may be uncertain, but what is certain is that he is (A) doctrinally seriously messed-up, and (B) crystal-unclear on the Gospel, if only judging by the quotations in the third, fourth and fifth paragraphs on this page. Saying you're kind of Roman Catholic, kind of Reformed, kind of evangelical is not the same as saying you're an American of Indian heritage. "

Followed the link, which took me to a story published in the English Telegraph.Co.UK newspaper about a Polish man shot in the head five times. Nothing at all about Dinesh. What's up?

DJP said...

Bad link. Fixed. It happens. I never know how.

SolaMommy said...

Al: Who says the lioness is regenerate?


Gov98 said...

Yay Dan...

You told me to comment so there ya go.

Barbara said...

I dunno...looks to me like the he-lion is stumbling in in the wee hours of the morning when he had said he wouldn't be late getting home - see, he can't even stand up on his own, having to lean against the wall like that. And he's very clearly getting a piece of her mind. After all, she's had to wait up all night for him, worried sick that he might have gotten killed in an accident or worse, found some other lioness ...

But I digress. ;)

Paul Nevergall said...

I thought the lion caption was more morning breath related; so perhaps a poorly contextualized Mark 7:20 would be appropriate.

Paula Bolyard said...

@ Audrey...are you in Bedford, TX? I have family there! Lovely city!

Love the Chris Christie clip, however, it appears Christie didn't have his facts straight. The DOE has released a video showing that Christie's education commissioner didn't produce the missing information requested by the RttT committee. Christie has now fired the bungling commissioner.

Christie does make a good point that the rules and requirements for the RttT grant are insane & are symptomatic of what's wrong with big government bureaucracy. States have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars working on these grant applications - dollars that were siphoned from classrooms.

OTOH, Christie is being a bit of a hypocrite. If he wanted to put his money where his mouth was, he would have followed the lead of states like Texas and Alaska, which refused to play the game, choosing to steer clear of the strings attached to this bloated bribe.

DJP said, I'll say it again: I like this guy. Don't know his position on everything, but boy does he know how to lead, and how to communicate.

I just got a thrill up my leg.

greglong said...

From the Ebonics article:

John Baugh, a director of African and African-American studies at Washington University in St. Louis, and a specialist on linguistics, praised the DEA for seeking the translators and said he wishes other government agencies "would have an appreciation of the linguistic consequences of the slave trade."


And from the human magnet article:

Miss Allison says that doctors have advised her that her 'magnetism' may be due to stress.

Some people get ulcers, others get superpowers.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

I'm a day late and a dollar short, but just wanted to remind you that I love H&T, even though it takes all weekend to really enjoy it. We especially loved that guy, too (Govenor Christie), and went on to watch numerous enjoyable speeches and media rants--he is refreshing in part because he seems to just open his mouth and pour out truth without needing a teleprompter or "talking points." Makes us want to move to New Jersey.

And the sperm donor generation article just wrenches one's heart--seeing a glimpse of just one of the painful consequences of our society marginalizing the importance of real fathers and real men. Definitely good material for further consideration.


Merrilee Stevenson said...

Thank you, Zaphon, wherever you are, for showing me how to link in my comments. I think it worked. Watch out, world!

Neil said...

Caption: "For the last time, get a haircut."
-- mommy lioness to bad-attitude adolescent son

Audrey said...

@Paula...No, I'm in Rowlett, on the other side of Dallas from Bedford, but I was Episcopalian/Anglican for many years and still keep up with the news.

Susan said...

The roaring lioness to her delusional husband: "How many times do I have to tell you...YOU'RE--NOT--ASLAN!!!"

NoLongerBlind said...


"You're such an idiot! You've got it all wrong - you're supposed to be outside in the streets, scaring the sluggards, not lion around inside acting like one!"

Rachael Starke said...

Boy is the King's College thing frustrating. One of my best friend's sons just started there. I hadn't heard of it until she told me about it, and it sounded like such a wonderful school.

And I totally heart Chris Christie, even though I do agree with you, Paula, about the whole bribe thing, and after the weekend's unravelling of events.

candy said...

Audrey. I think I might have a friend who attends the Episcopal/Anglican church in TX. She told me that it is conservative and split over the homosexual ordination issue and other liberal issues.

We used to work together at a great at-risk children's facility in Ft. Worth.