Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pilgrim's Progress study guide recommendations?

A missionary friend family is driving back to the States from, like, Australia or somewhere. They'd like an online Pilgrim's Progress study to work through as they do.

Anyone have a recommendation?


Unknown said...

Barry Horner has created a commentary for Pilgrim's Progress that is available for purchase and is also available for PDF downloads (free). I found this quite good and quite thorough. It may need to be adapted for children. I found it very helpful for taking a group of men through the book.



Coloring pages:

Also, Dr. Derek Thomas has preached an excellent series of sermons through it. Very edifying! You can download them here (there's also a downloadable map there too):


Unknown said...

Hey gang - sweet Dan was kind enough to post this for me :-)

I appreciate the links - what I would like, however, is instead of a commentary - which I can find plenty of - is an in-depth study guide kind of thing. Will check out the links posted.

P.D. Nelson said...

Chapel Library has a study guide under Doctrine using Pilgrim's Progress. It can be found here:

Grumpa said...

You may want to check with Chapel Library. Check their course downloads. Available here:
Scroll down to the Pilgrims Progress lesson series with answer key.

Fred Butler said...

I believe answers in genesis, you know, that crack pot young earth creationist outfit, has an unabridged, dramatized version on CD. I haven't heard, just seen the box, and it looks to be good.

Aaron said...

AiG has one of the best guides on Pilgrim's Progress. You can't get it online, but you might be able to get it at a Christian bookstore should you stop by one on your way. You might also see others there too.

Lynda O said...

Thanks for all these links, I didn't know about these sites and resources either. I've just started reading Pilgrim's Progress again after several years (this time by audio recordings, free MP3s from Librivox), and these extra resources will definitely supplement as I'm reading along.