Friday, September 17, 2010

Hither and thither 9/17/10

Various things have conspired to me really having to scramble to cobble this together this week. Haven't even had the time to look at some last-minute submissions. Updates? Maybe. Supplement some other day? Maybe.

But for now, I hope you'll enjoy this.
  • You know it's Phillips birthday month, yesterday being my very-accomplished dear wife's birthday. Just realized that's not all: happy birthday to the U. S. Constitution, as well.

  • Economics lesson: when government takes money from working citizens, and gives it to government ostensibly to create jobs, what is the result? Wellsir, $111 million "creates" 56 jobs — at the cost of #2 million per job.
  • Doncha just love "moderates"? Here's how it works: conservatives are supposed to bend left to support "moderates" in the name of Big Tentmanship. But "moderates"? Tip right, even a little? Go on with your bad self.
  • Why you shouldn't buy a Mac.
  • Oh my. Reader Dave Sloan sees that someone "found" Satan in a bathroom tile. How'd he know it was Satan and not heavy-metal rocker Dee Snyder Snider?
  • Reader Heath Norment found a video of Canadian soldiers disassembling and rebuilding a Jeep in under 4 minutes.
  • Reader Susan learned that spray-on clothing is about to be a reality. I've seen some this week that could've been already, anyway. Me, I don't think it will pass the sister-show-mercy test.
  • Here's a creative display of Post-it art — unfortunately, not at a reliably kid-safe site. Be warned.
  • Aah! Run! DAOD found this about killer shrimp!
  • On the subject of DAOD, here's her early birthday-present to her DOD:
  • Stimulus money at work?
  • Not all jihad is violent. There is good reason to see a stealth jihad underway in America. (Reader Chris Carney sent a link.)
  • A sign they know they'll lose? We can hope. The Dems on the Judiciary Committee are finally, after turning down four years of minority (GOP) requests, showing great interest in refurbishing the digs for the minority staff.
  • Oh dear.
  • Similarly, one greets the news of a Reagan biopic with some trepidation. But there is some reason to hope that it will be better than the James Brolin hit-job TV movie.
  • Reader Jugulum may have found an image of the last thing this would be autograph-collector ever saw:
  • Irony Is Pretty Ironic Alert. Getting weary and worried over America's Obamafied slog towards Socialism? Maybe you should move somewhere heading in the opposite direction. Like, I don't know... Cuba?
  • Fred Butler indirectly directed me to the work of Scott Wade, who makes dirty pretty. What kind of "dirty"? Dirty cars.

  • Homeschoolers doing geology should find this set of thirteen of Earth's strangest lakes interesting. I love how God loves diversity... if that word isn't ruined forever.
  • For Josiah: never, never do this:




  • Writers: Justin Taylor reprints some advice on writing from C. S. Lewis. The nub: (1) Know exactly what you want to say; (2) Say exactly that.
  • Say... that's not bad advice for preachers either, is it?
  • Speaking of book-burning, reader Pastor John found what's got to be a pretty big, hot fire. James White will love to see the company he's in, I imagine. It is tempting, though: "fried chicken, with all the sides." Mm-mmm. Makes me hungry just to think of it. I'd toss on my NRSV for that.
  • Phil Johnson has done a lot of flying... but has he ever had a flight like this? (Thanks to Berry Davis for link.)
  • Berry takes comfort in the fact that we're never more than 115 miles away from a McDonald's.
  • ...where Berry (and we) are likelier to eat, than we are to eat this sandwich.
  • Freeeeeeeeeeedom!!!

  • I pretty much despise PETA hypocrites, who are all wrought up about pain caused to the lowest life-forms, but utterly uninterested in torture-murders of unborn humans. So I reject their rationale...yet find myself sharing to some degree their horror at the (now-former) practice of a local restaurant. My motivation is all about Proverbs 12:10, though, and none about human/animal equivalence.
  • Please do not link to the video of some Asian chef frying and serving up a still-living fish. I've seen it. It disgusts me. No one needs his food to be that "fresh." I catch trout, and I have taught all my children to kill them immediately.


lee n. field said...

"What is Worthy's political party? Oh, friends, come on! Need you ask?"

Let me guess. That would be the same one that recently refurbished their logo into what Dearest Wifey described as "a D in a hole".

Robert said...

Thanks for linking to the article about Macs...I was actually thinking about looking at one for our next purchase, but the price seemed way out of line to me. Now I have justification for thinking so.

DJP said...

It is just possible that Macolaters will have a slightly differing perspective.

Just. Possible.


Fred Butler said...

I want to see them spray that shirt on a fat guy.

DJP said...

I so don't.

Gregg Metcalf said...

Dan - I have a suggestion for your friend who wanted a text only bible.

I took my hardback ESV bible which has no notes except the headings within the chapters and I used the white out on a wheel to run a single white out tape over those headings in the epistle I am reading during my morning devotions. The tape is white so it blends in (eventually) with the page and is not annoying. Now there are no division headings and I have in fact a text that is scripture only.

Now I use this bible for my devotions and I prior to choosing a new book of the bible to study I white out those headings and discover for myself what the main idea of the passage is.

You might pass that on to your friend.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Best part of the article about the homeless cat village? Every cat is spayed/neutered.

The younger Grasshoppers thank you for the Jeep (disassemble/reassemble) video. I'm hiding the tools...

Lots of fun art this week... post its, dirty car windows (great! an excuse for not washing), and the chicken wire... I want the chicken! Very clever.

And I'm printing out C.S. Lewis' writing advice to post in the school room.

Thanks for the fun,


Anonymous said...

I see Justice Breyer has demonstrated for us all that you can't fix stupid.

jmb said...

The owner of the Homeless Cat Village disturbingly resembles the almost Koran burner Terry Jones.

Moon said...

ahhh see that's why i'm never buying a Mac....I've had my dell for a couple of years now (3 I think)and it still works just fine :D
I think I would use the spray-on fabric, for socks and things like that...i hate socks in general but sadly i must wear them so i try to get the tiny really thin a spray-on sock would come in handy.
And it would also come in handy for Camis...just spray on a cami to wear underneath a shirt and a jacket...

- The Dirty Car art is pretty neat...but its kind of a waste cause at some point you have to wash the car

- The Chicken Wire! incredible!

Anonymous said...

Interesting graphic regarding Mac pricing. Having switched to Macs about four years ago - and doing so in a very cost-effective manner (i.e., I'm cheap) - I can safely say that people should still consider getting Macs.

What the graphic doesn't show is that a Mac Pro like the one he's configuring is far more powerful than what a typical PC user will need - that's what the iMac is for.

What the graphic does actually show is that you don't max out your new Mac Pro by buying hard drives, RAM and software directly from Apple - buy it with the minimal configuration and buy drives and memory sticks from reliable third-party vendors, whose names I shall not mention here lest I be accused of being a shill.

But what else should I expect from a cat person? :)

CGrim said...

- That McDonalds map is wild. I'd love to see a map of Subway, or 7-11, since I think both of those have more locations than McDonalds.

- Spray-on socks = brilliant! Never have to wash socks again. Just dissolve them away and spray on new ones tomorrow!

GrammaMack said...

That cat story reminds me of the cat sanctuary outside of our parliament buildings in Ottawa, Ontario. It's always a highlight or our trip. But we haven't been there in ten years or so. The last time we visited, there were dozens of cats, but it appears their number has dwindled:

Peter Eddy said...

Dan, did you check out that KJO church's statement of faith. They're crazy! (This will surprise no one as they're already KJO, burning other English Bibles.)

Anyway, on the What We Believe page, there's a subheading "We Believe That The Bible Is The Word Of God." He actually makes the bold claim, "Scriptures shall be interpreted according to their normal grammatical-historical meaning, and all issues of interpretation and meaning shall be determined by the preacher" (emphasis added).

All of a sudden he goes from being an independent Baptist preacher with only the authority that is derived from the Word of God, to putting himself on the same pedestal as the pope. Yikes! He's the one who determines what the Word of God means.

Aside from that, Citizen Grim: Are there really more Subway outlets than there are McDonald's? Wow. I'd never have guessed that.

GrammaMack said...

Also, happy belated birthday to Gramma Phillips!

Tyler Wallick said...

I was aghast at the misspelling of Hair Band legend Dee Snider! I realize they (Twisted Sister)are not on your iPod, but c'mon Dan! When I was a teen and my parents were mortified by my musical tastes, I could not see what the big deal is. Now at 40, I now see how preposterously over the top that era was.

DJP said...

Sorry for the aghastness. Fixed.

Pierre Saikaley said...

Happy belated Birthday to Mrs. DJP.

Me too, I like cats, and have 4 myself. (it's a long story).

If you think the shelter is much, check out this place right in the midst of my city's seat of Government!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the stealth jihad:

Anyone trying to put me and my family under shariah law will be shot on sight.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the King James Only nutcase, he also wrote:

All one has to do to be a heretic is use another version of the Bible, other than the King James Version.

I guess that means he doesn't support your reading of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures.

Mike Westfall said...

Chocolate covered bacon, yum! But the Deep Fried Butter / Chocolate Covered Bacon place is now at the New Mexico State Fair in ABQ. Do they deliver?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

So, what do those KJO folks do with other languages? What are Japanese Christians supposed to use? Or Icelandic Christians?

Rachael Starke said...

OK, my sanctification took a serious hit reading that KJV guy's... garbage.

Really. When I think about how the Internet has enabled some of the worst of the world's evils to be exposed,

that's the kind of stuff I'm thinking about.

But, to lighten things up because I really don't want to go to sleep with that my last thought, I think you should make it your aim to have every one of your books on his list to be burned to the glory of God.

DJP said...

Now, there's a noble goal.

Kay said...

Stealth Jihad has been on my radar for some time - it's quite prevalent here in the UK, where even the Archbishop of Canterbury thinks it's a good idea. I say 'even' and it sounds like in all other respects the Archbishop is sound as a round pound, which he so isn't.

Robert said...


Don't you know that the apostles, prophets, and other various authors of the Bible couldn't really write the Bible well enough and now we have the KJV to clear things up? Thus, we should burn even the original transcripts. /sarcasm

Anonymous said...

You make an excellent point!

However, let's not forget (as was pointed out above) when the KJV isn't clear,

all issues of interpretation and meaning shall be determined by the preacher. ;)

Away From The Brink said...

Dee Snider on Wendy William's show, commenting on Al Gore here.

candy said...

The Satan on a tile story reminds me of a personal experience. I was living in a studio apt. on a sort of farm that a friend was renting. His daughter was an exchange student in Russia, and when she visited, she stayed in my apt. One night I came home late in the evening to find her terrified. She had seen a glowing image of Satan on the wall in the dark. Upon inspection, we discovered that the previous owner's children had painted on the wall in florescent colors. The white paint that covered the "art" never fully covered the satanic images that they had painted. The images only appeared in the dark. I had never noticed actually.

Anonymous said...

I concur with TruthMatters about the "Don't Buy a Mac" graphic. It only proves that Apple jacks up their prices on upgrades. With a little bit of research on Amazon and NewEgg, you can upgrade at a fraction of the cost.

Aaron said...

That Pastor says on his site that the Bible can be in other languages so long as that version is based on textus receptus. Thus the Geneva and Tyndale versions are also allowed. He apparently didn't read much history on the TR because he rails on Catholicism yet depends solely on a version put together by a Catholic (and based in part on the Vulgate).