Friday, October 29, 2010

Hither and thither 10/29/10

Well children, I've often had to complain of busy, cramped weeks. Not this time. The pace was very unusually light and reasonable, giving me timely time to work on the blogs. I think I've a pretty good and full one for you, capping a good and full week at the blog, and heading us off into Reformation Day weekend, and the week of what I hope and pray is a positively pivotal vote in America.

Check back for  updates up until noon PT.
  • I think I'll have some kind of make your predictions here post on Monday, so we can all be Charismatics for a day.
  • It's not all bad news for Obama and the Dems, though. They do have one enthusiastic backer. That would be the head of the Communist Party in USA. Surprised? Me neither.
  • If history repeats itself, Senatrix Barbara Boxer's campaign should release some terrible "revelation" about Carly Fiorina today. This is what they did when she campaigned against the vastly-superior Bruce Herschensohn in 1998. Worked with idiot voters then; why not today?
  • So you want to advertise for a Christian roommate. In church. No problem, right? Yes problem — in Michigan, where a poor woman had The State come down on her for daring to exercise her freedom of religion and her freedom of association at the same time. Not in O-merica, sister!
  • Evidently embracing and advocating sexual perversion is a real résumé-enhancer for the Obama administration. Go figure.
  • Will it surprise you to learn that Obama is an evolutionist — particularly when it comes to relabeling the sexual-perversion du jour as "marriage"?
  • Reader Susan made a very cool find. Steve Saint, son of martyred missionary Nate Saint, has actually invented an FAA-approved flying car, to benefit the tribe that murdered his father. Learn more about it (with a bit of a video) here, and see a further demonstration (you can turn the obnoxious music down and miss nothing) here.
  • The Washington Examiner's David Freddoso is finally asking the question I've been asking: "Isn’t it amazing how we hear so much about Christine O’Donnell and so little about Alvin Greene?" Yep. And to think, there are still people who blink or roll their eyes when you talk about MSM bias.
  • However, there may even be an "up" side to MSM bias. Think about it. R. Emmett Tyrell notes that the slavish MSM reporting and slanting and "cover" all just combines to make the liberals feel bullet-proof — so they just do more and more insane things, not realizing their limits, thus bringing on themselves backlashes such as we hope to see Tuesday.
  • And, hokey smokes — could O'Donnell be catching up? She's far from the ideal candidate, but I would savor that victory.
  • Saint's technology is better than certain aspects of his theology.
  • Freddoso also notes a story that does my hart good. Yesterday I squawked about the Alaska Supreme Court's idiot decision to allow (in effect) Murkowski campaign material at the polls. Dozens of Alaskans responded by registering as write-ins. Go, Alaska!
  • Given the perennial Democrat voter fraud, I always wonder why the GOP doesn't do something proactive. Well, apparently someone has at least tried:

  • What does this mean? That "banana" should come before "orange"?

  • You know, there have been bullies forever. There were bullies when you were a kid, there were bullies when was a kid, back in the Ice Age. Kids were bullied because they were too short, too tall, too thin, too fat, too smart, too dumb. As a rule, they (we) survived. But now, because the government wants to hallow the embrace and pursuit of a particular sexual perversion, suddenly bullying is a federal offense. Good heavens... is there nothing that the Obama administration doesn't think is the federal government's business?
  • Oh, wait, right — one thing: protecting babies from being butchered or poisoned to death for being imperfect or inconvenient or ill-fathered. That one is above O's pay-grade.
  • One poll, happily, identifies says that Americans want to fire Obama in 2012 by a 56-38 margin. As always, I'm not comfortable until that figure is in three digits. At least.
  • So, to Britain. Is there any way of coloring this little factoid as good news?
  • Homeschoolers (and anyone else) will thank reader Julie for this remarkable animation attempting to show scale in a universal perspective.
  • Tangentially relatedly: I'll get excited about this [link removed] only if J. J. Abrams or J. Michael Straczynski helms it. or, for that matter, the guy who does my car at Jiffy Lube. [Update: I removed the link — the rumor's been denied.]
  • Not one of my math papers... but, lamentably, could have been:

  • Which political party would you guess is a Representative who deliberately leaves out "under God" when leading the Pledge of Allegiance? Or one who says that al-Qaeda is "no longer a threat" to the US? Hint: same party. Hint: same person. Give up? Sure you do.
  • Similarly, readers Elizabeth Miller and John noted a time the League of Women Voters unsuccessfully tried to omit the Pledge.
  • I don't think this Discover article means it the way reader Kerry Garrett is taking it... but I'm with him.

  • Reader Greg Long notes that pastors are souring on Obama's job performance. Nice, but to me any disapproval numbers in less than three digits are still shameful.
  • Beloved longtime reader Carlo thinks Science may have identified liberalism as a genetic defect. (He notes it may also mean a tendency to ADHD.)
  • BTW, if you can get it in time, you might spice up your Diet of Worms cake this Sunday with the world's largest Gummi worm.

  • The following picture — my family could tell you a related story in which FedEx does not come off well.
  • Sad story of some Britons losing their freedom to nummy-bacon-hating Muslims.
  • What's wrong with this sentence? "Personal experience aside, which surfaces a concern about the potential adversarial affect of textbooks to students learning, let;s return to the essential question of learning and how it is best achieved." You say, "The spelling and grammar, that's what's wrong with it." Yes, right — that and the fact that it was written by a school's principal.
  • But... what's it keeping closed?

  • Reader RBeyers noted that you can get your own brand-new 1966-style Batmobile, complete with working jet booster... for a cool $149,999. Line forms at right.
  • Faithful long-time readers with mad memory skilz will know that, two years ago, I really struggled for nice things to say about John McCain. Well, now I've got one, seriously. He is campaigning today for Sharron Angle — and his support really may make a positive difference.
  • I think I'd have liked this guy (thanks Paula):

  • I hate it when this happens:
  • Then again, there's this.

Cool Batman!


Barbara said...

No more trans-fats in my kitchen! I switched to real butter, hamhocks, bacon grease, and olive oil. Problem solved.

Egads! A computer hardware swapper on the loose! Must be in cahoots with the Singer sewing machine swapper here in Georgia!

CGrim said...

I'm gonna make a lowball prediction in my Facebook status (GOP wins 43 House seats, 6 Senate seats, and 5 Governorships) to lower expectations for my liberal friends. That will make it extra sweet when the real numbers come out and the GOP wins much much more.

Gabby said...

From the bullying article:

"Echoing recent comments by President Obama, federal education officials warned Tuesday that federal funds could be withdrawn from schools, colleges and universities that don't prevent bullying, harassment and intimidation, which the department says will fall under civil-rights enforcement"

Well, then. I feel very bullied. By our president. I'm thinking calling me an "enemy" who needs to be "punished", then sticking me in the back of the bus...sounds like bullying to me.

Nick Rolland said...

Pretty sure that police report is a ripoff of a Steven Wright bit. "I woke up one morning and discovered that someone had broken into my house and replaced everything with an exact replica."

Brad Williams said...

Okay, my prediction! Let me close my eyes real tight and peer into the future...ah yes, it's becoming clear to me...

I predict that within six weeks of this election, no matter the outcome, I will not be satisfied with politics. I am definitely seeing dissappointment in the future in that regard.

That's it. That's all I have. Alas, I wish I could see where my Apple stock will be at that time.

James Joyce said...

Evolution making people dumber?
I know it make their thinking futile.

Fred Butler said...

I had to deal with the bully in my life in the only way I knew how. When he tried to steal my bike from me, I had to lay him on the ground with a knee buckling kick to the crotch and then ride like mad all the way home. I then spent a whole summer avoiding riding any where near his house until he moved to Rolla, MO, to live with his grandma.

Unknown said...

As James alluded, Romans 1:21,22

Mark Patton said...

15 pheasants and 27 rabbits (but his answer was way cooler).

I am not even close to being able to do the Star Wars alphabet thing, but I wish I could. Is it sad that I want to be that geeky?

5 Targets in under a second....dude.

Love me some Steven Wright.

DJP, you da man.

Oh, please help. I can't stop looking at the cool Batman .... or should I say the "cat crusader."

Si Hollett said...

Apparently the Dems are so worried down in Florida that former Presidents are saying "don't vote for our guy!"

DJP said...

Too late for an Update, but --

Did you guys hear about the retired white politician who tried to get the black guy to drop out of a Senate race so that a rich white guy could beat a Hispanic guy?


Todd said...

I also had to deal with a bully once or maybe twice. Found out he had asthma and all I had to do was make sure I had an opening to out run him. Worked every time.

Sonja said...

Huh, here I thought that my congressman made it to H&T, but alas no, there's at least two of them. He did the same thing with the Pledge (and did it with a dramatic pause to boot) and while I'm not sure what he believes about AQ, he wouldn't want any retaliation even if "bombs were raining down on Seattle".

I love it when my congressman really looks out for his constituents!

BTW, his seat is safe. He doesn't even campaign it's so safe. :(

I love H&T -- thanks again Dan!

Anonymous said...

And to think people scoffed when I suggested Crist (when he was running for governor) was nothing but a Democrat with an "R" behind his name.

Paula Bolyard said...

The thing with these last minute "October Surprises" is that sometimes there is a grain of truth to them. Or maybe not. You just don't know. In Ohio, a woman has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a GOP congressional candidate.

I've read the complaint, and if true, it's disgusting and the guy's a pervert. If nothing else, he used extremely poor judgement if he was alone with this woman in his office. It doesn't help that he's a millionaire car dealer (one strike against him) & that he's got a face....well...better suited for radio than politics.

If it's not true, what they've done to this man and his family is unconscionable. He maintains that it's the Democrats' attempt to smear him in the final weeks of the campaign & he's been happily married for 45 years. However, the accuser, by most accounts, was active in area TEA parties...not your average opposition hack.

So what do conservative voters do in these situations? Vote for the pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi-clone candidate or the (by all accounts) conservative candidate who may or may not be a disgusting sexual predator? Or stay home? If only Solomon were here to consult...

Paula Bolyard said...

Sonja said, "BTW, his seat is safe. He doesn't even campaign it's so safe. :("

I did some research for a voter education website & looked at the websites for most of the congressional races in the country. I was shocked that there were so many incumbents that didn't even bother to put up campaign websites. They have their official government-paid-for sites, but no campaign site because they apparently don't need them. Apparently don't need to solicit donations either....plenty of PAC/special interest money, I guess.

This was especially true in state legislature races. In fact, in many, many races, nobody was even bothering to challenge the incumbents. Gerrymandering has so-entrenched party lines that some of these incumbents will be in office until they die.

David Regier said...

You just want us to make predictions so you can stone us for being false prophets.

I can tell by your tone.

DJP said...

Found out!

Paula Bolyard said...

Very clairvoyant of you, David. You don't even want to know what they do to witches around here!

Sir Brass said...

Dan, I still can't find much good to say about Lame-Brain McCain. The man is a snake, pure and simple.

Just wait.... after the election he'll be compromising and selling out the conservatives just like he does for 5 years at a time before his conversion back to conservatism in the 6th year (always election year for him).

This Arizonan would ALMOST want that clueless numb-skull Glassman to win.... almost.

Aaron said...


I can think of good news with the birth name story. Once the Muslims take over that will pretty much end the homosexual, feminist, and environmental agendas in those countries.