Monday, October 25, 2010

NEW (temporary) FEATURE: ways the Dems/MSM try to prevent Demageddon

First: if you didn't check the blog over the weekend, then (A) tsk!, and (B) please at least give it a glance. I discuss some temporary program-changes.. and then do them.

Here's another:

It is increasingly obvious (to me) that the Democratic Party and its media outreach wing (the MSM) anticipates devastating results on Election Day. For weeks, I've seen stories clearly designed to do anything and everything they can to contain or minimize the damage.

So up until the election, I'll post them as I see them, or as I get good tips on such articles. Here's the first.

Vice-President Joe Biden, "second-in-line" works with the most partisan and implacably ideological president ever, suddenly says that the White House is willing to work with the GOP on tax cuts.

I'm sure this is news to the GOP, who has found Obama pretty much immovable as to his radical agenda.

So what's the message here? What do they hope dopey voters take from Talkin' Joe? Here it is:
Okay, okay you knuckleheads! We hear you, we get the message, 10-4 and all that. We maybe won't raise taxes all over the place and further deep-six the economy by letting the Bush tax cuts die next year.

That means you can stop scaring us by threatening to vote in more conservatives! We're okay now, we're listening, the walkie-talkies are on and the volume-dials are on "ten," heh-heh-heh.

So... just let us retain the House and the Senate? 'Kay?
So far, voters aren't buying. Hope they're smarter than they were two years ago.


Rachael Starke said...

"Hope they're smarter than they were two years ago."

Oh, no no no, Dan. It's so tragic. Two years ago, voters had an epiphany. An awakening. They finally saw the light. But, sadly, they've once again regressed to mere walking brain stems, voting based solely on primal fear and irrationality. It's not about issues or the UnHoly Trinity of Obama/Reid/Pelosi. It's because we've all stopped taking our medication.

That's why you've got guys like Biden speaking softly and saying nice things (that they'll never do). It's so they can get close enough to put the straightjacket back on and lead us back into the mental ward.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

Yeah I've noticed this myself. The other night I pointed out to my wife just how much time the local news was giving the Democrat candidates vs. the Republicans candidates as they try to help out the Dems. I’ve also noticed the stories from the White House talking about “financial responsibility” and “jobs” being a new focus. Yeah… o.k… and a pig just flew into my window.

The scariest thought for me is… what if they do it? What if after getting there clocks cleaned they (Obama/Biden) actually move to the right in order to save their jobs? That’s what Clinton did if I remember correctly and it bought him four more years. Suddenly the liberal chant, “the Republicans are stopping “us” from doing what were trying to do”, takes on some credibility running up to 2012. Plus, how scary is it to think of how easily Obama can smooth over some new Republicans if he throws them a bone right off the bat?

Here’s hoping that Obama is the arrogant Socialist/Marxist I think he is and stays the course insuring he’s a one-termer like Carter.

Mike Westfall said...

Joe can talk, but I ain't a-listenin'.

I just hope the rest of the electorate doesn't take on a battered women's syndrome and allow the abusers back into the House. Or the Senate.

Fred Butler said...

Honestly. By this point in the game, if a person is genuinely undecided and can be persuaded by goof ball political campaign ads, he or she needs some serious re-evaluation with the ability to discern.

Gabby said...

That's funny. Biden must not have gotten the memo. Last I heard, from the president, was that we're scared and facts and science and reason is beyond us because basically we're too dumb to understand the gubment really is here to help us.

Maybe it's a case of good cop/bad cop. Biden placates us, Obama insults us.

Tim Brown said...

You just have to wonder how high up this little idea goes: