Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Don't miss these: 11/2/10

It's That Day. Time to vote. Or, in the case of my dear wife and me, time to cancel out two of your neighbors' votes so the Dem victory in your district isn't so crushing.

What do I most hope, specifically? Of course that the GOP takes the House and the Senate, commandingly. But specifically: I really, really want to see Barbara Boxer go down in flames, politically. Not only is she mean and horribly embarrassing, but she has made it her signature issue to assure that no baby is safe, even to the point of delivery. Her glory is in her shame, and her victory would further condemn my state. That she'd be replaced by a pro-life woman is all the sweeter.

I also want to see Harry Reid go down big. I'd love to see Barney Frank replaced, Charlie Rangel replaced by black conservative pastor Faulkner. I'd love to see MSM heads explode as Christine O'Donnell pulls off an upset. Really want to see treacherous turncoat ego-trips Murkowski (Alaska) and Crist (Florida) go down big-time, particularly since by all accounts Marco Rubio would be a terrific Senator.

My greatest fear is Dem treachery at the polls, blocking military votes and committing fraud.

But God is God, His will is going to triumph, and His kingdom is forever.

Tomorrow will be interesting!



Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

Your comments on Boxer are interesting ones in light of Obama. If I remember correctly even Boxer (with her 100 percent pro-choice voting record) wouldn’t vote against the bill to protect a baby born in a botched abortion… but Obama voted against it. IOW, when it comes to abortion, Obama is more pro-choice than Boxer with a 100 percent pro-choice voting record!

It’s a good day to send her packing… and soon… Obama right behind her!

Al said...

hmmm... from you fingers to God's flat pannel:


al sends

Unknown said...

Did you ever see the parody of Barbara Boxer and that infamous Senate "I earned it".



(if you posted it here before and that's where I saw it, I apologize).

candy said...

Here is what Jill Miller posted on her FB. This is why I am nervous about Harry Reid. Blatant manipulation of votes. Sorry, am at school so didn't do the link thing.


DJP said...

I have posted it before, but am glad to keep reminding folks.

Brad Williams said...

Can I look yet? Is it over? Somebody call me later when the voting is over, I can't take it.

candy said...

things are getting touchy in Nv. Unions are totally out there messing with the votes. I am sure hoping Reid doesn't get it...but it looks chancy right now.