Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Good site to watch for election results

Looks like Townhall is all set up to report results as they are released.

I don't love all of their popups, and the intrusive ways they try to get more out of everyone who visits their pages — but the site looks like a good one-stop.

Pair it with the Washington Examiner election guide.


VcdeChagn said...

It's kind of nice watching the demonrats get their teeth kicked in.

Did you see the video of more voter intimidation in Pennsylvania? It was on the townhall site you linked.

I doubt anyone will come do that in rural or even suburban Missouri anytime soon.

candy said...

Are my eyes not deceiving me? Is Boxer getting defeated in Ca? Reid is ahead in NV.:(

DJP said...

Sister, I don't know. "They" have called it for Boxer and Brown. We're bitterly disappointed. But so few precincts have reported... I don't know how "they" can do it.

Anonymous said...

Real Clear Politics is another good one stop site.

I have that and Townhall open.

Truth Unites... and Divides said...

Unfortunately, it's looking very bad for California conservatives.

The exodus of businesses from California will continue, and possibly accelerate.

Paula Bolyard said...

I don't see how they are calling CA for Boxer with fewer than 30% of precincts reporting and so few votes separating them at this point (2 a.m. ET). Seems to me that could still flip, no?

I watched MSNBC for a bit and I think they might have been liquoring up between segments. It was ugly. Chris Matthews accused Michelle Bachman of being in a hypnotic trance because she wouldn't answer his relentless interrogation about whether she would investigate Democrats for un-American attitudes. She shot back by telling him he must have lost the thrill up his leg tonight.

Sputter...sputter....Well I NEVER!!! Haha!

Here in Ohio, the GOP swept nearly everything. It was a stunning Democratic defeat to a state that Obama visited 12 times to campaign, plus nearly as many visits from Biden. The unions poured millions into Ohio, with very little return.

It will be interesting to see where we go from here.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

In a night when most of the country finally sees the light… California is still in the dark. Jerry Brown? I mean seriously… Jerry Brown?!? And Boxer… again?!?

I’ve lived in California for my entire 50 plus year life. At moments like this I have to seriously ask myself (as I asked my wife as she went to bed), ”what are we doing here?”.

Sad... really sad. But great news elsewhere... and some very major problems for Obama.

DJP said...

RC, right there with you almost verbatim. Your comment could have been mine.

Fred Butler said...

I’ve lived in California for my entire 50 plus year life. At moments like this I have to seriously ask myself (as I asked my wife as she went to bed), ”what are we doing here?”.

I got up this morning and took a nice bike ride in 72 degree weather, light breeze at my back. And it's November.

That's what we are doing here.

Brad Williams said...

Give us a pep-talk, Dan. The Republicans took the House; we did not take the Senate. Boxer and Reid survived. The MSM is making it sound like the Republicans lost yesterday, and that the Tea Party is to blame. I mean, look at this!

Paula Bolyard said...

FWIW, I think the attacks against O'Donnell and Angle have served to mobilize the conservative vote. While they lost in their respective states, their conservative campaigns and the passion they stirred up (including millions of dollars sent from around the country) sent a message that the TEA party values are America's values.

Just listen to John Boehner channeling Marco Rubio this morning. Over the past few months he's been making himself over into a TEA party candidate....quite a feat for this Washington insider. He knows the Speaker position is on the line and he won't be elected if he comes out of the box sounding like a GOP establishment guy.

Whether things have really changed or it's just "putting lipstick on a pig" will remain to be seen. Either way, the opposition will make the Republicans look like meanie obstructionists who hate children and want to kill old people. Having control of both houses would make that perception worse, so in a way, it's probably good we didn't get the senate.

Here's the message the Dems are ALL saying this morning - obviously a coordinated talking point: The political center is dead. The blue dog Democrats are gone and all the Republicans are "radical" right wing nuts. People just went crazy and voted everyone out without regard for the destruction that would ensue. I've already heard it THREE times this morning and several times last night.