Friday, November 26, 2010

Hither and thither 11/26/10

Well gang, we had a nice Thanksgiving at Casa de Phillips. Hope you (Americans, anyway) all did, too. Does that mean no HT? No siree! However, holiday weekends are always quieter, so please speak up, let me know you're there.

As always, remember the Hither and Thither constants.
  • Does this graphically describe your yesterday, pretty well?

  • Logos Bible software is having a Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale. It's an interesting deal: pick three titles you wish were on sale, email them, and they'll reply with your special sale price. Then you have 48 hours to respond. Pick carefully; you only have one chance.
  • Dramatic Eagle says "Bum bum BUMMMM!"

  • M'man Phil Johnson Tweeted an absolutely infuriating video narrating the systematic, heavy-handed harassment of a young mother by the TSA. Why? Because she knew her rights, and refused to be a sheep. The TSA punished her (and her baby) thoroughly. Can you watch that, and imagine it has anything to do with keeping us safe from Islamic terrorists?
  • Here's life and ministry in The "Church" of England: pervert the Gospel? No problem! Deny cardinal doctrines? Promotion! Embrace sexual perversion? Sit right here! But... insult a prince? You are OUTTA HERE, mister!
  • And don't burn a Koran in England, kiddies. (Link from Christopher Carney.)
  • I have often said: if the Lord tarries, future generations may look back at our culture's attitude towards abortion even less charitably than we view slavery. It is a kind of insanity. Proof? Reader Paula found some more. "It's a baby if I say it's a baby."
  • Cool beans: the GOP has picked up two more House seats, bringing the total to 63.
  • Reader John Page found some nicely-realized Star Wars photos.
  • The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has done an initial check-out of the New-New International Version, or NIV 2011 — and they've found it wanting. In my quick glance, I was glad to see that they corrected many of the TNIV's criminal pluralizing of singulars (i.e. "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked" [cf. ESV] was twisted into "Blessed are those who do not walk in step with the wicked"). However, I was chagrined to see that they defend using "they" and "them" as singular pronouns. Also, it still pluralizes singulars to please an anti-Biblical fad (i.e. Proverbs 13:24 — "Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them"). Pity; pathetic.
  • Reader Christopher Carney found us some musical Lego video madness.
  • Update from last week's mention of the anti-Facebook pastor with the "pastor"-wife: such legalism now clashes with not-too-distant past sins. At first he was reportedly dismissive of this report as "old news"; referred to his sins as "mistakes" — but now is taking some time off.
  • I have long admired the work of the Family Research Council. Now the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization founded to oppose actual racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, has labeled it a hate group. Why? You know why. They dare to say that a particular form of wrong and harmful sexual perversion is wrong and harmful sexual perversion. Also on the list is Rushdoony's Chalcedon Foundation, and the Traditional Values Coalition.
  • Cats aren't the only animals who need to clean themselves, you know:
  • L, I B. Reader Dave Sloan notes that Al Gore lied for personal gain. Of course, he'd never do that now.
  • I think this next fellow must have lost this one because of the spelling. Yeah, that's the ticket:

  • Whew! What A Relief! Alert: you know yesterday? Remember what you ate? Vaguely? Well, Michelle Obama says it was OK.
  • Thank goodness Obama won. If McCain had won, we'd probably be hearing from his wife Cindy about dumb stuff like orphans and private charities.
  • (That was sarcastic, btw.)
  • Relatedly, though, right now Byron York says the numbers don't look good for Obama's re-election. Which is good, per se, for America. Unless we're stuck with a turkey like Mitt Romney as the opposition.
  • ("Turkey," get it? It's like a Thanksgiving jo... aw, never mind.)
  • Anyway, for my part, put me down for TurBaconEpic!
  • Robb Posch tasted Jones Soda flavors Turkey and Gravy, Wild Herb Stuffing, Brussels Sprout, Cranberry, and Pumpkin Pie. Yes, that's right: sodas. Why did he do it? So that you won't have to.
  • Want to see Empire Strikes Back in 1009 frames? Sure you do.
  • Berry Davis pointed me to a burger I would happily eat — though I would not be so happy to pay the $777 price for it.


candy said...

You said: Some truly scary images, too; odd for Pixar.

You're talking about when the kids came in from recess right?

DJP said...

Nope. Though that was scary for toys.

Barbara said...

I laughed out loud about the sun-dried possum. I know people who eat possum stew but I never knew anyone enterprising enough to go canning their roadkill.

James Joyce said...

The girl in the U.K. was arrested for "suspicion of inciting religious hatred".
Is that because her alleged actions would incite hatred against muslims or because her alleged actions would incite religious hatred by muslims?

Aaron said...

I enjoyed TS3 and thought it was certainly better than TS2. It did have some scary images, but the family message seemed clear. Especially touching was how they all held hands when they thought it was the end.

Somebody needs to write Congress about this TSA list. If the IRS can't keep a list of "tax protestors" then TSA ought not to keep lists either.

Facebook, a guide to infidelity. He might as well ban being male. Because it isn't facebook that's the problem.

I've always wondered why atheists feel this need to proselytize. Why waste your precious time and money?

While I think it is disturbing to get arrested for burning the Koran, it still wouldn't be my particular choice for going to jail. Better to read Scripture and get arrested for that. I mean if you have to suffer, suffer for being a Christian. Burning a koran is like putting a stick into a nest of hornets. It isn't particularly wise nor does it accomplish much.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that atheists are not merely content to reject belief in God. They don't want anyone else to believe either.

DJP said...

They are often remarkably dysangelistic.

Susan said...

All right, I did the right thing (hopefully): I sent the TSA an email and pasted the link to the youtube video with that mother being mistreated by the TSA employees. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Aaron, I can understand why TSA would want to keep lists. The problem isn't with keeping lists, per se. Rather, it has to do with discerning who should be on the list and who shouldn't be. In the case of this mother, it's absolutely stupid because it almost sounded like a personal vendetta against her...when she knows their rules better than they do! (I'm glad that police officer told her everything. Just hope he won't suffer any repercussions from telling the truth.)

Alice said...

I has a grumpy!

Sonja said...

"It's a baby if I say it's a baby."

That should clear up the classic HOV lane question as whether a pregnancy applies to passenger count.

Much more horrifying is this site, where the majority vote tragically may prevail.

Romans 1 is screaming at me.

Paula Bolyard said...

Truly an exceptional H & T this week!

@ Sonya - that Birth or Not site is most likely a sick publicity stunt. That couple registered the domain name in May, then she had a miscarriage (her 2nd), then she got pregnant again in September...supposedly. The site is plastered wall-to-wall with ads. They're making a good chunk of money from this stunt.

That TSA airport video is barbaric! Seriously, that glass holding cell is like some weird Miss America soundproof booth. Just as disturbing were the images of all the innocent Americans passing through security, removing belts, shoes, untucking shirts, fishing items out of their pockets...and then re-dressing on the other side. Seeing it in time-lapse really brings to light exactly what kind of near-police state we are living in.

Can we make a list of racist groups (masquerading as civil rights groups) and gay activist that are hate groups? Surely the Southern Poverty Law Center would be at the top.

Incidentally, the National Organization for Marriage made their list. Newsweek (speaking of hate groups) recently had a rather positive-ish profile of the group and its president, Brian Brown. The story actually gets the conservatives' social (though not the religious) objections to gay marriage mostly right.

Sonja said...

Oh Paula, you said:

"that Birth or Not site is most likely a sick publicity stunt. That couple registered the domain name in May, then she had a miscarriage (her 2nd), then she got pregnant again in September...supposedly. The site is plastered wall-to-wall with ads. They're making a good chunk of money from this stunt."

Snopes had nothing on this, and I sure hope you're right. Maybe it's some perverted psychology experiment.

Whether it's real or not, 77% (last I looked) voted to abort. So the stunt says a lot for our society, and to the person who dreamed up such a thing. I hope it's a stunt -- otherwise, it's just cold beyond my comprehension.

Ugh, ugh and ugh. And ugh.

Gonna go look at Legos. :)

Paula Bolyard said...

Regarding Sarah Palin's Thanksgiving rant, I ran across a blog post tonight on FREEP that articulates some of the things I've been thinking about her. Mainly, that she has a tendency to be reactive and somewhat petty. We often hear that Obama is thin-skinned, and I think Palin perhaps has the same malady. Certainly, she has reason to blast the MSM for their treatment of her and her family, but she doesn't help her cause by appearing anywhere and everywhere, including reality shows and endless book tours - and dragging her family along for the ride. The whole Dancing with the Stars hoo-ha came pretty close to jumping the shark.

This blogger, "Fr. John," says, "We now know that, far right or far left, substance still sells. In the 2012 round, look for the rise of the Whiggish wonk, the Republican Obama. If Palin believed there was any advantage to doing some policy homework, we'd have seen evidence by now.

I do hope the GOP will go for substance rather than celebrity this time around. He also makes the point that Palin's narrative (going after Obama and the MSM) will fall flat in the GOP primaries. I really can't think of anything more boring than a Palin/Romney debate.

...unless the moderators were Rush and Levin. I'd pay to see that.

VcdeChagn said...

Dear Wife and I thought it not nearly as good as the first two. Some truly scary images, too

I totally agree..and so does my wife. We both thought Despicable Me was better.

They are often remarkably dysangelistic.

Dan...besides the 26 Nov 2010 H&T and the 20 Aug 2010 H&T the word dysangelistic has exactly THREE hits in Google.

Dysangelist however appears to be a heavy metal album by a band called "Dictator" and thus has almost 3000 results.

The word is not contained in any of my Logos books either.