Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hunh. Mostly I just read a book or listen to sermons or lectures

Not these guys, though. Ever had this happen in a waiting room?

Me neither.


Al said...

I used to dance like that... you know, before the arthritis - nod to Redd Foxx -

al sends

Unknown said...

And I thought my kids were the only ones who made miraculous recoveries once we got to the doctor's office.

DJP said...


Merrilee Stevenson said...

I suppose if the waiting room was playing that music and the dance-show was going on, it would be hard to do anything else.

This is always a concern for me when we go places. The canned music in the background usually sparks impromptu dance numbers by my children, none as skilled as those three boys! I usually turn red and just keep going about my business, hoping no one asks who taught them their moves.

Family Blogs said...

Another normal day at the nervous tick clinic?