Friday, March 11, 2011

Hither and thither 3/11/11

What a week. Monday was actually really excellent, rife with blessings. I already had some terrific folks lined up to read (and, I hope, endorse) WTG, but on Monday three really sweet additions signed up. Plus, most of my other-manuscript readers have gotten back to me with some really helpful info. It's been a neat week; rough at work, but great otherwise.

And through it all, I made this little collection just for you, Dear Reader. So here you go... and remember:
  • Can we hope for similar change in California? Hope, sure. Is it likely? Nah. There's a lesson there, if our pols would just learn it.
  • One of the surreal moments of the week has to be the union thugs and their ilk in the gallery screaming "You are cowards!" at GOP senators (A) at work (B) actually doing their jobs (C) under threats and hostile, ugly crowds, while (D) the Dems cowered in hotel/motel rooms.
  • Rep. Allen West knows who the real cowards (and deserters) were, and isn't afraid to say so.
  • Michael A. Walsh brings out some of the really ugly implications of the Dems' latest attempts to be, well, un-democratic. Here Walsh adds that the Dems have "been acting like spoiled, petulant children since I first encountered them in 1967, and believe me, they have not improved with age. ...They’re doing us all a big favor by letting the Tolerance mask slip, and giving us a glimpse of the skull beneath the skin."
  • Meanwhile, the peace 'n' granola love-partisans are responding... with death threats.
  • Please supply links to all the mainstream media firestorm that is sure to erupt, expressing profound concern over such hate-speech and such violent rhetoric exclusively from the left — such as this mumbly threat from Jesse Jackson. Remember the Arizona shooting, and how it was tied to right-wing commentators and Tea Party patriots who didn't have a syllable of threats of violence to their names? Well, here's the real thing. We're watching, MSM.
  • Okay, well, mostly not watching. Thank God for alternative media.
  • Because of course, well all know that the MSM won't have their panties in a knot over this one, because it's the Left that's genuinely agitating for violence, and that's different. To them. But you know who is calling the agitators out? Obama? Bwahh hahaha. No, that would be Sarah Palin.
  • Meanwhile, President Obama reportedly wishes he were president of China. Goodness, so do I. Then China would be falling apart, and would pose a threat to none but themselves and their allies.
  • To go to another state less dumb than we in California — faint praise, that — Texas has passed a law requiring ultrasound and a waiting period before a babykilling. Pro-aborts are alarmed and incensed. Remember: they are not pro-choice, they're pro-abortion. A true pro-choicer would be all about an informed choice.
  • Fun for movie buffs: an online version of Hangman using objects from movies.
  • You who are thinking through Newt Gingrich as a possible candidate: compare these mealy-mouthed self assessments with rocker Danny Seraphine's unqualified condemnation of his own conduct. The Britis Mall Online isn't too unfair in characterizing Gingrich's version as equivalent to "I had an affair because I love America." I think I'd vote for Seraphine first.
  • Hm... just picturing that State of the Union. In fact, I can hear it....
  • Language that would express my feelings about these mothers would require that I ban myself, so I'll content myself with Julie Garrett's "just sad" and "sick to my stomach," and remind us all that lost people act like lost people — what else can we expect?
  • Hunh. Zondervan finally came to an I can't go for that (no can do) point.
  • For HSers: a graphical lesson in Civics, Dem-style, for your little charges:
  • Wow. Never really been a Phil Collins fan, but odds are that some of you find yourselves in that number. So what do you make of this bitter, odd little farewell?
  • Why yes, as a matter of fact, I'd love this for my birthday. What guy wouldn't? But with a price tag of around $500 with all the accessories, I won't be looking for it. (Review videos one, two, three and four.)
  • Last week we mentioned a bill in Washington which was perceived as putting pressure on pregnancy centers. Well, it's dead.
  • So you've broken into someone else's house. The homeowner comes in. You're caught red-handed. What do you do? Well, you're in Oregon so naturally you call the cops — to protect you from the homeowner. And they do. (Thanks, Julie.)
  • Fox News has a calculator for your share in paying for Obamacare.
  • So, you're the BBC. You want to do a series on the Bible. There are scads of international Bible-believing scholars available. Whom do you tap? Naturally, an atheist. Judging from her remarks quoted in the article, odds favor it being trite skubalon.
  • Don't hold your breath for the BBC's series on Islam, hosted by a Jew. Either side of the pond, "bravery" only runs in one direction. Which I'll use to segue to....
  • I tweeted, "Explain, please: Muslims are (A) opposed to violence in the name of Allah, and (B) equally opposed to anything we do to try to stop it. Huh?"
  • Case in point? Muslim Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison made a tearful complaint about Congress inquiring into the radicalization of Muslims in America, telling a sad story about a kid named Mohammed Salman Hamdani. Very sad. Problem? The point he's trying to make is completely untrue. Moral? Never believe a liberal's sad story crafted to affect policy. Always fact-check.
  • Other Dems were also unhinged, reader Robert Sakovich notes.
  • Meanwhile, Bill Bennett makes sense on that issue.
  • Lookie there. Gummi Bear chandelier.

  • Hungry? Reader Susan has the cure: did you know that In-N-Out Burgers has a secret menu? Pretty tasty reading; I think In-N-Out has one of the best fast-food "chain" burgers. If you'd rather goggle than read, here's a slide-show.
  • This is a great idea, courtesy of Challies: a gallery of movie "that-guys." I'm famed in my family for naming actors nobody else (except my BSIL, who's a contender) knows. This could help... a little. Problem is, I know a lot of these names, but wouldn't recognize them from the selected photos.
  • We have a Winning An Argument By Big Bad Chest-pounding Title Award this week, and it goes to "Janine" (who, I think, is about 12) for Only Those with Blind Eyes and Dead Hearts Can Deny Same Sex Marriage. The URL, however, was created by either a much sharper, or a much duller person: Indeed.
  • Well, there y'go:

  • And in conclusion...


Robert said...

So I wonder if violence does occur in WI, are people just gouing to say that this is what happens when you take away what people worked so hard for (which is ridiculous) or are they going to say that there needs to be more civility. I certainly don't see that happening now and it is already way too testy up there.

Robert said...

Oh, and I will restipulate that point A of your tweet is a myth that is purported by people within the Muslim community. The problem is that their religion says that it is allowable to lie in order to promote their goals, which include bringing Islam and Shariah law to rule over all of the world. I'm not saying that there are not some moderate Muslims, but I would go so far as to call them nominal Muslims...just as we have nominal Christians. However, it is hard to tell a nominal Muslim from a fundamentalist Muslim due to the fact that the religion promotes such lies as described above.

David Regier said...

I don't know if you have a Five Guys Burgers near you, Dan, but they give In 'n Out a run for their money. They're more expensive, but one burger will fill you up.

Doug Hibbard said...

You'll reduce your risk of repetitive strain injury if you'll stop typing "Unhinged Democrats."

Being "Unhinged" is part of the definition.

Mike Westfall said...

Love those Animal Style burgers at In-n-Out. Unfortunately, the closest one to me is almost 600 miles away. We always make a point of stopping in Kingman, AZ for an In-n-Out fix when we are traveling to SoCal.

Sonja said...

The pregnancy clinic bill will be back next year, because all those places are just bait and switch organizations as helpfully pointed out by a columnist in the Seattle Times this morning:

Goodness, a woman's health is being endangered, but nothing is said about the baby.

A very meaty H&T day!

Sir Brass said...

Dan, I wonder if someone could get Mr. Foreman's address and actually SEND him that book with a heartfelt plea to not succumb to his entirely understandable desire for revenge.

"Vengeance is mine, I will repay" is what God says. I see nothing in there about man getting to extract his own justice on his own apart from the state (Paul covers that in Romans).

Marla said...

Excellent as always Dan. Agree with Doug. "Unhinged" is redundant. ;)

MJ said...

Five Guys has better fries but the burger buns come cold and untoasted so that's no good. Here where I live, there is no "In n Out", but we have a place that has duplicated their burger perfectly and has better fries, so I don't particularly miss them. Was in Phoenix recently and didn't even bother to go. I did, however, make it a point to go to El Pollo Loco which is about the only thing from Cali I miss.

Laughed myself silly at the notion of the BBC doing a Bible series guided by atheist. Sign of the times, folks, sign of the times. Bunch 'o loonies.

Arthur Sido said...

When I saw that Jesse Jackson video, I thought the same thing. Change the issue to the passage of Obamacare and change Jesse to any Republican and the media would have blamed him for inciting Gavrilo Princip to shoot Archduke Franz Ferdinand and starting World War I.

Media bias? What media bias?!

Paula Bolyard said...

Ohio has an even better bill- the Heartbeat Bill. It would ban abortion any time after a heartbeat can be detected. "Testifying" on behalf of the bill? Two in-utero babies! Two pregnant mothers had ultrasounds performed and lawmakers on the Health Committee saw and heard the heartbeats of their babies.

Ohio Right to Life, which in recent years has sold out to pragmatics and political maneuvering, does not support the bill because "The heartbeat bill will not save any babies' lives because it will not be upheld in court," said Michael Gonidakis, executive director of Ohio Right to Life. "The court has said there can be no bans on pre-viability abortions." IMO Gondakis and his organization are traitors to the cause.

Does the guy who does the book art take donations? DS got a copy of The Purpose Driven Life as a graduation gift and I've been trying to figure out what to do with it. I didn't feel right about donating it to Goodwill and putting that fluff into someone else's hands and I just can't bring myself to burn a book.

Aaron said...

As part of my job, I have to tell victims that they'll never see justice done. I can't often console them, but I try to tell them that vengeance is not the answer. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. I will repay! The solution to injustice in this world is always to point to the Gospel. And that is exactly what this father needs.

On the flip side, we really need a more just justice system.

Solameanie said...

Here's the real story on Phil Collins from his own mouth and not the press . . .

I'm a bit surprised you're not a fan. I'm assuming that's in reference to his solo, non-Genesis material, and not his drumming. Like his music or not, he is a world-class drummer.

Solameanie said...

BTW, I hate to say it but I will anyway. I suspect Congressman Ellison's little tear-fest was method acting in progress. AND isn't it interesting that the media goes after John Boehner for his blubbering on camera, yet nary a word about Ellison's pathos.