Friday, March 04, 2011

Hither and thither 3/4/11

It's been a nice, fast week. That's how I like work-weeks! Enjoyed last weekend, week's been good, looking forward to this weekend with family, study, worship and fellowship and burgers! God is generous and gracious.

(Remember the usuals.)
  • Anyone see the Democrat Fleebaggers? I think maybe I did....
  • ...briefly.
  • Speaking of which, looks like the GOP is starting to play some hardball. My initial thought is, "Woot!" My second is, "How are they going to enforce it?"
  • As you listen to the crying and moaning from Wisconsin (or any other) unionized public workers, keep these facts about their income relative to private employees' in mind. (Explains a lot about California.) Courtesy of Robert Sakovich.
  • Moving from above-the-law Democrats to the Obama administration isn't really much of a move, is it? It is surprising to me that Judge Vinson actually thought the Obama White House would do something when he ruled Obamacare unconstitutional. Whatever the explanation, Vinson has since been enlightened, and has responded with a "harshly worded" opinion reiterating that the whol law is unconstitutional, and giving them seven days to file an appeal. Vinson showed Obama and crew respect. Now he knows where that ends up.
  • About time. Senators DeMint and Coburn introduce a bill to defund National Public Radio. Guess the party? Oh, you knew.
  • Reader Martin Pilcher found a cool instruction on building a chess set out of Legos.
  • Reader Dave Miller points us to impressive pictures of the lava lake in Nyiragongo Crater, where the photographer is said to have gotten within about a yard of the crater itself.
  • Once again, it takes a British essay to ask and answer the obvious: Do tyrants fear America anymore? Calling American foreign policy (—huh? we have a foreign policy? I mean, besides apologizing and dithering?) an "embarrassment," writer Nile Gardiner answers in the negative.
  • But then any of you who were BibChr readers around October of '08 could have predicted exactly this state of affairs.
  • Staying in Britain: so, if you're a sexual pervert, you're prime material to be a foster parent. But if you're a Bible-believing Christian? Forget it! (Thanks to reader accross-the-sea Phil Baiden.)
  • UPDATE: here is a video clip from a BBC discussion of this incident. The participants you'd least expect make the most sense.
  • Semi-relatedly, here are words you never expected to hear me say. Ready?
  • Props to CNN. Last month, CNN published a desperate attempt to accommodate the Bible to the perversion du jour. And now this month the publish a solid Biblical response by Robert Gagnon, a leading scholar and writer on the subject. (Thanks, Robert Sakovich.) Fred Butler has a bit more on Gagnon.
  • Yeah, um....
    • Name some unpromising media for portrait art. How about... snails? Cigar ash? Screws?
    • People quote the Pope to me now and then and I invariably think "Who cares?" The sad answer is that, while no Christian should care, thousands of Rome's slaves do. So Robert Sakovich says the Pope has cleared the Jews of Jesus' death. This is supposed to have an an impact on anti-Semitism. Well, I'm all for that. But (A) what the heck is he talking about?, and (B) who does he think he is? Oh wait, we know about (B). So as to (A), no living Jew is any more responsible for Jesus' death than every living Gentile. OTOH, the Jews at Jesus' time certainly were, but so were the Gentiles. However, finally, it is important to say — and a Gospelly person (in contrast to the Pope) would say — that living Jews who reject Jesus expose themselves to the warning in Deuteronomy 18:19. As I have explained at some length elsewhere.
    • ...aaand now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot, Martin.
    • Similarly: oooh, num.
    • "Religion of Peace" Alert: did you hear that there will be a rally in favor of imposing Islamic Shariah law on America, from people who expect to create a new Constitution and see the flag of Islam flying over the White House?
    • The elites in the MSM may not make much of this, though. They're on-guard against "Islamophobia." Also, they're busy watching the real enemies of freedom — you know, those people who think babies shouldn't be murdered for being inconvenient or imperfect, or who oppose redefining words (and institution) to make sexual perverts feel better about remaining enslaved to their perversion.
    • Meanwhile, want to know what the (Ob)American Secretary of State thinks is "real news"? Yes, that would be Hillary Clinton. Answer: Al Jazeera. No sir, no ma'am, I am not making that up.
    • Must have been kick in the tummy to the MSM, who's been carrying water and running interference for her and her husband for well over a decade.
    • So perhaps that is why an Obama administration official is calling for American cable companies to carry Al Jazeera?
    • Know who Libyan rebels hopes comes to aid their cause? Hint: ain't Oblahblah.
    • Aww. Best friends forever:
    • (Hopefully that will get me out of hot water with my Dear Wife, who was not blessed by the laser cat bowling in last week's installment.)
    • Keeping it in the family, my DAOD found a way to see things other people accomplished at your age. Encouraging or depressing, your call.
    • I'm sure my Jonathan would approve of this flowchart:

    • Yucky. Or: I really missed a bet.
    • So now, I leave you with this thought: soccer is even more dangerous than it looks.
    • Well, that, and these:


    Paula Bolyard said...

    First - yay! I don't have time to read it at this late hour (3:30 a.m. here), but want to say....

    ...ROB BELL!!!

    Nothing I want to say about him right now, but I thought it would help drive a couple hundred thousand hits to your blog.

    You description of the Jews and the Pope? All I have to say is, "You have a dizzying intellect."

    Tom Chantry said...

    So I know you're going to get hit with this from any and all Canadian readers, but the World Series graph is wrong. As in, 1992-1993

    Merrilee Stevenson said...

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    Dan, I haven't checked out all the links, but the story that interests me most is about the TSA. Has anyone heard much about them since...November/December? (Granted, I don't watch the news, unless you count the Weather channel.) We've been considering a cross-country trip this summer, but I already talked to my kids, and not a single one is interested in being frisked or scanned. Imagine.

    It seems like no one is talking about it any more. I often wonder if anyone has looked to see if there is a considerable drop in airline business since November, or if most people have already accepted it as the norm. Likewise, I wonder if Amtrak has gone up in business since November. I'm one who is willing not fly, or to take a train, but I'm getting a lot of flack from family members who really want to see their cousins--some for the first time. Perhaps you or your readers can offer some good ideas.

    Merrilee Stevenson said...

    (Also: does anyone know where I can find out which airports use the scanners and which do not? Or are they all using them now?)

    DJP said...

    There's color at the bottom of that column. What, that's not enough?

    Tom Chantry said...

    Well, it might be enough, if it weren't for the numbers on the side. You know, the ones that credit America with 106 out of the 106 championships, leaving that dab of purplish color down at zero.

    Tom Chantry said...

    And now I'm commenting from my wife's new LG Apex just to see how easy it is. Do I have to remain on topic?

    Rileysowner said...

    Ditto to Tom's earlier comment. Canada did win 2 of those 106.

    Si Hollett said...

    It's not as if the World Series is really a global thing - it struggles to cover North America. Only one team that has been eligible for entry has been based outside the USA, and that only since 1977. It's a competition between the winners of the National League and the American League (which given the nation in question is America shows how it's not a 'World' Series at all) - pretty parochial, really.

    The World Series is normally used as exhibit A for American big-headedness across the world - after all it seems to equate America as the world. I'm guessing however it was an attempt at irony!

    CR said...

    I agree with your thoughts on Romney. He has no credibility and has never governed as a conservative. By why not Gingrich? He has a record at least as governing as a conservative. Gingrich doesn't have a perfect moral past but at least he wasn't a rapist like Bill Clinton was.

    Mark B. Hanson said...

    I don't know, CR - "at least he's not a rapist" is not exactly a reasonable slogan to enter the presidential race with.

    Don't get me wrong - I think Newt would be fine for the job, but with all his past negatives, probably unelectable.

    Anonymous said...

    I love Juicy Lucy's. Om, nom!

    DJP said...

    Mark, LOL.

    CR, his ugly infidelities and treatment of his wives, his breathtaking decision to start an immoral sexual relationship with a girl 24 years younger — hel-lo? — during the Lewinsky scandal and impeachment proceedings?

    I have heard no reports of repentance, of trying to make things as right as possible with his exes. This is immorality, of course, but beyond that it's just appalling judgment.

    I wouldn't let the man lead a flock of geese.

    Mark B. Hanson said...


    Point taken about NG's qualifications for the job. He seems to have shown a stunning lack of both political acumen and moral reasoning. Neither of which bodes well in a chief executive (president company not excepted).

    DJP said...

    Plus there are many great prospective candidates. We've got a great bench.

    If only Huckabee and Romney would give it the heck up and stop gumming up the works.

    DJP said...

    ...and Rick Santorum.

    Anonymous said...

    I don't see a problem with that last picture.

    It looks to me like the washroom is disabled...

    Paula Bolyard said...

    DJP said, "I have heard no reports of repentance, of trying to make things as right as possible with his exes. This is immorality, of course, but beyond that it's just appalling judgment.

    Well, to be fair, he's been making the rounds of evangelical types and claiming repentance. He's been courting the so-cons perhaps more than any other candidate. He's a shrewd politician, no doubt, and knows where the votes need to come from. The man is no John McCain.

    That said, his repentance is a Catholic brand of repentance, which is not the same as the biblical Christian sort of repentance that comes with saving faith and regeneration. We need to keep in mind that Gingrich's repentance is not empowered by the Holy Spirit. Even if his words sound all evangelically. Shaky ground, to say the least.

    DJP said...

    It might have been more convincing if not coupled with White House aspirations, eh?

    Loved Huckabee's line, in another connection: I believe in Damascus Road conversions, but not Des Moines conversions.

    Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

    First!!!... oh, never mind.

    No time right now to read H&T but I did notice the picture of birds running… is that Wisc. Dems running from responsibility? Rim-shot.

    Also, I saw Paula’s “Rob Bell” comment… has something been going on with Rob Bell lately?? Huh? What? ;-)

    Finally, “at least he's not a rapist” is more than a good enough reason to replace our current Commander In Chief… or is it Rambler And Thief? ;-)

    Scot said...

    Did anyone notice at the bottom of the sharia law article that Terry Jones is welcoming all Muslims to stand beside him in protesting said Islamic law?

    Yeesh, when did Florida start importing its water from DC?

    Flow for cheese? Spot on.

    Herding Grasshoppers said...

    So much to read, so little time...

    But Dan, did you notice the ingredients of the peanut-butter-bacon-cupcake? It included:

    1 POUND of bacon
    1/4 bacon grease
    2 1/2 C peanut butter
    1/4 C butter
    1 POUND of cream cheese
    1/4 C heavy cream
    4 eggs... and much, much more!!!

    Like, maybe, a home-angioplasty kit? ;D


    The younger grasshoppers are away for the day, but I'm sure they'll enjoy the Lego viking clip.

    Mark B. Hanson said...

    HG - sounds like that recipe will fit right into my Atkins diet. Oh wait - there's flour later. Can't have those carbs...

    Tim said...

    @Merrilee, click here to see TSA's official list of the airports with full-body scanners.

    CR said...

    I would agree with those who say NG has not repented. Only Christians can biblically repent. But he is sorry for what he has done. I don't know what he's done to reconcile with exes.

    Since I'm not voting for pastor, I'm not concerned about the past, except how he has governed. I want someone with a proven conservative governing track record and NG has that. He also has an intellectual prowress that's no match for the Teleprompter.

    Dan you said conservatives have a great bench. I dont know. Pence is out, Christie is not going to run, Thune is out. Whose on the bench?

    I think what may happen is that the nomination is Romney's to lose and if the economy is still weak next year, the Republican nominee whoever it is will win.

    Aaron said...

    I'm not really big on the studies of government pay. They lump all the jobs together then take an average. That's problematic.

    @CR: Rubio would be a good choice.

    Paula Bolyard said...

    Potential Presidential Dark Horse - Rep. Allen West (R-FL). Look up his CPAC speech from last month. It was Reganesque. 22 year army veteran, tough on Islamofascism and multiculturalism nonsense and an outspoken social conservative. My favorite line from that speech was in reference to cutting defense spending. He stated that there's fat to be cut and, "I know where the bodies are buried."

    I also wouldn't count out Rick Santorum. He's been building a ground game and raising a decent amount of money. I believe he's a true social conservative and has been a touch critic of Obama in recent months, showing that he might have the nerve to stand up to him in a tough election. Just can't see Huckabee doing that.

    Anonymous said...

    Just happened by your blog and noticed the burger.

    I'd like two, extra onions please.

    PS- Newt is (very) damaged goods.

    And his advisors (wife, maybe) told him to smile a lot... and he does (and it looks phoney) even when there is no reason to smile.

    Pierre Saikaley said...

    The first thought that came to me for the Soccer guy getting whisked up is...Could that be what the Rapture might look like? One moment about to score on the other team, next moment-TAKEN!-"in the blink of an eye".

    Maybe I just read my bible too literal, and all!

    DJP said...


    CR said...

    Rubio would be good except he hasn't given any indication to run. I like Santorum but I think it was Dan who said he was kinda stiff or something to that effect and I agree. Allen West would be a great choice but he has no plans to run.

    Unfortunately, hate to say this again, hope I'm wrong, I think it's Romney's to lose and he probably has the best shot in beating Obama.

    DJP said...

    I don't think Romney has a chance. I pray to God Romney doesn't have a chance. I forget, do you spend much time around FreeRepublic? The conservatives there hate Romney, and they represent a large portion of the base. They will work hard against him, they will expose him, and many of them will never vote for him.

    And I think they're absolutely right. Not to hate, of course. But Romney has never governed as a conservative. He boasted of his pro-abort position. He boasted about Romneycare. He would never beat Obama.

    Gingrich showed appalling judgment and appalling hubris. Fail; go away, Newt. Find the Gospel, find Christ, rebuild, find a way to serve. Forget the Presidency. That ship has sailed.

    Sir Brass said...

    We need to stop putting up men who "can compete" (which is why McCain got the nod in '08, and while such a flake was nominated for the Republicans in the '10 Gov. race in CA), and start putting up solid conservatives who can govern.

    Romney has none of those qualifications: ability to govern OR conservative.

    I don't want to see his name anywhere ON a primary ballot list.

    Tim said...

    @Pierre --

    I'm pretty sure we won't be "caught up" by the ankle!

    Tim said...

    Regarding presidential candidates...

    It seems like the same thing happens in every election cycle: The conservatives split their votes in the primary, and the squishy candidate ends up getting the nomination by default.

    I see no reason to believe that anything different will happen this time. Sigh.

    Paula Bolyard said...

    It sure doesn't help Romney that Obama recently complimented him on Romneycare.

    I wonder about the wisdom of Christians pragmatically supporting/promoting candidates that belong to cults, like Mormanism. That particular cult has become more and more normalized in recent years, to the extent that many Christians think that it is actually no different than true biblical Christianity. The more mainstream it becomes, the more confusion that will ensue.

    However, maybe that's all part of God's plan. If you're a dispensationalist, you don't see good things in store ahead for our beloved country.

    CR said...

    I don't know Dan, I don't know about Free Republic, but Romney got a lot of conservative votes(including Rush Limbaugh I believe) and he would have gotten the nomination had not, of all people, Huckabee been in the race.

    If the economy is bad, I believe anyone would beat the Obama, even Mickey Mouse.

    We shall see.