Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Jared Moore doing God's work in "Why Is That Christian Dressed Up Like a Psychic?"

Check out Moore's very good article. It is heartening to see a young feller going hammer and tongs at some of the most sacred, unexamined, unbiblical cows in Evanjellybeandom today. He phrases very sharply and incisively some things I've struggled to say, perhaps with less success than he. Great article.

While you're at it, check out the two-parter I wrote on the Blackaby disaster, beginning here.


Scot said...

I saw Phil's tweet about that article. Such a concise blog post, even the title reveals

The only number I'm a confused on is #9. I'm not certain what to make of that one. Number 10 was particularly insightful; it lays the slap on not just "I feel that God is..." but most of the experience-driven world of evangelicals.

PS the pancake-bunny picture in your reviews still makes me laugh, partially because someone added this caption.

Fred Butler said...

The Blackaby stuff is outstanding for those who haven't read them.

...if I may be allowed to troll for Dan.

Bunny wears a pancake on its head...
You're argument is invalid.

Robert said...

Number 4 is the one that always comes to mind to me as something that charismatics never really work out as an implication of what they say/do. If you need something else, then the Bible just wasn't enough. Clearly, that doesn't work in light of 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

Doug Hibbard said...

It's quite a good write, and the discussion was generally civil as well.

Helped clear the rest of the cobwebs out of my head on the subject at hand. Hard to give up certain old patterns of thought, but they must go if Scripture yanks them out.

Which I'm seeing that it does.

Aaron said...

I enjoyed the guy's post. Not sure I would equate the behavior in question with actual divination as outlawed in the OT, however.

BTW, I worked an investigation on some fortune tellers. My case made the front page of the local paper and Jay Leno made a joke about the fortune tellers being arrested on The Tonight Show. Fortune tellers don't divine anything except to separate people from their wallets. It's a total scam and they know it.

Paula Bolyard said...

Sir Aaron, speaking for many of us, I"m sure, we'd love to see a clip of that. : )

unbiblical cows

I read this as umbilical cows. I started to wonder where this was going! That would be a cool name for a rock band.

Great blog post. It's clear that he's spent time time in charismatic churches and circles & he knows where the bodies are buried.

Kay said...

Somnething I've always said is that modern prophecy is like Christian fortune telling. I recall sitting in many a meeting with the 'prophet' standing at the front of the audience 'calling out' several 'words'. At first I was quite keen for me to be the recipient of one, but I soon became very uncomfortable with the whole set up.

Aaron said...

Paula: I wish I had a clip of it. At the time I thought of purchasing a copy of the show from the Tonight show. It was in 2002 I believe, before the popularity of YouTube.

Here's an article I could do since they are all pay per view now.

Mark B. Hanson said...

Sir Aaron,

Good work! I guess those psychics didn't see that coming.

Joel Hoyt said...

I read the Blackaby stuff back when you wrote it. I just re-read them and liked it even more. Seriously. Thanks for that. Blackabyism is rampant and it's really starting to bother me.

I was a victim of it for most of my life. The thought that pretty much set me straight was, "If I need to hear extra stuff from God, then that means I could be 100% obedient to the Bible and still be in sin." And I refused to believe that could be the case. DeYoung's "Just Do Something" was very helpful to me a few years ago.

If you're interested in knowing, there's a mistake in the first Blackaby article (April 2, 2009). In the Pancake Bunny paragraph, "the the" should be "that the."

DJP said...

"If I need to hear extra stuff from God, then that means I could be 100% obedient to the Bible and still be in sin."

That is very well-said. It's the sort of rational progression the Blackabbeans really don't want anyone to make.

Thanks for the kind word, and the correction. "the Pancake Bunny paragraph," heh.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

@ Mark... 'they didn't see it coming'... thanks for my laugh of the morning.

Anonymous said...

Yes, great post by Jared Moore. MUCH appreciate. As a former member of a Charismatic church I can attest to #8...Because you are adding to God’s Word, you are placing yourself in bondage.

I recall clearly that we were instructed to pray over everything from our choice of toothpaste to our career path, because "God was sovereign".

DJP said...

Sure, it's a natural progression. Once you posit that God has a "will" apart from Scripture which He holds us morally accountable for discovering and doing, what's the rationale for drawing the line? Anywhere? Blackaby's snort at the question, but as I develop in my posts, how do I know which issues are and are not of eternal consequence?

It's a worse bondage than Pharisaism.

Anonymous said...


"It's a worse bondage than Pharisaism."

Yes. Thanks for putting my thoughts into words. That hits the nail right on the head.

Aaron said...

@Mark: that's pretty much the joke Jay Leno made.