Friday, June 17, 2011

Hither and thither 6/17/11

For reasons I've explained here and here, my mind hasn't been on blogging this week. But my dear wife likes her H&T also, so here's what I've got. Hope you enjoy.

(PS - I know this is one of "the usuals," but updates are even likelier than usual. If you check early, re-check at least once after noon PT.)
  • Think you've seen the strangest animated GIF ever? I'm not so sure...
  • "ObamneyCare." I like it (the dig at Romney). Romney doesn't like it so much. Too bad, so sad.
  • Is Romney gone yet? No? Rats.
  • What, is this GOP primary season going to be remembered as "The Do-Over Season"? First, Pawlenty punts the opportunity to slam Romney in the CNN debate... and now Pawlenty wants a do-over. Goodness, every college grad knows how many chances you get to make a first-impression. Is that the problem? These guys never had to campaign for a real job?
  • Breaking news: Obama doesn't understand about (non-government) jobs, thinks ATMs (like Athena) spring from Zeus' forehead.
  • Oh well. Obama promises to resign in six months if he can't get the economy booming.
  • What? Why are you looking at me like that? Isn't that what Obama means on the 2009 video linked here, at around 4:45?
  • Missy Reed sent me a link so good it almost deserves a post of its own. It's of 50 Star Wars Mashups. Follow the link, but here are a few teases:

  • Wanna buy a puppet? Have a few thousands of dollars to spare? Here you go.
  • And now, another important BibChr Safety Tip: wart-removal? Good. Using a shotgun to do it? Bad.
  • To add injury to insult-and-injury, the poor soul got some jail-time.
  • Money-quote from the incident — and I kid you not: "The best thing is that the wart has gone." Oh, dear.
  • Oh, and I guess this Sunday is Father's Day. Is that right? You who still have dads here to honor, think of those of us who no longer do and wish we did, and honor them. You'll be glad.

  • Now that I know I have many Weird Al fans among my readers, here's another Weird Al Moment:
  • And, less angrily...


Paula Bolyard said...

There are actually more bank tellers now than there were in 1985: 485,000 vs. 527,000. And Diebold, in Canton, Ohio, employs 17,000 making ATM machines. Definitely Rage Against the ATM Machine is called for. Duh!

Pawlenty really missed a great opportunity to call Romney out on Obomneycare during the CNN debate. Moderator John King BEGGED him to take it to the rim, but he passed the ball to Obama. Foolish move IMO. Clearly, the tone police invaded the camp of the GOP candidates and the only person they were willing to debate was Obama, who was not in attendance. Pretty much defeated the purpose of the event. People want to know how the GOP candidates are different, not how they're alike.

Marla said...

Hope your wifey is feeling better soon. We're praying. :)

If only Obama would resign... this is the longest 4-year term ever (and I thought Clinton would never leave office!) I don't really remember Carter, but I remember how happy many people were when Reagan won.

P.D. Nelson said...

Re: Puppet I guess Thunderbirds are going, going, gone to the person in the third row.

All hilarity aside my prayers are with you and your wife.

100 Mile Pants said...

Just popping in to say thanks for H&T under the circumstances. Praying for Valerie's recovery and looking forward to sorting out booking details with her whne she is well enough.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I can only enjoy this H&T with your assurances that Valerie put you up to it. ;D

Praying for her recovery and Obama's resignation... and having more faith for her recovery,


Rhology said...

Holy moly that Dalai Lama video was The Office-worthy - so awkward.

Lots of good stuff today. I loved some of those mashups.

Aaron said...

Get rid of the ATMs. That'll be great. We'll have to stand in line forever because neither private corporations or the government will hire more people to work in customer service.

candy said...

Loved the Al Yankovich video since less/fewer is one of my pet peeves!

Wendy said...

I want that instant office. I just realized today that I am without a laptop; netbook yes but no laptop. I think I am going to die.

Praying for Valerie and your whole fam!


Rachael Starke said...

So glad Valerie is home and on the mend!

Re: the wart guy - I'll confess to being a tad sympathetic. My middle girl has many of them on several of her finger - they're big, they're really unattractive and, so far, they've been brutal to try and be rid of. She doesn't do well with the pain of the freezing method, and multiple treatments with it are the only thing I know of that really work. If any of ya'll have other alternatives, I'd be blessed to hear them.

Can't believe the bacon picture - my girls all studied that painting in school this year.

And Weird Al should, without question, be designated America's true Poet Laureate. Thatisall.

serenaruth said...


Ds had a wart on his foot that I absolutely could not get rid of. Finally I started putting clear nail polish on it every night. Eventually the wart died & went away.

Since it worked so well for him, I did the same thing with one on my finger that I'd had on & off since jr. high. I'd use the medication, it would go away, then would come back, etc. The nail polish worked--the wart never returned & it's been 6 or 7 years.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Poor Wart-guy. Apparently "some drink" was involved. (Really?!?!) And what was he thinking? A shotgun? I mean, a rifle, maybe, but not a shotgun.

Rachael - try duct tape. Has sometimes worked for us.


WV: unhablo Um, spanglish?

Paula Bolyard said...

Rachael....duct tape for the warts. Some studies have shown it's more effective than cryotherapy and other traditional methods. You cover the wart with small patch of duct tape (and maybe a Band Aid) and wait for the thing to die (usually a couple weeks). It absolutely reeks under there, but if you can last longer than the wart, we've found that it actually works. Just google warts and duct tape.

Pierre Saikaley said...

Thanks for blogging even through the tougher times.
Glad Valerie is getting better. Hope you have a memorable Father's Day.


threegirldad said...

Any measurable amount of coffee is "too much coffee."

Loved watching Thunderbirds after school. Haven't thought about that show in years.

Continuing to pray for you and your family.

GrammaMack said...

A baseball player on David Letterman last night attributed his freedom from drugs to accepting the Lord as his saviour and getting into the Word every day. Letterman said, "I don't know much about that..."

I hope it's a good weekend for your family with no medical problems of any kind!